Mirror sex not only gives a full, VIP view of you and your partner doing the deed, but it pays attention to every small body detail you may have missed out on. Whether it’s the slow way your partner’s lubricated friend enters your hole or your tongue exploring every inch of their body, you get to see how you look when you do it. The mirror can never lie about what it sees, after all.

What you see is what you get, which are those o’s!

So if you’ve been adventurous to give this eye-opening idea, this article will tackle how you can pull it off perfectly and unlock your true reflection as a sex god/goddess!

Why People Like Mirror Sex

Ever wonder what drives people to engage in the deed with a reflective surface as a playful prop? We listed down popular reasons behind the intrigue of mirror sex and any mirror sex position we’d suggest later on.

1. Some people enjoy seeing their reflections.

We tend to associate mirrors with vanity as we cop a view of ourselves. However, that shouldn’t always be the case because it’s not selfish to like whatever we see in the mirror if our confidence is high. Also, we naturally feel good whenever we catch a glimpse of ourselves on any reflective surface.

In fact, visual stimulation is a biological turn-on for us humans, as said by the recognized GSRD (Gender, Sex, Relationship Diversity) therapist Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey. Come to think of it, mirror sex is almost like a free sex tape with naughty mental images you can keep and remember over time. Though you can always close your eyes when the penetration overwhelms you (in a good way), then again, you’d try your best to lock your eyes on the mirror.

Furthermore, men are more likely to have their eyes open during the deed than girls, whose eyes are closed because they’re more focused on the sensations. So expect them to be eyes wide when pounding you with a mirror nearby while you’ll strongly catch up to them.

2. It helps those with low confidence levels.

With the continuous harsh standards of society towards one’s body image, only some are comfortable with their reflection. Whenever we face a reflective surface, we’d point out our flaws first as instinct. Thoughts like “Oh, I gained some weight here.” or “Yikes, should I cover up?” erode our minds, gaining the upper hand at further wrecking how we view ourselves.

However, mirror sex can reverse all that self-depreciation. Sex puts you in a vulnerable state when you get rid of your clothes, similar to viewing yourself in the mirror. Yet with mirror sex, you gain reassurance from your partner as they please you with their words and actions. You get to see how they see you: with so much love. Sex is meant to make one feel happy and loved, and if it can simultaneously impact one’s confidence levels, mirror sex can achieve both. Alongside those addictive o’s!

3. It heightens the intimacy levels between you and your partner.

Mirror sex involves a lot of back-and-forth viewing from the reflective surface and your partner on it. With the latter, you get to see each other eye to eye more. You’d be able to pick up what makes your partner crumble rather than relying on sounds and body language. Communication levels are bound to get better, especially on the topic of sex. After sex, you could converse more transparently on what to repeat or disregard next time.

4. Any angle is a good angle.

Doing the deed with a mirror allows viewing each other from different angles. Even if you have your default sex positions, bringing in a mirror is a game changer. You’ll unravel facial expressions or body quirks you couldn’t pick up before the mirror.

5. There are various mirrors you can use.

Mirrors are accessories to make one’s home feel livelier and more spacious. Not only that, they work as great props in your bedroom play just as well. Depending on your eagerness, there’s an array to choose from. You can always build up from small mirrors to larger ones or interchange when doing the deed for a spicer sexcapade. Don’t worry, we have an entire section dedicated to this benefit of mirror sex.

5 Types of Mirrors You Can Use

A full-length mirror is perhaps the first thing you’ll think of when you think of mirror sex. That’s understandable because you get to see everything unraveling (if your eyes aren’t closed from pleasure), but there are other mirrors you can incorporate when you’re in the mood. It’s all about how your imagination and creativity on how you can make them exhibit more sexy angles of yourselves.

1. Handheld Mirror

Don’t be fooled by these miniature, portable surfaces. Its size is a perfect advantage: showing the tiny body details you’ve never seen before near your private parts. Who knows if a mole or birthmark is near there? Well, most definitely, your partner can unlock that discovery as they penetrate you. Oh, you can get a better closeup of them entering your hole.

The mirror can be situated by the side of your bed, or they hold it up at a nearer angle for your eyes to see. Watch how your body reacts to your partner. But aside from these suggestions, take the chance to use a handheld mirror to highlight certain body parts, watching them go wild during sex.

