They say size doesn’t matter, and while it’s usually true, sometimes being a short woman in the bedroom can pose a bit of a challenge. Especially with a partner that towers over you. The challenge of having different pelvic heights, body weight, and just the sheer size difference can threaten your sensual play. Your usual moves might not work with the factor of height coming into consideration, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try.

But just because finding a position that you’re both comfortable with can turn into a testament to your determination, it doesn’t mean that you’ll need to break your back to find the sweet spot for both of you. Whether you’re new to the sex game or a certified freak in the sheets, we’ve compiled a list of sex positions for short women that’ll please both you and your partner.

Beginner Sexual Positions for Short Women

There’s nothing wrong with taking it slow. Having sex with a partner that’s a lot taller than you can be intimidating. Ease into it with these trusty sex positions that may or may not have been modified for your pleasure.

1. Missionary Position

Never underestimate the effectiveness of this staple. Everyone who’s ever had sex will have had enjoyed this position at some point in their sex lives, and the height difference shouldn’t hinder you from it either!

How to do it:

Lay on your back as your partner lays directly on top of you. With a bigger height difference, making out may not be the easiest, however, you’ll have access to his chest and stomach, and they can still stimulate your clitoris during intercourse.

2. Cowgirl

Yippee-ki-yay! A fun position for anyone, but especially for our fun-sized ladies. If you’ve ever gone horseback riding, you’ve already got the idea. One of the easiest sex positions for short women to bridge the height gap between you and your partner.

How to do it:

It’s your turn to be on top. Straddle your pattern as they lay on their back. You control the pace and depth of penetration here. You can also watch each other’s faces of pleasure as you react to your body movements. Make this position even hotter by touching yourself while they buck under you.

3. Corgi Style

The short girl’s version of the classic Doggy style. Being on your hands and knees in the bedroom can be a wildly arousing position, especially when you know you’re about to get some treats. Height is no obstacle here.

How to do it:

Get on all fours as your partner kneels down behind you. Your partner adjusts their hips to align with yours so that both of you receive the maximum amount of pleasure. They can drape over you for maximum skin contact or stay upright. They can reach around to stimulate your breasts, or rain kisses down your back – the possibilities are endless.

4. Leap Frog 

Think of this as the even sexier version of the Corgi style. It affords all the pleasure that the Corgi style offers, but with a bit more comfort.

How to do it:

Instead of staying propped up on all fours, arch your back so you can press your chest and face into a pillow. Your partner still takes the same position behind you, or if you’re at the edge of the bed, they can stay standing instead of kneeling down. The arched back allows for even deeper penetration and gives your arms and shoulders a bit of a rest.

5. Face Off

Being face-to-face offers another kind of intimacy and pleasure that adds to the sexual experience. In this position, unlike in missionary, you have more chances to stare into each other’s eyes or kiss while you get down and dirty.

How to do it:

Your partner sits at the edge of the bed with their feet planted on the floor. You sit on their lap with your thighs on either side of theirs. Your position on top, once again, allows you to control the thrusts. Your position on their lap puts your face as close to theirs as possible, allowing you to easily access their ears, lips, and neck without having to stretch too much. 

Intermediate Sex Positions for Short Women

Step up your game with positions that are just a bit more daring and require you to be just a little more adventurous. Use these moves to get a better view of your partner as you do the nasty. Perks? If the grinding doesn’t have you too distracted, your hands are free to go wherever they want.

6. Golden Arch

This position exposes your and your partner’s bodies to each other. It is vulnerable in that you allow each other to see every part of you. It’ll increase your bond and your pleasure as you have sex.

How to do it:

Your partner sits with their legs straight and their arms supporting them so that they lay in a reclining position. You sit in between their legs with your knees bent over their thighs as you lean back and enjoy. Have them rub your clitoris or you can lean even further pack for more G-spot stimulation.

7. Table Top

The Table Top position might require a bit of pre-planning, but we promise it’s worth it. What height difference are you even talking about? It doesn’t exist in this position. This is a great sex position for short women and you don’t even necessarily need a table for this to work. A bed, a countertop… as long as the surface hits your partner at crotch height, you’re good to go.

How to do it:

Have them enter you while you’re seated or lying on the chosen surface. By bringing your legs up to their chest, you gain more control. Want them to take over? Raise your legs up to their ears and give in to their desires

8. The Seashell

Put your flexibility to the test in this position. The size difference in your relationship is used to your advantage here because their weight applies pressure that intensifies the sexual experience.

