Sex toys aren’t just for single women anymore. Owning a sex toy is like having a good house. It is something everyone should have. Gone are the days when we have to cower in fear of judgment when talking about sex. Today, thanks to mainstream media, more and more people are becoming more open when discussing sex. We talk about dick sizes, vagina smells, and all sorts of Kama Sutra positions. What we don’t talk about that often are sex toys. Yup, that’s right. The blessing that we all should have: sex toys. 

Sex toys are great. Sex toys are magical. They’re like gifts from God himself that we should never be embarrassed to buy and own. Sex toys, adult toys, love toys, pleasure toys, whatever you wanna call them. Every single consenting adult should be enthusiastic about owning one. They give you pleasure at any time of the day without asking for anything in return. We even have all kinds of love toys from beautiful glass dildos to robot sex dolls. You name it. Somebody has probably invented it.

What more can you ask for? But if you’re still unconvinced, here are some of the benefits of using sex toys and why you must start using them now:

15 Benefits of Using Sex Toys

The use of love toys goes as far as Ancient Greece. Yes, you heard that right. People from way back in the olden times have been fucking themselves senseless with ancient sex toys. Using toys is nothing new. So why are love toys such a beloved article of the past, present, and future?

1. They improve your sex life.

Sex toys aren’t just for single women anymore. Sex toys can be used to boost your bedroom romance with your partner. We have to admit that human bodies have limits when it comes to sex. It’s a reality that men (and sometimes women) can cum so easily and shorten the fun that the couple can have. Using sex toys can change that.

With the option of pleasure toys, you can now lengthen your sexy times with your partner. Use it during foreplay. Tease her clit with a vibrator or use a fleshlight for preliminary action. If you’re about to cum, you can alternate a sex toy with your dick so that your woman can still have her fun until the two of you reach your climax at the same time. Studies have shown that people who have used sex toys are more satisfied with their sex lives with their partners. 90% said that they are more satisfied when they slept with men who use sex toys. Compare that to 76% of women who slept with men who don’t. 

2. They are good for your self-confidence.

Sex toys aren’t just good for your body. They’re good for the mind and the soul. Sex toys help in building your self-confidence. You gain an appreciation of your body when you know the ins and outs of it. The human body is a work of art, and sex toys are paint brushes that enhance your experience of feeling it. Love toys allow you to explore your body in ways you’ve never imagined before. You can experiment with different sensations, and get to know your pleasure points even better.

3. They improve your intimacy and relationship with your partner.

After being with the same partner for a long time, the sexual relationship usually tends to fade. It can get boring. Sex can seem to be more of a chore rather than something fun to do with your significant other. Using pleasure toys can improve things between you and your partner. It will bring back the spark in the relationship and make intimacy something enjoyable again.  Couples who use sex toys tend to be more open and honest about their desires. Using love toys improves over-all communication. This communication allows couples to stay together longer. It alleviates the monotony of the relationship and improves your bond with each other.

4. They are scientifically-made for your satisfaction.

Sex toys are scientifically-designed to aid in your sexual pleasures. They are created specifically for our human bodies to experience what God has intended for us to experience with his anatomical creations. It is not an easy task to stimulate our minds and bodies at the same time. This is where love toys come handy. All adult toys are designed to hit the right pleasure spots in our body to reduce our ‘work load’.

5. They help you sleep better.

 Sex toys can help us sleep better. What better reason can you need than that? Sleep is essential to our health. It strengthens our immune system, sharpens our cognitive skills, and, most importantly, keeps us from being crazy monsters in the morning. It also helps lower our risk for depression and anxiety. Love toys help in doing this since it helps us reach our orgasm more quickly and effectively. The activity releases oxytocin, endorphins, and can help people feel calmer and less stressed. Because of this, we get to sleep better.

6. They aid in managing sexual dysfunctions.

Sexual dysfunction is real, and both men and women can suffer from it. Research has shown that love toys help in sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety. Since sex toys help us in understanding our bodies even further, it helps us learn more about our pleasure points. When we’ve mastered everything about our pleasure, we can be more relaxed during the actual performance. If both men and women can learn how to make themselves climax through the use of toys while masturbating, it will give them more confidence in reaching orgasm with a partner.

7. They give you quicker, more effective orgasms.

Orgasms are good for us. Not because they take us to heaven but because they boost our immune systems, keep our hearts healthy, and help us release stress. Sex toys help us achieve orgasms easier, alone or with a partner.