2. Vanity Mirror

Whether it’s near your closet or your accessories/makeup pile, this type of mirror makes a great addition to your sexcapades. To be bent over, gripping on the side as your partner thrusts into you powerfully, you’ll see all your makeup raining down your face due to your tears of pleasure. Imagine doing it before going to work, gosh. You’re bound to be late.

But truly, your vanity about yourself can be out of this world when your face is practically squished on the surface when you’re doing the deed. And that’s on self-love, right?

3. Bathroom Mirror

Another strong contender like the last one! As you bend over for your partner, you have your butt in the air. You lock eyes and feel them slide your wetness. This can make you reach that O quickly while you grip the edges of the sink. If you’re too impatient to do it in the shower or don’t want to get wet, facing them in the bathroom mirror makes a perfect alternative.

But if you want to amp it up, try doing somewhere public. Club, restaurant, you call the shots. Let your exhibitionist tendencies go wild with this kind of mirror sex. As long you don’t get caught, respect each other’s boundaries, hush up, and not disrupt the public peace, go get feral!

4. Ceiling Mirror

This type of mirror isn’t just to open up the room and let more light in. If you’re a kinky babe, consider installing a ceiling mirror for all your sexcapades. Aside from seeing each other from various angles, imagine looking at each other from above as you ride your partner or watch them go down you.

Oh, let’s not forget post-sex through the said mirror. Your raw, matching and blown-out expressions reflect back to you and your partner. And man, you can’t help but smile when the sex is extra amazing.

If you don’t have this mirror, try booking a room at a motel. This kind of mirror sex has to be on your bucket list of sexcapades!

5. Full-Length Mirror

Ah, yes. We can’t leave the top choice option for mirror sex. You can be standing up, bending over, or laying down. Whether it’s placed in your living room, bedroom, or whatever relevant part of your home, catch a complete rundown of your session.

You can see it all from kissing, licking, sucking, and thrusting if your eyes are strong enough to take the pleasure. Strength is key here, babes. Don’t blind yourself from the sensations and witness how beautiful sex can be with your partner.

15 Mirror Sex Positions to Try

These sex positions are adaptable to any room or setting, but the mirror you use is the main centerpiece. Explore these exhilarating mirror sex positions once you and your partner decide which type of mirror you’ll use.

1. Tilting Tower

Ever want to feel on the edge of your toes physically and sexually? This position will get your booty and legs up in the air, stretching your limbs out, especially with your partner hitting your spot back and forth!

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: You’re lying on your back. With or without help from your partner, lift your butt and land your legs in between their shoulders. Your partner should grab your butt once you’re settled so you’re stable in the position. From there, better hold on to the sheets or cushion while you let them dictate the pace of movement.

Mirror to Use: Full-Length Mirror

Tip: Use your abdominal and glute muscles when holding position so your body won’t flail over your partner.

2. Bump and Grind 

If you like back hugs, why not do the deed in that position? Get up and close with your partner as you fondle each other’s love handles in the mirror.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: Your partner will stand behind you as you face front in the mirror. Lift one leg in a bent position to their knee, and your partner situates their hands on their waist to hold you like in a back hug. On the other hand, you can grip the sides of the mirror or spread your legs further to stabilize yourself as they penetrate you.

Mirror to Use: Bathroom, Vanity, and Full-Length Mirrors

Tip: Ask your partner to massage your breasts when you’re stable enough standing upright. Let them toy with your nipples and watch yourself react and unravel in the mirror.

3. Divine Prayer

Ladies, prepare to be praised and healed. You become a religion, and your partner is a believer as they eat you out heavenly in this position.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: Stay seated in a chair or on the edge of the bed. Your partner will kneel before you, spreading your legs open and ready to attack your sensitive core as they please. Vacuuming, sucking, licking, you may even need to say a little prayer for your sanity as they devour you. Heck, it’s game over even when they spot your clitoris and play with it to their pleasure. Bonus points if they’re a degrader, leaving it alone to make you writhe. But if they want to praise, they’ll give in to all your needs.

Mirror to Use: A full-length mirror can be used if you place them in front or on the side. A handheld mirror can be of use too; place it near your lower abdomen, where you can see their tongue play with your *meow*.

Tip: Incorporate fingering while they eat you out so they can hit your g-spot, reaching that O faster. Plus, if using a handheld mirror, you can watch them insert their fingers and see them get wet. Just hot!