How to do it:

Lie back with your legs raised as far as they can go, best if you can cross your ankles behind your head. And they enter you from the missionary position. The weight of their body stretches you in more ways than one. By having them ride higher, they’ll hit the clit, and by having them ride lower, they’ll directly stimulate the G-spot. Pick your poison and hump away.

9. Snow Angel

If you’re in love with your partner’s butt, this is the position of your dreams. You get to stare at their romp while they bounce away in front of you, stimulating both your senses of touch AND sight.

How to do it:

Lie on your back and have your partner straddle you facing away. This position offers a new penetrative sensation because of the angle and puts their pelvis right on your clit. This is especially helpful for the ladies that need clitoral pressure to orgasm. Bonus points if they can stay in you as you transition into the missionary position.

10. The Chairman

Add an air of mystery to your lovemaking by facing away from your partner as you bring each other to climax. The position is great for groping at each other and reaching to fondle any area you desire as they are easily within your reach.

How to do it:

Your partner sits on the edge of the bed or a chair and you sit on them facing away as you lean back against them. This position will hit all the right spots… most importantly the G-spot. Do this position in front of a mirror and drive yourselves wild.

Expert Sex Positions for Short Women

Get undressed (or don’t) and impress with these spicy moves. You’ll surely drive your lover out of their minds when you show them just how skilled you are. Not only are you a boss babe in the business world, but they’ll know that you definitely mean business in the bedroom too.

11. Corkscrew

Fulfill your ‘Draw me like one of your French girls’ fantasies as you lay horizontally on your chosen surface. At this moment, you are the Rose to his Jack as you prop yourself up on your arm, adorned only with a priceless piece of jewelry. This position sounds so dirty, but you’ll feel like a goddess as they worship your body.

How to do it:

Rest on your side at the edge of your chosen surface. Prop your head on your raised forearm and press your thighs together. They position themselves to enter you from behind. The tighter you press your thighs together, the more pleasure you both experience. Their hands remain free to explore your body. Take it to the next level by pretending you’re a marble statue and try to keep yourself as still as possible for as long as you can before giving in to your desires.

12. Wheelbarrow

This position exudes power and is sure to impress your partner. Short women definitely have the upper hand here over the taller specimens of the female species because your shorter limbs keep your center of gravity closer to the ground and naturally bring you closer to your partner.

How to do it:

Get on your hands and knees and have him pick you up by your pelvis. If the height difference makes it hard for you to reach the ground, plant your hands on an elevated surface like the edge of the couch, the bed, or even the stairs. Lock your legs around their waist and enjoy! Tilt your hips even higher to allow for even deeper penetration and rock away.

13. Mini Pretzel Dip

It’s time to get things twisted in the bedroom. A sex position for short women, for sure. Maximize the minimal length your limbs have in this twisty position. It’s much more comfortable for you than for those with ganglier appendages.

How to do it:

Lie on your right side as your partner kneels and straddles your right leg. You then curl your left leg around his left side. The side-entry angle allows for a crazy-deep penetration experience that’ll be sure to have you both wanting to double-dip into this position.

14. Upstanding Citizen 

It’s the stuff of steamy romance film dreams. It isn’t always the easiest when you and your partner are the same sizes, and this is where being the short girl is more than enviable. Being carried like you weigh nothing will make anybody melt and swoon.

How to do it:

Wrap your legs around their body and they move to a standing position, supporting you with their arms. You can do this from a lying or seated position. You can even hop into this position while already standing. Get even hotter and more bothered when you do it against the wall – it’ll allow you both to be rougher with your movements.

15. Long-Distance 69

Spooning is all well and good, but sometimes you just want something spicier. Curl into each other with this spin on a sex position for short women: the long-distance 69. Height matters a lot less when eye-to-eye contact isn’t the goal.

How to do it:

Lay down facing each other, but with your heads positioned so that you each have full access to each other’s pelvic region. Swing a leg over their hip as you savor each other. Use your foot to nudge them deeper and savor every second by changing up your speed now and then.

Things to Remember

No matter how you choose to enjoy sex, and in which position – we can all benefit from a few tips and tricks to make it an even more pleasurable experience. Here are a few pointers to amp up your sex game, making them forget that there was any height difference at all.

