Girls who have extra weight get self-conscious about their bodies during sex. They want to try all the sex positions but they feel that they’re too chubby. They want to feel sexy but they keep worrying about their belly rolls and the cellulite on their thighs. It’s hard to be in the moment if you keep entertaining these thoughts. Don’t let the mainstream media fool you into thinking you need to have an athletic build to have amazing sex.

If you’re a bit on the chunkier side, we’re here to tell you that when it comes to sex, you can be sexy whatever size you are.

Sexy is a mindset. If you think you’re sexy, then you’re going to feel sexy. Your weight doesn’t determine your sexiness so don’t let it stop you from having a good time in bed. Try out these sex positions for chubby girls and slip under the sheets with your new found confidence.

When in doubt, do the doggy

Come on, you know the doggy position is going to be there. It’s a classic sex position that comes with a lot of conveniences. Being taken from behind is already hot in its own way but for women who’re afraid that their bellies may get in the way of sex, the doggy style can make you feel sexy as fuck. Why? Because you’re not exposing the thing that you’re insecure about. It’s a great sex position for chubby girls because all your partner sees is your cute lil’ ass. And in this Kardashian generation, the thick and round asses are what’s currently in. So if you’re insecure about the extra fats on your bum, don’t. It’s a thing of beauty according to this society’s standards.

How to do it

We’re pretty sure you already have an idea of how to do the doggy position. But if you don’t, here’s the quick guide on how to do it. For the old school way, just get down on your hands and knees. Raise your hips and have your partner position himself behind you. As long as you got the basics down, you’re good to go. But if you get tired of doing the same position, you can always spice it up.

How to spice it up

Try standing upright and have one leg on either side of the corner of your bed or table. Lean over the table with your hands or elbows supporting your weight. Your partner then enters you from behind the same way with the classic doggy style position. You can also take your doggy sex to your couch. If your couch has a long armrest, then it’s time to put that thing to good use. Bend over it and spread your legs. It’s a very erotic position and makes way for easier oral and penetrative sex. Your body weight is also being supported by the couch so you don’t have to worry about your partner tiring out fast.

Pro-tip: For a more intense penetration during doggy style, you can use a dildo on your anus or vagina. Or ask your partner to use vibrators on you. The doggy position allows easier access for sex toys.

Ride him like a Cowgirl

Yes, you can be on top. Despite what you’ve been led to believe, riding your partner is actually one of the best sex positions for chubby girls. Don’t be afraid that you may end up crushing your bae with your weight. The hips are stronger than you think. This sex position lets you be in control so if you’re one of those girls who likes to take charge, you’re going to love the dominance the doggy style gives you over your partner.  But for you to have an easier time, we recommend you go down on your knees instead of squatting when you’re moving and trying to hit that delicious spot.

How to do it

There’s a typical way to do it. You simply let your partner lie on his back, then you straddle him by placing your legs on either side of his waist. Your hands can either be on his chest, shoulders, headboard, or on your thighs, depending on what you’re comfortable with. Then you move, or better yet, bounce on his dick and fuck his brains out till he screams out an orgasm. That’s the classic cowgirl position, but if you want to put a spin on it, here’s what you can do.

How to spice it up

Instead of facing your partner, turn your back on him and straddle him with your legs on either side of his hips the same way you do with the original Cowgirl position. One obvious benefit this position can offer girls who are shy or nervous about their weight is that it hides away the belly and instead gives your man a view of your sexy back. It takes away the performance pressure girls feel when they’re the ones on top of their man. You stop worrying about how you look and instead focus on the moment. You can grind or bounce on his dick, lean forward or backward. However you do it, the reverse cowgirl position is a sure way to have mind-blowing sex.

Pro-tip: Put a pillow under your partner’s back to support his hips. It acts as leverage and also gives you a better angle when you’re grinding on him.