4. Reverse Cowgirl

Hold your horses, babes! If you’re eager to top your partner badly, asserting dominance, this mirror sex position will remind them how capable and good your sex game is. Plus, you get to watch it all go down in your reflective surface of choice.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: Your partner is lying on the bed, legs hips length apart. Carefully lower yourself down on them, straddling them. Place one leg on each side of the body, then rock your hips with theirs. Look at yourself as you enjoy their girth, jumping up and down once you find a rhythm you and your partner can follow.

Mirror to Use: Aside from a full-length mirror on the side, using a ceiling mirror is perfect for this position. You can see your partner’s contorted facial expressions above, observing what other parts of them you can touch. The latter is also great when doing the average cowgirl position.

Tip: Insert some clit play in this mirror sex position. Self-inflicted or lead their fingers to your magic button. Oh, and make them toy with your breasts from the front!

5. Picture Perfect View

If you’re bound for quickies, this mirror sex position can have you chasing your highs in no time. You’ll also get to witness your partner dominate you in real time.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: Bend over and plant your hands on the mirror. Your partner shall insert themselves behind, taking you by the hips with powerful movement. They determine the pace while you accept everything they give you.

Mirror: Bathroom and vanity mirrors are great options as your chest can rest.

Tip: Apply the degradation kink here! From your partner pulling your hair back to utter filthy things in your ear to getting choked, it’s like watching an X-rated movie from your home. Or wherever public space you find, follow the rules of the space and don’t get caught!

6. Doggy Style

Hitting it from the back is always a hot option, enjoyably wincing from the slap your partner gave your back. This classic position is a goodie and never fails to spark flames wherever you and your partner are doing it.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: You’re on all fours, leaning back a bit so you don’t lock your elbows. Your partner is situated and slowly entering their member behind you, placing their hands on your waist as they thrust you into oblivion. Watch their expressions in the mirror as they enjoy your tight *meow*.

Mirror to Use: Full-Length Mirror

Tip: Bring up choking while doing this position. Ask your partner to wrap their hand on your neck mindset movement, and tell them how gentle or hard you want to go. Make sure you can breathe through it and be safe!

7. Peaches Out

If you sang along for a bit, we totally get you, and it’s about to get better! Drown your lips into this 69-ning mirror sex position with your partner’s peen right by your eyes. And your bum? VIP seating on your partner’s face like a meal ready to be relished.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: Your partner is relaxed on the bed or cushion. His legs are wide open. They can be fully bent, or one leg is straightened. Place yourself near your partner’s face while your view is their naked crotch. Situate your legs on one side of their face. Wrap your arms around your partner’s thighs while your partner plants their hands on the flesh of your bum as you both begin your oral ministrations.

Mirror to Use: A full-length mirror angled on the side can capture both your steamy movements, trying to spark eye contact when either of you makes the other moan or groan dazedly. A ceiling mirror is another adventurous option, where you can take peeks of each other’s bodies crumbling from those o’s. You can even help each other in other ways to please each other.

Tip: Switch it up by switching who’s on top. Since your partner is originally on the bottom, you should also try it so you can see your mindblown reflections on whatever mirror you’re using.

8. Fly High Gal

Take a mile-high trip without the actual plane with this mirror sex position, where you can instantly hit many highs. At least there won’t be any angry passengers when you catch those o’s!

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: Your partner is seated on the bed or cushion, legs apart. You’ll slide down on their member like a chair with your back facing them. Their hands clutch on your waist. You can ride them as slowly or fast as you want. Let your hands wander around; even direct them to certain parts as you view from the mirror.

Mirror to Use: Full-Length Mirror

Tip: Take turns moving this position; allow your partner to thrust upwards while you hold on to their thighs.

9. Zeus

Sex is all about giving each other heavenly o’s. So cherish your partner as the Greek god they are with this delicious mirror sex position.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: Your partner stands upright while you lower your knees. Wrap your arms around their waist or place your hands on your bum. As for your mouth, it takes in their length, inch by inch. Let their hands play with your hand, or if you give the green light, push your face forward to swallow more of them. Incorporate your tongue too, especially when you start teasing them at the reddening tip.

Mirror to Use: A full-length can showcase your partner standing tall as you bob your head back and forth. A handheld mirror can also be used to zoom in on exactly how your mouth wraps around them, licking and sucking them whole with a pop!