1. Use your surroundings

Trying to get on eye level with your lover can be a challenge, so use your surroundings to your advantage. A table, a stool, the couch, the stairs. Anything you can use to give you a little lift can help you get more intimate with your partner. Sex positions for short women benefit from raised surfaces so start decorating your sex palace with a variety of furniture heights.

2. Invest in a wedge

A simple lift of the hips can increase your pleasure in the bedroom. Sure you can stack pillows, but you might as well invest in your sex life as you’ve invested in your relationship. Besides, a wedge can benefit everybody – whether or not you’re using it with a partner.

3. You don’t always have to be on top

Yes, you heard us right. If you haven’t gathered from our list yet, the short woman doesn’t always have to be on top. Getting under your taller partner can be just as fun. Sure, you’ll have to get a bit more creative, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be as sexy.

4. Shower sex

Get down and dirty while getting clean, but we advise this only if you’ve got a roomy tub. Sex while standing is tricky enough without the hazards of soap and water. Keep the riskier moves to the bedroom and create your own slip and slide.

5. Maintain your sense of humor

Look, figuring out the best sex positions for both you and your towering partner can be a journey and you’re going to have a few blunders. Laugh about it instead of getting self-conscious or becoming crest-fallen. You’ll find the moves to get you both to the big O, just enjoy the journey of discovering them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every new sex partner will come with their own wants and needs, communication is key. But to give you a headstart, these are the common conundrums we’ve seen when there are height differences between them.

1. They don’t like being on top of me, what do I do?

Why don’t they like being on top of you? Is it just because they like being on the bottom or is it because they’re afraid of hurting you? If it’s just their preference, have a conversation about taking turns! While being on top is fun, being at the bottom is fun, too! Switching positions every now and then offers you both a different sensual experience that you deserve to enjoy.

If the issue is the fear of hurting is what’s stopping them from being on top, easing them into the idea is the key. Maybe instead of going straight for The Seashell, trying the Corgi Style where they are only partially on you will make them more comfortable with being on top. Trying positions where they’re on top but can still support themselves instead of having to place all their weight on you might make them a bit more amenable to you being on the bottom.

2. What if none of the 15 sex positions for short women work for me and my partner?

Experiment! These lists are just meant to help. They’re never an end-all-be-all solution to your bedroom activities. You and your partner are unique individuals with different needs, and even if this list satisfies most, it doesn’t mean it’ll satisfy all. Use this opportunity to get better acquainted with each other’s bodies and what makes you both tick. Turn it into a game and you’ll both be winners at the end of it.

3. It’s going to be my first time with someone who’s much bigger than me, how do I get ready?

Don’t psych yourself out. Enjoy the moment and the build-up to it. Making sure you’re sufficiently aroused and lubricated (whether organically or with a little help) will help them ease into you. But truly, the only way to know is to try. During the deed, keep communication open and make sure to tell them if anything is uncomfortable, whether it’s because of the position or their size. If it turns out you’re not ready or no longer want to, it’s never too late to tell them

4. Do shorter women have better sex?

No. The quality of sex always depends on you and your partner. There have been studies that say the distance between the clitoris and vagina can affect the frequency of orgasms, wherein the shorter the distance, the more easily you have orgasms. However, physical height doesn’t automatically translate to the shape and size of the person’s vagina. Surgeries are available to shorten the distance if you want to go to the extreme. But try bridging the gap with toys first! It’s an easy remedy to a non-issue.

5. I’m too short to try the positions in my sex fantasies!

You’re only as short as your partner is tall. Finding partners with whom you have less of a height difference can offer opportunities for a plethora of other sex positions. However, if you’ve already found your life partner and are interested in no other, prop yourself up on different surfaces, try out sex swings or chairs, or simply having them kneel or carry you so that you can modify the position so it works for you. If those still don’t help, think about it like this: If you aren’t doing those dream positions with your dream partner, is it still the position of your dreams?


Being a short woman shouldn’t stop you from riding your way to ecstasy. There’s a position that’ll cater to you and your partner, you just have to take the time to find it. Play around and explore. It’s the same journey of discovery that you will have gone through with a partner that was your exact height, you’ll just have ended up in a different place. Maximize your height differences and don’t be afraid to tell your partner what feels good, and how you want to have sex. If you prefer looking them in the eye or climaxing in their mouth – tell them! It’ll result in the best sex for both of you!