The Cowgirl position is a vaginal or anal sex position performed with the receiving partner on top. It gets its name because the receiving partner, often a vulva owner, straddles the penetrating partner like a person riding a horse.

With our guide, you’ll get to learn the different variants of this alluring sex position, as well as the steps to successfully do these positions.

10 Best Cowgirl Sexual Positions

As you take the driver’s seat and maneuver your way to orgasmic heavens, here are the 10 best cowgirl sexual positions to spoil your man.

1. Cowgirl

Let’s start with the OG Girl-on-top position. This is one of the easiest variants of this position as it doesn’t require certain leg positions, arm positions, and angles. Just have your man lie down and start the pleasurable fun!

How to do it: Have your man lie down. Then, climb on top of him, kneel on either side of his waist. After some steamy foreplay, you can either put your hands on his shoulders, chest or even hold hands with him to steady yourself. Once you’re all positioned, bounce up and down to your man’s penis.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

Once you’ve aced the original position, you can now try other cowgirl sex positions, such as the Reverse Cowgirl. As for this position, it’s like the OG position, but with a minor twist. Instead of facing your man, you’re facing a different direction. If you feel iffy on making eye contact during sex, or somehow wanted a more primal vibe from the deed, go for this one.

How to do it: Have your man lie down on the bed. Climb on top of him, facing away. After planting sizzling kisses to the different parts of his body, start putting his penis onto your vagina and start bouncing up and down.

3. Corner Cowgirl

If you don’t wanna do all the work or get tired easily from bouncing up and down, this sex position will definitely work best for you. It’s basically the OG position, but you’re doing it on the corner of the bed. This will make your man’s feet planted to the floor (depending on the height of the bed) and have a fair share of thrusting in the deed.

How to do it: Have your man lie on the corner of the bed, with the lower part of his legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Once he’s positioned, climb on top of him and do some irresistible foreplay. Once done, you can then guide his penis, then start bouncing in and out. This position is easy but somewhat risky because your body is next to the floor. Just make sure to keep your balance!

4. Side Saddle

If you’re looking for cowgirl sex positions that are also suitable for anal, the Side Saddle is a must-try! But take note, this position requires impeccable stamina because you’re gonna do some squats with this one, honey. You can also start grinding on him instead, but cum on… why settle on minimal grinding when you can sex exercise?

How to do it: Have your man lie down on the bed, with his butt at the edge of the bed and legs hanging over. His legs must be close together and his feet planted on the floor. Once he’s positioned, you can then sit down on top of your man, as illustrated in the photo above. Start bouncing in and out, somewhat doing squats in the process. You can also do this position with anal sex, as you can easily angle your anus with this cowgirl position.

5. Cherry On Top

As your clitoris has tons of delicious nerve endings, giving it minimal attention during sex is a disgrace! That’s why for the Cherry On Top position, we will give the stimulation it truly deserves.

How to do it: Have your man lie back on the bed. After that, straddle him as the same you would do to the Cowgirl sex position, but instead of bouncing up and down, you will be moving forwards and backward, stimulating your clitoris in the process.

6. Irish Garden

Get blissful vibes with this enthralling sex position. By glancing at the illustration above, you might think that this is a super-challenging position, but it’s not! Experienced couples can surely successfully attempt this position on the first try. Also, this is also one of the cowgirl sex positions on the list that lets your man take the reins, so if you want a cowgirl position that’s not as tiring as the other ones, go for this one.

How to do it: Have your man sit down on the bed, with his legs opened wide. He can either bend his knees if it’s more comfortable to him. You then need to lay down on top of him, somewhat reversing his position. (See illustration above for reference!) After that, straighten out your legs to lower your waist down onto him, then lower your bed and shoulders to the bed until you rest on it. Once positioned, you can start thrusting in and out of your man’s penis. You can also take turns, letting your man do the pumping for a few minutes.

7. Sofa Surprise

Did things heat up while watching Netflix with your boo? Instead of scrambling to get into the bed, go all-out on that unsuspecting couch. The Sofa Surprise is one of the cowgirl sex positions that require a decent amount of stamina and flexibility, as you’ll be doing squats with this enticing position.

How to do it: Your man needs to sit down first. After that, stand up on top of him, with your feet planted on the sofa seat. Facing him, slowly squat down. Once you’re in a squatting position, you can start going up and down using your legs. For a more passionate experience, go for some torrid kissing while doing this position.

8. Lap Dance

Give the most sizzling performance yet. The Lap Dance position is similar to Sofa Surprise, but instead of facing your man, you’re facing away. If you have a relatively large mirror on your bedroom or motel room, you can also use that to give your man a clearer view of the action. Simply positioned yourselves in front of the mirror and you’re all set!

How to do it: Pop on some steamy music as your man sits down on the bed, couch or floor. Have his legs wide open as you sit on top of him. Have him grab you on the waist or shoulders for support. Then, gently grab his penis and guide into your vagina and start bouncing in and out of it. You can also do some sensual grinding or move forward/backward onto him.

9. Betty Rocker

Rock his world with this sensuous position. Now, you might think this is a challenging position, but just like the other cowgirl sex positions on the list, the Betty Rocker position is easy to work with.

How to do it: Have your man lie flat on the bed, with his legs a bit apart. You can then start straddling him, facing away. While you’re still upright or in a reverse cowgirl position, slowly slide his penis inside. Once he’s inside, start leaning forward and rest the part of your weight on your arms or his legs. Once positioned, start rocking forward and backward, smoothly gliding in and out of his cock.

10. Lotus

If you shower him with love on top, check out this fascinating position. It’s one of the cowgirl sex positions that levels up the intimacy that you have with your man, as you’re extremely close to one another.

How to do it: Have your man sit down, cross-legged. You then sit down on his crotch while facing him. Wrap your arms and legs around his back for a more intimate feel. Once positioned, your man can either start thrusting you in and out of you. You can also try grinding onto each other for some intense dry-humping-realness.

Tips When Doing Cowgirl Sexual Positions

Now that you’ve learned the best and easiest cowgirl sex positions, we can see you sharing this article with your man. But before you fully dive in, we got you some reminders that you must follow for a safe and fun cowgirl experience.

  • Check your body. For those who have back problems, be cautious when doing some of the cowgirl sex positions on this list.
  • Communicate during the deed. Since you’re taking full control, make sure your man is comfortable by asking him throughout the play.
  • Time for some roleplay, baby. Since you’re unleashing your dominatrix vibe with these sex positions, why don’t you dress up for the part? There are tons of sexy costumes available online.
  • Add sex toys in the mix. Whether you want a vibrator to play with your clit, or nipple clamps for hands-free nipple play, sex toys will surely make the deed more enjoyable.
  • Practice makes perfect. If you haven’t done any cowgirl sex positions before, expect to find some slight mishaps when doing the positions on the list. But don’t fret! Laugh it off with your boo, take some notes, and try it again. Practicing is the key.


If you want to rock your man’s world, doing cowgirl sex positions is a must. These positions let your man enjoy the show and let you get that sweet, sweet, climax as you have full control over the act.

Just make sure your body has enough stamina to do this, as some positions require you to squatting. Also, keep your balance throughout the deed to avoid unnecessary trips to the ER. Have a safe and wild ride!