Are you looking for the best standing sex positions? Then this guide from clinical sexologist Rachel Sommer, Ph.D., will help!

Have you ever tried standing sex? Or do you always settle for the bed? What seems like a preference might indicate you’re a bit too comfortable in your sex life, and it’s good to spice things up once in a while.

Did you know that less than half of Americans are satisfied with their sex life? While the reasons vary, boring intercourse doesn’t help. Hitting the floor will be a small but sure step towards improvement.

Are you ready? Keep on reading to learn about the best standing-up sex positions! In addition, all standing sexual positions come with pictures and illustrations, so it’s easy to try them yourself in the bedroom.

Carry Me

Carry Me is a standing sex position that’s challenging to pull off due to its athletic element. It takes physical strength to hold a partner’s body weight, keep balance, and enjoy the process. Additionally, it might be challenging to focus on the sensations while you’re hoping it doesn’t end in an accident.

However, don’t let it put you off. Here’s why this position should make it to your to-do list:

  • It’s intimate and sexy. You get skin-to-skin contact combined with deeper penetration and arousal from being held in your partner’s strong arms.
  • Exploring new things with your partner is fun and can help you bond. If you’re unsure, try it next to a bed to prevent injuries if you fall.
  • Once you’ve mastered this position, the receiving partner can use her hand to do whatever she wishes; pull her partner’s hair, choke him, or stroke her breast to spice things up. Your imagination is the limit!

Pro Tip: Sex props like sex swings, positioning pillows, wedges, and bars are great tools for overcoming height differences.

How To Do It:

  1. The receiving partner lies on a bed in a butterfly position.
  2. The giving partner bends and lifts her.
  3. Finally, the receiving partner wraps her arms and legs around her partner’s waist and neck/shoulders.

Pile Driver

Standing sex positions are great. However, some are more difficult than others, and Pile Driver is one. I recommend you only try this crazy sex position if you enjoy a challenge. And it’s a big one.

  • Firstly, it resembles a yoga pose more than a penetrative sex position. I mean, who would want to be penetrated while they’re bent in an awkward position, struggling to keep balance? As for the male partner, thrusting in a squatting position is quite the workout sex. Plus, this looks like the potential for a range of knee and muscle strains. But don’t give up just yet!
  • Secondly, every time you do something rewarding or achieve a challenge, your brain releases dopamine, like during sex. Even if it’s too tricky for intercourse, just getting into the position will give you feel-good hormones.
  • Finally, if you’re not well-endowed, Pile Driver is one of the best sex positions for small penises.

Pro Tip: Take breaks if you’re tired. Don’t be afraid of interrupting ‘the flow.’ Sex is always a bit awkward.

How To Do It:

  1. The vagina owner lies on her back and gets into a plow sexual yoga pose. Alternatively, she can spread her legs sideways.
  2. The penis owner is above their partner’s legs in a squatting position and places their hands on the top of her thighs to help with the balance.

Wheel Barrow

Do you remember the wheelbarrow game when you were a kid? Now you can put your knowledge to good use and bring back some of your childhood’s carefreeness with the Wheelbarrow. This standing position draw inspiration from yoga. Or, perhaps acro yoga. You can be the judge of that.

Just like Pile Driver, it requires excellent balance and body strength. For vulva owners, the position often requires squeezing the pelvic floor, allowing them to achieve orgasm more easily.

Pro Tip: start slowly to prevent the receiver from losing balance.

How To Do It:

  1. The woman gets into a plank or downward dog yoga pose.
  2. The man stands between her ankles and lifts her thighs.
  3. The receiver can either wrap her legs around his waist or keep them straight.

Table Top

If you don’t like a challenge, this one is for you. Table Top is easy, pleasurable, and spicy hot – there’s something raw and animalistic about it. Perhaps it’s the media’s portrayal of being pushed onto a table, infidelity, or both. If you’re familiar with this position, try adding some roleplay to spice it up!

Additionally, Table Top allows you to keep the romance alive by letting you maintain eye contact. With deep penetration and just the right angle to achieve an intense orgasm, you have a recipe for the hottest position out there. If I were you, I’d also try adding choking to the equation. There’s something sexy about being at your partner’s mercy.

Pro Tip: Most women prefer placing a folded towel under their pelvis to increase sensations and achieve a stronger orgasm.

