Pregnancy can be stressful for both parties; preparing for your baby’s arrival can be tedious and expensive. There are also tons of regimens and checkups to keep up with, so it’s no surprise that couples want to have sex during pregnancy— it serves as a stress relief.

However, not all couples have sex during pregnancy due to several misconceptions; some say it’ll cause a birth defect or induce early labor. Some say that it’s also not normal for couples to do it. That’s not the case, though; most medical professionals encourage couples to still do the deed while waiting for the baby.

If you’re afraid that it could lead to mishaps, don’t worry, as we’re here to guide you through the process. For this article, we will be talking about tips to help you have sex during your pregnancy.

Things You Should Know About Sex During Pregnancy

Yes, sex may be normal to do during pregnancy, but there are some things you should be aware of before engaging in sexual activity during this time. Follow the tips below and consult your doctor for further clarification to ensure safe and hot pregnancy sexcapades.

1. Sex is a safe part of pregnancy.

As mentioned in the introduction, it’s safe to have sex during pregnancy. Unless your OB-Gyne has prohibited you from doing it, you shouldn’t worry about getting some vitamin “D” months before D-day.

If you’re worried that vaginal sex will hurt the baby, remember that your baby isn’t in the vagina but in the uterus. There’s no way for your partner’s penis or a dildo to reach that area. The amniotic sac fluid also cushions your baby, so your baby will be safe even if things get intense during the deed.

2. It won’t cause a miscarriage.

One of the common concerns that couples have about sex during pregnancy is it may cause a miscarriage. That’s not going to happen, as most miscarriage cases occur because of development issues in the fetus. This is why multiple checkups occur, as the doctor needs to ensure that the baby is healthy and the development is happening the way it should be.

3. Your body may be more sensitive, especially your genitalia.

Did you know that most pregnant women have a high sex drive? This is due to the hormonal changes in the body. However, the hormonal changes can also make the erogenous zones more sensitive, which can be a hit or miss in the bedroom. Some women may find vaginal sex, vaginal fingering, or even oral sex irritating due to the extra sensitivity.

4. Pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride of different feelings and changes in your body.

Due to hormonal changes, an expecting woman’s sexual desire may go up and down throughout pregnancy. For instance, she may desire to have multiple rounds of sex this week, then on next week, she may end up with low libido, then next week, she’ll be back to being sensual AF.

There are also major shifts in the woman’s body during pregnancy; some women may even find their pelvic floor muscles too tight, then there are days when their vaginas feel more relaxed and ready for vaginal play.

We get that it can be annoying to feel the sudden rises and drops in your sexual appetite and the major changes in your body, but you’ve got to embrace the unpredictableness. Just schedule sex on days where you feel ready for the deed.

5. Sex doesn’t directly induce labor but it may help move things along.

One of the common myths about sex during pregnancy is that it’ll induce labor— that too much thrusting will “pop the water out.” Remember that nothing you’ll do will induce it if your body isn’t ready for labor. This is why it’s safe to have sex while pregnant.

How To Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a highly sensitive time for a woman, and sex may be one of the best ways to keep intimacy great between pregnant couples. These tips aim to guide you on how to enjoy sex and be safe during those nine months:

1. Take advantage of your second trimester.

If you’re wondering what’s the best trimester to do the deed, most women would say it’s the second trimester.

The first trimester is uncomfortable for most women; a lot of nausea, food cravings, increased urination, fatigue, etc. On the other hand, having sex during the third trimester, though relatively safe, may cause anxiety to some couples as it’s near the due date. There’s also a big round belly that adds to the challenge of the deed.

As for the second trimester, most women already feel better than in the first trimester. The belly isn’t as round as in the third trimester, giving couples more freedom to try different sex positions.

2. Treat pregnancy sex differently from regular sex.

As mentioned earlier, hormonal changes can make a pregnant woman’s body more sensitive. It can heighten the intensity of orgasms, so some women reported that the best Os of their life is when they had sex during pregnancy.

However, sex drive fluctuates throughout the pregnancy, so expect to cancel some scheduled sexy time. Yes, it may be frustrating for you and your partner to not have sex, but forcing yourself to do it even if you’re uncomfortable may do more harm than good to your body, your baby, and your relationship.