Tip: Blow your partner’s mind in this yummy blowjob meal by fondling and licking their balls. They’re extra sensitive to touch there, so make sure to include them when bringing them to their o’!

10. Missionary

Save the best for last. This versatile sex position can adapt to mirror sex perfectly, with increased intimacy as you’re eye to eye with your partner. Or rather, locking eyes above in the ceiling.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: Lay back on the bed, and let your partner hover over you. Spreading your legs wider, they’ll slide in you and it’s up to you where you’ll hold on. Their hair, back, arms, just don’t dare to close your eyes from the wonderful movements,

Mirror to Use: Although a full-length mirror on the side captures every thrust, a ceiling mirror elevates the entire experience. Many scenes are ready to unfold, watching your partner fill you up, your mouth gasping for air, your nails scraping their back, and more. And it’s all best seen from above.

Tip: Don’t skip foreplay when using a ceiling mirror. Just don’t, and see what happens when you build up the entire session until the main event. You may never get enough of how an architectural piece turns into an ideal accomplice in sex.

11. Cushioned Down 

Perhaps you’re still shy about exposing your full nudity to your partner, regardless of how long your relationship has been going. However, this sensual mirror sex position urges you to lock eye contact (even if it can be tricky) to attract and seduce your partner from the surface.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position:  Prep yourselves doggy style (as mentioned earlier), then slowly descend to the bed. As long as you’re not squished in the bottom, your partner takes charge on top while lying down on the cushion.

Mirror to Use:  A full-length mirror unravels all the animalistic and sensational feelings you and your partner are building towards to.

Tip:  Whoever is in the bottom, try to arch your back in between thrusts so you can get a perky view of your chest/breasts and display it in the mirror.

12. Devour Me 

Spooning, but make it 69. There’s no little or big spoon when both of you are getting a delectable taste of each other.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: Rest on your side as you bend your legs and spread them apart. As for your partner, they nuzzle their head between your thighs with their hands on your butt, inner thighs, or hips. At the same time, they’ll pleasure you with their mouth and tongue. They’ll also spread their legs to give you access to their private parts for your “feasting”.

Mirror to Use:  A ceiling mirror can catch a glance of your body in action.

Tip: Place a pillow by your and your partner’s shoulder on the bed or cushion, so it doesn’t cramp up mid-sex.

13. Hail Your Queen

Sit back and relax in this star-studded mirror sex position as you ride through the highs of your partner, penetrating you to an almighty set of orgasms. And all of this to praise you as the queen of their world.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: Your partner kneels both legs on the floor while you settle on their lap, entering them carefully. Your legs are bent on either side of your partner’s legs, and your neck is stretched to the side to make room for your partner’s head to nuzzle in. Go ham on both your hands, like let theirs rake around your body while you can also assist them to where it feels pleasurable with you. Grind your hips against theirs or mix and match with their upwards thrusts inside you.

Mirror to Use: A full-length mirror is your best bet to praise or be praised.

Tip:  Don’t hold back on those kisses! Angle your body to meet each other lips in a heated frenzy, or let your partner kiss your neck or your back. You can also kiss your partner’s fingers or hands as they touch you everywhere.

14. Link Me Up

Adventurous enough to bring your sexual curiosity to the bathroom for a change? This uplifting mirror sex position will whip you off your feet for a fiery, good time, creating a closer connection (or link) with your partner. Perhaps this makes a great position before getting into the shower too because no one wants any wet accidents.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position:  Lean against a wall or remain standing on the bathroom floor. Await your partner to lift you up in the air in their arms, then link your legs behind their hips. Wrap your arms around his neck as they enter inside you. Guide them along the way in the latter, so they don’t hurt you. Get yourselves adjusted from all the new feelings, then enjoy the toe-curling penetration of your partner taking charge.

Mirror to Use:  A bathroom mirror can capture the heated bit of your bodies being pressed against each other, moving in pleasurable sync.

Tip:  For your partner, feed yourselves and strengthen your arms beforehand, so your lover doesn’t crumble onto the floor first before crumbling into an orgasm.

15. Irresistible Cobra

Unleash your feral senses through this slithering mirror sex position that captivates your partner’s attention and brings you into sexual oblivion.

