Do you want your girl to experience mind-bending orgasms? You’re in the right place. In this guide, we will discuss the different G-spot sex positions that will surely send your lovely partner to orgasmic heaven.

Nowadays, most women reach climax solely from clitoral stimulation. For some, getting orgasms from vaginal penetration is just too complicated. But don’t give up yet, sweetie! You can make yourself or your woman cum with penetration. You just need to know the right spot to hit to achieve that, specifically the G-spot.

Wondering why this spot is special? Curious about its location? Here’s a quick refresher about the hoely G-spot.

What is the G-Spot?

The G-Spot is located on the upper wall of a woman’s vagina, about 2-3 inches. When the woman’s aroused, it swells a bit, making the texture soft, spongy and ribbed. That’s why if you want to easily access this spot, you or your partner should be aroused first.

Now you might be thinking: why do we need to bother accessing this spot? Well, stimulating the G-Spot is essential to make a woman cum and squirt. You can assure amazing Ohhhs~ from this if stimulated correctly.

Well, how can that small spot make someone cum? It’s because the G-Spot is connected to the clitoris– yes, the tiny nub that we all love to rub!

Contrary to popular belief, the clitoris is not just a small bud positioned on the upper part of your vulva. It is a large wishbone-shaped organ that has extending wings along the pubic bone and back around the opening of the vagina. Shocker, right?

That’s why when you’re stimulating the G-spot, you’re actually indirectly stimulating an internal part of the clitoris, thus sending yourself in breathtaking orgasms. This spot also lets you indirectly stimulate the Skene’s Gland, which is the part responsible for female squirting.

Amazing, isn’t it? The G-Spot might be a tiny spot along your vaginal wall, but it can bring immense pleasure to you or your woman. With that, locating it and learning to stimulate it is a must.

Tips Before Doing G-Spot Sex Positions

With that quick refresher about the G-spot and the power it yields, you must be pumped to try some G-Spot sex positions. But chill there for a sec, sweetie. Before diving deep, follow these tips for a safer and more pleasurable experience.

1. Prepare the essentials.

Before the deed, make sure you have all the essentials such as a water-based lube, a pack of condoms, and a bunch of pillows. What are the pillows for? Some sex positions require extra back or neck support, so having pillows will be handy when trying these alluring positions.

Also, don’t forget to add sex toys in the mix! There are G-Spot vibrators available to the market. But basic vibrators will also work. You can either use it to stimulate the G-spot or stimulate her clit while you pound her.

2. Set the mood.

You can only stimulate the G-spot if your girl is in horny mode. With that, you need to set the mood. Remove all distractions, reassure her hesitations, go for some dim lighting, do a bit of roleplaying and spoil her with a lot of foreplay.

3. Start with fingering.

Once your partner is fully aroused, you then find the location of the spot first. Remember, every woman’s so different. Some women have their G-spot’s near the vaginal wall while others have farther locations.

To locate the G-Spot, use your finger and feel around your girl’s vaginal wall. Find the swelled, ribbed and spongy spot. Try giving it some gentle rubs and observe your partner’s reaction. If she’s enjoying it, then that’s the spot.

Once you’re familiar with your partner’s G-Spot, it will be so much easier for you to do the G-Spot sex positions.

4. Don’t pressure yourselves.

The G-Spot may bring immense sensations to your girl, but never think that this is the only way to pleasure your partner. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t locate it or make your partner feel inadequate because of it. For some, successfully stimulating the G-Spot may require tons of practice. Just be patient and let things flow naturally.

5. Experiment!

To successfully send your girl to a heated frenzy, open yourselves to different techniques and positions. There are tons of G-Spot sex positions and fingering techniques that you can try to make your girl cum. Again, you just need to be patient when practicing these techniques. You can also invest in sex toys that specifically stimulate the G-Spot.

10 Best G-Spot Sex Positions

Now that you’ve learned about the G-Spot as well as the tips before the deed, we’re moving on to the main course! Here are the 10 best G-Spot Sex Positions that will surely bring enthralling sensations to your girl.

Make sure to keep it slow when trying these sex positions for the first time. Also, consider the difficulty of the positions before trying it out. Some of the positions mentioned on this list require extra flexibility and stamina, so check the difficulty section before doing these positions.

1. G-Spot Position

If you’re looking for the real deal, this is the best sex position for G-Spot stimulation. What’s great about the G-Spot position is that the guy can freely adjust the angle of the penetration. However, the guy must need some extra strength to grab and lift his partner when thrusting her.

How to do it: The woman must lie on her back, with her legs in the air and pointing the ceiling. The man will then kneel with his knees together. Instead of lowering down to penetrate the partner, the man must be as tall as possible. Once they are positioned, the man should grab his partner’s legs/knees and pull his partner towards to penetrate her.

Difficulty: Challenging but possible for beginners. If you or your partner have back problems, do not attempt this sex position.

2. Woman on Top Position

Looking for a position that combines clitoral and G-Spot stimulation? Look no further as this sex position gives the best of both worlds to your woman. Also, since the woman leads this position, she can adjust the angle, depth, and pace during the penetration.