Spooning that leads to forking

Spooning is a couple’s lazy sex position. It’s not the kind you want to go for if you want rough sex.  It’s more of a sex position for situations where you and bae just woke up in the middle of the night, and you suddenly got in the mood so you pull your partner closer towards you and just do it right there. You’re locked in a tight embrace, and there’s that sweet and good feeling in the pit of your stomach. Aside from being a slow and intimate sex position, spooning also works well for overweight women concerned about their curves. It’s a sweet and romantic sex position for chubby girls because if you’re the small spoon, you get to hide your stomach from your partner.

How to do it

The steps to spoon sex position is pretty easy. Here’s the basic way to do it. While facing the same direction, you and your partner have to both lie on your sides. Your partner is the big spoon and you’re sorta leaning against his chest. He then enters you from behind. You can help him have easier entry by moving your top leg a little bit forward. To maintain the skinship, let your partner wrap his arms around you. You can experiment with the Spooning position by pushing back against your partner’s chest as he thrusts inside you. Try lifting your legs towards your stomach to get a new angle and experience a new sensation.

How to spice it up

To add some flair to the Spooning sex position, here are a few tweaks you can do. Just follow the basics of the Spooning position, then press your legs firmly. Move a little at an angle that lets your pelvis have more contact with your partner’s penis. Take your partner’s hand and fill it up with lube, preferably water-based so it’s slippery and also more long-lasting so you don’t have to keep reapplying. He can press his lubed hand between your legs and rub your vulva as he continues to thrust in and out. Another way to switch up the Spooning sex position is by doing the basic position, then curling up. It’s almost like the doggy position but instead of being on all fours, you’re laying down on the bed on your one side.

Pro-tip: If you want the intimacy the Spooning sex position offers but wants it fast and explosive, just follow the basic position of spooning, then lift the leg on the side of your body that’s not laying down on the bed. Hook your leg on your partner’s hips. He can prop himself up with his elbow and grab your thigh so he can do deeper and more powerful thrusts.

Raise your gorgeous leg

This is one sex position that can make you feel reaaaally good if you can get it right. Granted, you have to be flexible to nail it down. Some call it the “Leg Glider” sex position because of the way you have to raise one leg up in the air. No, it’s not gonna hide your stomach, but chubby girls are going to love it because of the way the Leg Glider allows for deep penetration and even G-spot stimulation. There’s also that shared intimacy of looking at each other’s eyes.

How to do it

The Leg Glider is no doubt a bit trickier than most sex positions because it requires flexibility on your part. But we’re going to make it as painless as possible and only a pleasure filled experience for you and your partner with our guide.

To start with, you need to lie on one side, either on your left or on your right. For convenience, let’s just say you’re leaning on your right side. Now, you’re going to use the right side of your body to support your weight as you lift your left leg. Raise your left leg towards the ceiling. Just use the left side of your body if you need to steady yourself. Your partner positions himself towards you by kneeling but remaining upright. He has to straddle your right leg then support your left leg. After that, it’s all fun and games. He can thrust as hard, as deep, and as fast as he wants with this position.

How to spice it up

There’s an interesting variation of the Leg Glider. It goes like this. You lay on your back, then you raise both legs and point them towards the ceiling. Your partner kneels towards you while standing upright. He enters you, then you slowly cross your legs. Make sure you’re keeping your legs as straight as possible. You can touch your breasts while he’s banging you just to give him a show and also to pleasure yourself. You’re both going to love this position because crossing your legs narrows your entrance, giving you and your partner a tighter feel. This is also perfect if you’re a bit on the submissive side. The guy can grab your legs and pull you closer towards him so he can take you with more forcefulness.

Pro-tip: Let your partner stroke or caress your legs and ankles while doing this position. He can also play with your clit for added fun.


A female’s body is a work of art, no matter the size. There’s no reason for you to feel ashamed about those extra roles you got during sex. If anything, they only add to the fun. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable but the best sex is one where you can laugh and play while the two of you are getting it hard. So chill out, go easy on yourself, and start experimenting with these sex positions for chubby girls.