3. Prolong the foreplay even during pregnancy sex.

Here’s the secret to amazing sex during pregnancy: Foreplay. Instead of going straight to penetrative action, build the anticipation by saying naughty phrases while massaging her body. Then, start kissing and cuddling, leading to other sensual acts. You could also try other ways to penetrate, such as showing together, phone sex, or mutual masturbation.

4. Cultivate a dirty mind.

We get that you may be thinking of further responsibilities as a future parent, but not having erotic thoughts about your partner may bring some issues in the future. Intimacy is an important part of romantic relationships, so it’s best to take some time to unleash that sensual self and have fun with your partner.

5. Ditch distracting gadgets in bed. 

Want to fully enjoy the sex experiences you’ll have while pregnant? Put your laptop away. Keep your phones hidden in the closet. Keep the room screen-free. Don’t turn on the TV while having sex. It’ll help you be more mindful in the deed, but you’ll also strengthen that intimate bond with your partner.

6. Use plenty of lube.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause vaginal dryness. That is why you need to have a bottle of lubricant ready.

Lube is formulated to have the same consistency as vaginal lubrication, ensuring comfort for you and your partner during penetration. If you’re planning to use silicone sex toys, we recommend getting a water-based lube. But if you won’t be using any pleasure devices, go for silicone-based as it has a thicker consistency which reduces reapplication.

7. Put safety first. 

Remember that you can still get sexually transmitted infections (STIs) even if you’re pregnant. What’s worse is that your baby can get infected with HIV if you have unprotected sex with an HIV-positive individual. Unless you’re 100% sure that your partner isn’t banging other people, it’s best to use the love glove, aka condoms.

8. Try new sex positions. 

It can be challenging to the deed in your third trimester, as the round belly can limit your sex position options. However, you can still have sensual fun; you just need to find the right position. Don’t worry, as we’ve already listed some of the pregnancy positions you can try below.

Sex positions best for pregnant couples:

Girl on top is a great pregnancy sex position because it lets the woman have full control over the pace and depth of penetration. For this one, the giver must lie down on their back, then the receiver (pregnant woman) will climb on top of them, kneeling on either side of their waist. After that, the receiver can start thrusting in and out of the giver’s penis or strap-on.

Spooning works well for pregnant couples as it’s simple, intimate, and is done by being side to side, which means that the baby bump isn’t gonna meddle in the fun. To do this position, both the couples will be down on their side, facing the same direction. Start with some cuddling, then the giver can then gently insert their penis into their partner’s vagina.

Reverse Cowgirl is a variation of the girl in the top position. This works better if the expecting woman has a bigger baby bum and doesn’t want it to be compressed or touched during sex. The instructions for this one are the same with the girl on top position, but instead of the woman facing their partner, they’re facing the other way.

Sex positions to avoid for pregnant couples:

  • The missionary position doesn’t work with pregnant couples because it compresses blood flow between the mother and baby.
  • Prone positions are a big nope when having sex during pregnancy as the expecting woman will lie flat on their stomach.

9. You can have oral and anal sex when you’re pregnant.

Wanna do oral or anal while you or your partner’s pregnant? Don’t worry as it’s safe. Be careful with anal thrusting, though, as it can cause discomfort on the pregnant woman’s end and lube, don’t forget to use lube!

Another thing to note is that when you or your partner gets closer to the due date, pregnancy hormones may thin the cervical mucus, leading to messier oral plays. But both of you aren’t bothered by it, do it! You can also get sex (waterproof) bedsheets for easier post-sex cleanup.

10. There are times you should avoid pregnancy sex.

There are a few cases wherein a couple is prohibited from having sex during pregnancy; this is due to several health factors such as the following:

  • You have unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • You’re leaking amniotic fluid
  • You have a history of preterm labor or premature birth
  • You are carrying multiples (twins, triplets, and so on)
  • Your cervix begins to open prematurely (cervical incompetence)
  • Your placenta partly or completely covers your cervical opening (placenta previa)

Benefits Of Sex During Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is a special and sensitive time for a woman. It would help if you had your needs met, like getting a healthy portion of your cravings and experiencing special intimacy with your partner. Sex during pregnancy can have benefits for both of you, and those include:

1. You can get better orgasms. 

A woman’s body tends to be more sensitive during pregnancy, increasing blood flow on some of their erogenous zones, like the nipples. This can then lead to more intense orgasms. So if you want to hit those body-shaking Os, try doing the deed while you’re pregnant!