How to do it: The man must lie down on his back while the woman is on her knees, sitting on top of him. Once positioned, she can lean over him and rest the weight on her hands. After that, she needs to position in a way that her clitoris is in contact with her man’s pubic bone (see the illustration above for reference). After that, she can then penetrate him. Unlike the Cowgirl position, the woman is not focused on moving up and down. Instead, the woman is going to be moving forward and backward her man, while he remains inside of her. This is that you get a lot of clitoral as well as G-Spot stimulation.

Difficulty: Good for beginners!

3. Spooning Position

If you want to give her the cuddles and orgasms that she deserves, this beginner-friendly position is worth trying. What’s good about this position is that you just need minimal adjustments when stimulating your partner’s G-Spot.

How to do it: For this position, the couple must lie on their sides, facing the same direction. The man must be behind the woman. After some steamy foreplay, the man can start penetrating his partner.

Difficulty: Good for beginners!

4. Pearly Gates Position

Send your boo to orgasmic heavens with this position. If you wanna get cuddly but still successfully stimulate your partner’s G-spot, this spooning-inspired position is worth checking out.

How to do it: The man must lie on his back first, then have the woman lie on top of him, facing the ceiling. The woman’s head should be at the side while the man’s knees are bent. After that, the woman must spread her legs and bent them to keep her balance. Once everything’s set, the man can wrap his hands around his partner’s waist, chest, or under her arms, grabbing her shoulders. He can then start thrusting in and out of her.

Difficulty: Good for beginners! Just make sure both parties don’t have back problems.

5. Bouncing Spoon Position

This spiced-up version of spooning is great for beginners and experienced couples. Just like the other positions on this list, you or your partner can adjust the angle for G-Spot stimulation.

How to do it: For starters, the man must sit upright in bed with his back to the wall/bedrest and his legs together. After that, the woman must stand right over him, facing the same direction as her partner. Her feet must be on either side of his thighs. After that, the woman must get down on her knees and sit back onto her partner’s crotch. Once positioned, she can guide his penis in her vagina and start bouncing in and out of his cock.

Difficulty: Good for beginners! Just make sure the girl has enough stamina to keep bouncing up and down.

6. Good Doggy Position

Of course, one of the OG sex positions is included on this list. If you wanna feel primal and get fucked in deep, this is a must-try position. (Let’s be real though: most of our readers have tried this position~)

How to do it: For the woman, she must get on her forearms and knees, with her booty up in the air. The man then kneels behind her and enter her from behind.

Difficulty: Good for beginners! If you need extra support, using position straps will surely help.

7. LaunchPad Position

Do you desire to be dominated? Then this is one of the G-Spot sex positions that you should try. Just like the other positions on the list, the man can adjust the angle when penetrating his partner.

How to do it: The girl must lie on her back first. On the other hand, the guy must be on his knees, facing the girl. After that, the girl must lift her legs and bring it to her chest. She can then rest her feet to her partner’s chest. Once positioned, the man can then lean over the girl, raise his partner’s hips and start penetrating.

Difficulty: Challenging but possible for beginners. The woman must have extra flexibility to successfully do this position. If you or your partner have back problems, do not attempt this.

8. Acrobat Position

For this reverse-cowgirl-inspired position, the man has full control while the woman feels highly exposed. If you want something intimate yet animalistic at the same time, the Acrobat position is worth a try.

How to do it: First, the woman must straddle her partner, facing away from him. She must be on her knees so she can slowly lay back on top of her man. She must keep her knees on the bed. Once positioned, the guy can hold her waist and start thrusting into her.

Difficulty: Challenging but possible for beginners. The woman must have extra flexibility to successfully do this position. If you or your partner have back problems, do not attempt this.

9. Exposed Eagle Position

If your girl has impressive flexibility skills and stamina, this position will surely work for you. It’s also one of the G-Spot sex positions that have a submissive vibe in it, so if you wanna please your master, you may wanna try this challenging position.

How to do it: Have the guy sit down first. After that, the girl must be on top of him with her knees on either side of his hips. Once positioned, the girl must lie backward until her back is on her man’s thighs and knees. After this, the guy can start thrusting in and out of her partner, while the girl can play with her clit or nipples since her hands are free in this sex position.

Difficulty: Since this position requires an adequate amount of flexibility and stamina for the girl, the Spread Eagle is suitable for experienced couples only.

10. Deep Impact Position

Craving for deep penetrative sex? For those who like it raw and rough, the Deep Impact position will surely satisfy your carnal needs.

How to do it: The girl must lie down on her back and point her legs toward the ceiling. After that, the guy must be on his knees, upright, facing towards his partner. Then, the girl must rest her legs on his shoulders. He then should grab you by your thighs and hold you tightly as he thrusts into you.

Difficulty: Challenging but possible for beginners. The woman must have extra flexibility to successfully do this position. If you or your partner have back problems, do not attempt this.


Stimulating your girl’s clit is essential during sex but you shouldn’t forget the other spots. You might think the G-Spot is just a tiny nugget that is difficult to find at times, but with proper stimulation, it can bring awesome orgasms for your boo.

All it takes is a curious mind and tons of patience. You need to experiment with fingering techniques and sex positions to know what works best. Yes, it can be frustrating at times but the payoff– the glowing smile from your satisfied girl– will surely be enough to keep trying.

We hope you’ll get to bring your partner to euphoria with these G-Spot sex positions. Keep on spicing the bedroom!