How To Do It:

  1. The female partner lies down on the top of a table (or any flat surface about the same height as the partner’s hips).
  2. Her legs were slightly spread.
  3. The male partner stands between her legs and places his hands wherever he fancies; on the table, on her hips, legs, or breasts.

Standing Oral Sex

Giving your partner a head in bed is very sensual, but it can also make you feel lazy. If you want to bring more spice to your head game, standing oral sex is worth exploring.

Putting a different spin on your regular oral sex position can be a source of excitement and allow you to explore a submissive and dominant dynamic. When you kneel in front of your partner, it can be both vulnerable and arousing as it shows devotion and subservience. From there on, you can even try roleplaying.

 How To Do It:

  1. Partners face each other.
  2. One of the partners kneels in front of the other partner.
  3. A standing partner can guide the giver’s movement by placing their hands on their head.
  4. You can always switch positions and see which role works best for you.

Standing 69

Okay, this standing position is definitely a nod towards acro yoga. If you’re feeling adventurous, you should try standing 69. It’s one of the best standing sex positions as it allows partners to both give and receive oral sex standing.

Unfortunately, in this case, it’s also the downside. To ensure the standing variation is done safely, the giving partner must remain focused on keeping balance instead of concentrating on the sensations. It takes a lot of effort from both you and your partner.

While you can’t completely give in to the pleasure in this position, there are some extra advantages:

  • The blood rush to the head can increase arousal, and potentially give you a better orgasm.
  • You can increase your communication skills in the process. Being a team player makes all the difference!
  • You get to explore; even if you fail, you’ll satisfy your need to try something new.
  • Who knows, you might even build muscles if you’re persistent enough.
  • If you love a challenge, well… According to a recent survey, this position is anxiety-inducing in over 42% of men and over 56% of women. Will you dare to try?

 How To Do It:

  1. One partner stands in front of his partner and bends sideways, wrapping his left arm around her right side.
  2. He then wraps his right hand around her left leg.
  3. He lifts her and rotates her into the position while she keeps her hands on his waist.

Standing Doggy

Doggy style is a great position that’s voted one of the least anxiety-inducing positions. However, there’s no room for intimacy with this one, which is excellent if you like roughness and super deep penetration.

Standing doggy style is an excellent option for those who want to skip foreplay and get straight down to business. Let your partner arouse you with their words and build sexual tension.

You can always take it outside and enjoy outdoor sex whenever the mood strikes – feeling the heat while on the hiking trip? No problem. Just pull your pants down. This doggy-style position works in tight spaces, too – think a public bathroom counter.

If you’re not adventurous, stay home but watch yourself in a bathroom mirror. Alternatively, step it up with a standing anal position and enjoy the complete package! Finally, standing doggy is also an excellent sex machine position.

 How To Do It

  1. The receiving partner stands in front of the penetrating partner and bends over while arching back slightly.
  2. The receiver might place her hands on a wall or a table for extra support.

Ballet dancer

Ballet Dancer is another great standing sex position. If you know how flexible ballet dancers are, the name might sound discouraging, but it’s not as extreme. You need a good balance, something achievable if the penetrating partner gives a helping hand. In addition, it helps if you’re about the same height, but if not, you can use a stool or even a pile of books.

What sets Ballet Dancer apart from other positions is it’s highly sensual, and it resembles a dance with an insane amount of connection between both partners. If your bodies speak a similar language, it’s pretty arousing!

How To Do It:

  1. Both partners face each other.
  2. One partner lifts one leg and wraps it around her partner’s waist.
  3. The second partner holds onto her leg and puts his hand on her back.
  4. Receiving partner steadies herself by wrapping one arm around her partner’s shoulder and placing her hand on her partner’s chest.


That’s it, folks. These are my best standing sex positions I think you should try.

Not only are they fun to do, but they also allow you to explore new sensations (even if it’s a headache from hanging upside down). Plus, trying a new sex position requires effective communication between you and your partner. Something that can help test your teamwork skills, taking your love life to new heights.

Even if some sex positions on the list are too tricky, you’ll have a great laugh. And you likely learn more about what each of you likes and dislikes.

I hope you enjoyed this summary. Do you have any favorite standing sex positions?