How to Do This Mirror Sex Position: Your partner sits on the floor, or any surface (preferably soft) with their legs slightly spread. On the other hand, you shall have your back facing him as you descend on them. Arch your back above your partner’s legs to expose your chest further in the mirror. Your arms should be planted on each side of your partner. Bend your legs until they’re on the same level as your partner’s sides. Back again to your partner, their hands can be placed on your waist, or one is holding your bent knee.

Mirror to Use:  A full-length mirror can trap you and your partner in a lust-glazed daze filled with mischief.

Tip: If your back is strong enough to hold its arch, allow your partner to tug on your hair for a more intense experience. And don’t hold back those moans because we’re sure you’re enjoying yourselves!

8 Mirror Sex Tips to Remember

If the mirror sex positions portion has you wilding, you may need to calm a bit for this one. Being prepared before trying this kind of sex ensures safety for you and your partner, so here are our tips on how to make your mirror sexcapades worth your time and effort.

1. Drop your shyness out the door.

That trait shouldn’t even be invited to your sexcapades because it holds you back from new, mind-blowing experiences. Especially when a mirror shows the raw side of your physique, there’s no point in hiding. But at the same time, don’t force yourself to commit to something you’re uncomfortable with.

Discuss with your partner how you’ll go around with this kind of sex, mixing and matching various sizes of mirrors to use. From there, decipher which position to do as we stated above. Mirror sex should unlock your wild sides, so don’t hinder yourself from showing your kinkier side!

2. Set the mood.

Don’t rush into the act! Figure out the session’s pace or tone; will it be rough? Slow? Intimate? Degrading? When that’s settled, consider adding other accessories. Music, candles, dim lights, make use of your creativity here. Also, take your time with foreplay, kissing, and touching wherever you and your partner are.

3. Do a striptease.

There’s nothing more seductive than slowly undressing yourself to your partner before doing the deed. You can help each other by discarding your clothing together, whether you’re standing up or already getting tossing and turning in the sheets. Bonus points if there’s music in the background, where you can give your partner a show that’ll harden their crotch even more. So sway those hips and make your partner drool more, babe!

4. Change angles every time.

So you’re down to do mirror sex again, but how can I spice it up? By changing the angles of sex positions, you’re utilizing other mirrors in your session. Whether you want your partner to blow your back or devour you like a treat, you access other mirrors (like what we mentioned in the beginning) and maximize their sexual magic. So even if you already enjoy whatever you tried, it doesn’t hurt to try new positions.

5. Don’t break eye contact.

There’s nothing more crumbling than locking eyes with your partner when you’re reaching your orgasm. Whether in the mirror or at each other, have a shared orgasm together and let it all out. Or whatever position you do, always look back to see their eyes before resuming your act. Eye contact can reveal how you feel without words being said, so use that to your advantage.

6. View yourself in the mirror.

Running away from your fears gets you nowhere compared to facing them. If you’re still iffy with your reflection yet intrigued to try mirror sex, take baby steps by sparing a glance at your mirror. It can be any mirror you have at home, then give yourself a minute or two. Train your mind to focus on the positive and battle any negative ones.

You can also start fully clothed, then as times go by, watch yourself strip until you’re in the nude. Recite affirmations towards yourself and share words of appreciation towards your body. Because once you learn to appreciate and love yourself bit by bit, you can resonate that with your partner.

7. Incorporate other kinks.

Mirror sex and engaging in the positions we listed above are already fun and spicy alone. But why not amplify the mood even more with other kinks? Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in mirror sex, any kink makes an ideal addition. Some examples we highly suggest are food play, corruption kink, degradation kink, and praise kink.

Especially the latter. It enhances the romantic mood and further gives reassurance to one another.

8. Add some sex toys and lube.

Whatever mirror sex position you’re ready to get down with, inserting a sex toy beforehand or during the deed releases much more arousal and enjoyment from the both of you. Not only that, orgasms will release from you both effortlessly and heavenly with them. Then with lube, it makes the experience smoother and more intimate when you’re moving in perfect and safe sync. Yes, lube is safe for the vulva owner especially to avoid tearing while engaging in the deed.


And that wraps up our guide to Mirror Sex! Not only is it visual candy, but it only intensifies the penetration and arousal between you and your partner. You get to see different angles of each other without hiding, capturing the natural affection and sexual drive you have for each other.