Going camping with your special someone can involve more than roasting marshmallows and hiking. Done right, camping sex can be thrilling and a little naughty. If you don’t take woods-specific precautions, though, sex while camping can be uncomfortable and risky to your health. We have the 10 best tips to help you enjoy sex while camping.

1. Choose the right location

Choosing the right location to pitch your tent is important. You may not want to camp in the middle of a populated campground, especially if there are a lot of children around. While your tent is private, its thin walls don’t provide as much privacy as you’d have in a room, and they can throw off shadows and leak sound.

If you’re camping near a lake, be aware that sound carries further over water. Sex in tents can be noisier than inside a room with walls, so make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. If you have access to electricity, consider bringing a small white noise machine or speakers for music to help muffle any sounds. And always remember to be considerate of your neighbors.

2. Consider taking a bigger tent

While a low-rise tent may be comfortable enough for sleeping and easier to carry, a larger tent will give you and your partner more space to move around. If you’re bringing a sturdy air mattress, you may need more room overhead. Sex in a tent can be a little uncomfortable if there isn’t much space to move around. Plus, a bigger tent will give you space to clean up without having to leave the tent or visit the campground bathrooms.

3. Choose a double sleeping bag

Double sleeping bags will give you the closeness you want and add a little bit of privacy. If you’re more comfortable with sex under the covers, then the comfort of a double sleeping bag may help you be less inhibited. Sleeping bag sex can also afford a little more privacy and muffle more sound than sex on top of the covers. 

When you’re sharing a double sleeping bag, it gives you an opportunity for morning sex, too. Snuggling together with your partner and waking up in the close confines of a double sleeping bag can encourage a little pre-breakfast romance.

4. Take care of insects

Bug bites aren’t fun in the best of times. Having a mosquito bite in a sensitive area can really take the fun out of sex. Make sure that you have a strong bug repellent, and spray or rub it everywhere. The only places that you should skip are the inner parts of the labia and the penis.

Take into consideration any skin sensitivities or allergies your partner has. When you’re choosing bug repellent, keep in mind that whatever you put on your skin will end up on your partner, too.

If you aren’t sure whether you or your partner will have a reaction to bug spray, do a skin test before your camping trip. You can also pack citronella candles to place around your campsite or purchase citronella logs for your campfire.

Some tents are designed to be bug-proof, with double linings and ventilation that reduces moisture while allowing fresh air to circulate. If you and your partner enjoy sex while camping, then you may want to invest in a tent that helps protect your bare skin.

5. Stay warm and comfortable

Nighttime in the mountains or woods can be cold, so make sure that your campsite is warm to make it easier for you and your partner to relax. A double sleeping bag can help. You may also want to pack a small tent heater or insulate your tent in other ways.

Your air mattress may be comfortable enough for one person sleeping, but the added pressure of two bodies may make sex uncomfortable for the person on the bottom. The hard ground can make sex in a tent a bit more challenging without comfortable and supportive mattresses or mats.

A larger air mattress with your double sleeping bag on top can reduce uncomfortable jabs from tree roots or rocks.

6. Use protection

Using protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy is always a good decision. (And don’t forget to get tested for STDs and STIs!) If you take birth control pills, don’t forget to pack them. Your normal routine will be a little different when you’re camping, so consider setting an alarm to remind you to take them at the right time.

If you use condoms, make sure that you pack them and ensure they aren’t stored somewhere that gets overly hot. Pack your condoms in a zippered plastic bag, and store them in a cool, dry place — not a car or your wallet — to make sure that the latex doesn’t break down and compromise their effectiveness. If it’s hot outside, a cooler can be a good place to store them, as long as they’re sealed inside a waterproof bag

As for lube, if you’re not allergic, coconut oil can be a good option if you’re not using condoms. However, if you are using condoms, the oil can degrade the latex and cause the condom to break, so it’s best to pack along whichever lube you normally use, sealed in a leak-proof bag or container.

7. Stock up on wet wipes

Cleaning up after sex is trickier when you’re camping than when you’re at home or in a hotel. Bring wet wipes to clean up afterward, or better yet, buy a small pack of diaper wipes. They can easily be thrown away with the rest of your camping trash.

You may also want to purchase a small portable bidet attachment. These fit on your water bottle and can help clean up sensitive areas. 

8. Pack for emergencies

Bear in mind that maintaining good hygiene can be more difficult when you’re camping. Vaginal thrush can thrive if you don’t clean up properly after sex, and urinary tract infections can also spring up in unsanitary conditions. Cranberry juice can help ward off urinary tract infections, so consider bringing some along. If you’re taking medication for an existing condition, don’t forget to bring it with you.

Using condoms can help reduce the chances of a yeast infection. Because of this, even if you use hormonal birth control, you may want to pack condoms on a camping trip, as it’s harder to clean up after sex.

9. Be careful with fire

Be sure to practice proper fire safety before you head into your tent for the night. Douse the coals with water or cover the fire with ashes, depending on the regulations where you’re camping. Being careless can quickly lead to disaster. 

10. Leave no trace

A good camper leaves no trace of their presence in the wilderness. This is true even if you choose a regulated campground. Make sure that you throw away any condoms and post-sex wipes. 


Camping sex can be fun, but be sure that you take precautions to respect your neighbors and protect your health. Planning ahead can make lovemaking in the outdoors a fun experience for you and your partner.