2. It can be a great way to keep fit. 

Having physical activities is essential during pregnancy, such as having sex. It keeps your heart healthy and even works as a natural painkiller as it releases those feel-good hormones. Having regular sex sesh is highly beneficial while you’re pregnant.

3. It can boost bonding between partners. 

One of the best things about sex during pregnancy is that it solidifies the intimate bond you have with your partner. Sometimes, all you need is a warm touch of your partner to ease off the stresses of daily life, so don’t let pregnancy get in the way of having that romantic time with your boo.

4. Sex during pregnancy can boost the immune system. 

Did you know that sex is an immune booster? Research shows that sex increases IgA, an antibody that helps keep colds and other infections at bay. However, there are also experts claiming that sexually active people are more at risk of getting exposed to infectious agents than individuals who are not sexually active.

With that being said, it’s best to follow safe sex practices even if you’re pregnant. And also, if you or your partner don’t feel well, it’s best to postpone those sexy nights.

5. It’s a good mood booster.

Orgasms release endorphins that can help mother and baby feel happy and relaxed. The brain also churns out serotonin after an orgasm. This hormone is known to promote good mood and relaxation. In some people, serotonin can also lead to drowsiness and the desire to curl up for a nap.

6. It could help ease your postpartum recovery.

Because pregnancy sex can help tone your pelvic floor, you’re preparing your body for both childbirth and recovery, just by having orgasms! You can also try doing Kegels during sex if you want to get those vaginal muscles in shape even more.

7. It helps you get better sleep.

Studies have shown that orgasming, whether from sex or solo play, could improve your sleep quality. So if you don’t feel well but have some issues with sleeping, maybe a quickie could solve that dilemma!

8. Pregnancy sex helps ease pain and discomfort.

Did you know that sex can work as a natural painkiller? Orgasms release oxytocin, a hormone that can increase your pain tolerance. Other feel-good hormones are also released, making you focus less on the pain and more on that happy feeling.

9. It helps lower your blood pressure.

Although your blood pressure may be lower right after having sex, it’s only temporary so the cure isn’t sex all the time. Since high blood pressure can be serious for both you and your baby, it’s important to work with your doctor on ways to prevent or control your blood pressure.

10. It helps reduce stress.

Pregnancy is usually filled with happy thoughts and fulfilling experiences. There’s also excitement that comes with the fact that you’ll get to meet your little one in a few months. But along with the positive thoughts, there’s also the accompanying stress of becoming a parent. If you’re feelin’ a bit stressed out with your pregnancy, having sex can help you. Oxytocin, the love hormone, is released after orgasming, which can minimize your stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tackled the things you should know about sex during pregnancy. But we know you may still have questions, so we’ve laid an FAQ to help you further in this sensitive time.

1. When do I see a doctor?

If you had sex during pregnancy and experienced symptoms such as vaginal pain, vaginal bleeding, shortness of breath, extreme pelvic or abdominal pain, and other physical issues, go to your doctor immediately. Don’t also forget to make a regular visiting schedule with your doctor to ensure that your baby is healthy until the delivery.

2. When can I have sex after having my baby?

After giving birth, this depends on your condition, but the standard recommendation is about 6 weeks.

3. I bled a bit after sex. Should I be worried? 

Small drops of blood aren’t something to worry about, as it’s usually caused by friction between the penis and vaginal walls (especially if there’s no lubrication). However, if the flow is consistent and excessive, head over to your doctor as soon as possible.

4. Is it weird that I have no interest in pregnancy sex?

Don’t worry; it’s normal to be uninterested in sex during pregnancy. Hormonal changes don’t necessarily mean you’ll get to be hornier; sometimes, it could result in the opposite. Body changes during the process can also leave a negative body image, which can result in not wanting to have sex. Whatever the reason you don’t feel like doing the deed, communicate it with your partner.

5. Is it normal to have orgasmic dreams at night during pregnancy?

Yep! Due to the higher estrogen levels and increased blood flow, most women may become hornier than ever, having amazing “wet dreams” or sleep orgasms.


With all these learnings, you are well on the way to enjoying sex during pregnancy. Whether you’re currently pregnant or are simply curious about the topic, we hope this article has been a major help. Sure, sex during pregnancy is really hot and fun but ensuring safety in the process is even hotter. So remember to keep these tips in mind and always consult your healthcare provider to ensure a healthy pregnancy.