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Did you know that about 75 percent of women can’t reach orgasm through penetrative sex alone, and nearly 50 percent have faked their orgasm at least once? That’s a very shitty thing to experience, don’t you think? Most women need to have the right kind of clitoral stimulation to reach climax. By using sex toys, their chances of reaching an orgasm increase dramatically. This is why love toys are a great way to help you get to the big O. Once you get to know which areas you want your sex toy to be in, you can be assured that there’s no more need for fake orgasms. Achieve real and powerful orgasms with the right love toy. They bring you closer to god as you levitate yourself to heaven by using them.

8. They help boost your libido.

Getting bored? Longing for a more thrilling, toe-curling sex life? All you need is a little help! Using sex toys can improve your libido. For women, having sex can improve vagina lubrication, blood flow, and elasticity. All of these make sex feel better, and in turn, it’ll increase your sex drive to crave more and more of it.

9. They lower the risk for urinary incontinence in women.

Urinary incontinence is when you can no longer control your urination. This condition affects 30% of women at some point in their lives. To counter this, having a strong pelvic floor is a must. Good sex is a good workout for your pelvic floor muscles because when you have an orgasm, it causes contractions in those muscles. And the contractions are the “exercise” that strengthens them.  Using sex toys to improve your sex life improves women’s bladder control and lowers your risk for urinary incontinence.

10. They lower your blood pressure.

Studies have shown that there’s a link between sex and lower blood pressure. According to the said studies, it is found that sexual intercourse can lower systolic blood pressure (the first number on your blood pressure test). Sex is also considered an exercise, which is a great way to reduce the chances of BP-related illnesses. So if you want to keep your BP out of the danger zone, go and indulge in some steamy fun!

11. Using sex toys for sex counts as exercise.

Sex is the most exciting form of exercise. It’s the only exercise that I wouldn’t mind doing every day. It won’t replace the good ol’ treadmill, but honestly? It’s ten times better than the gym and less expensive than a membership. You lose five calories per minute of sex. That’s four more calories than watching TV (so in that same logic can you watch TV while having sex and lose six calories per minute? any doctors here?) You hit two birds with one stone when you have sex. It speeds up your heart rate for faster blood circulation and metabolism. And at the same time, having sex uses various muscles in the body! So get busy! Clear your schedule to make time for it on a regular basis. Consistency is the key as it maximizes the benefits you get from it.

12. It lowers your risk for heart attack.

A good sex life is good for your heart. As we’ve said, it’s a good way to raise your heart rate and get your blood and metabolism up and running well. Aside from this, sex helps balance your estrogen and testosterone levels. You see, when either of these two is low, your risk for problems like osteoporosis and even heart disease increases. So having sex can help combat these illnesses. There’s even one study wherein it found that men who had sex at least twice a week were “half as likely to die of heart disease as men who had sex rarely.” Wow. What great way to lengthen your life!

13. They help alleviate body pain.

Why reach for a painkiller when you can try having an orgasm first? Orgasms can block pain. When you reach your climax, the event releases a hormone that helps raise your pain threshold. As a result, pain magically seems to go away.

Stimulation using sex toys can also do the trick.  Vaginal stimulation can block chronic back and leg pain. Interesting, eh? But wait, there’s more! Many women have also testified that genital self-stimulation can “reduce menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and in some cases, even headache!” Can sex be the panacea for all our body aches? Who knows? I surely won’t be surprised if it is.

14. They’re also for the boys!

Sex toys are not just women. Men can definitely benefit from having one or two toys of their own. Not only can guys get turned on at the sight of their partner jerking off on his/her own. He can also use his sex toy for his own pleasure. Don’t get pressured about being called “weak” or “less of a man” for using sexual aids for pleasure. Love toys are for everyone.

Aside from this, pleasure toys are a great way to become a better lover. Toys can help you explore your body, and with enough patience and skill, you can learn how to prevent penis-centric masturbation. This will help you appreciate your partner’s body and learn how to relax more while you’re turning her on. Once you get the hang of love toys, you learn how to master your orgasms.  You will learn how to delay your orgasm, remain hard after orgasm, and have multiple orgasms.  When you use sex toys, you will no longer be worried about ejaculating too quickly, losing your erection, or not getting an erection.

15. They lower your risk for prostate cancer.

One study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that men who ejaculated frequently (at least 21 times a month) were less likely to get prostate cancer. Using sex toys can make things easier and faster for you guys to achieve this benefit.


Using sex toys has a lot of benefits. It’s not only good for your mental health. It can also boost your intimacy and increase your sexual satisfaction.  You can use them for solo plays or if you wanna spice up your bedroom romance with your partner. To be honest, just the fact that most women do not orgasm through vaginal penetration alone should be enough to invest in a sex toy. Single or not. 

You must remember though, although orgasms are, so good, they are not the only goal during sex. They’re just the icing on the cake. Sex is still all about the journey on how you get there. And sex toys are a big help on that journey to get there.