Tantric sex is a method to achieve a deeply intimate connection with your partner through slow, mindful sex. So what makes a sexual position tantric?

The tantric positions that I have selected for you are designed to create more eye contact, bring your bodies closer together, and facilitate the release of oxytocin, the “love hormone.” With synchronized breathing, you will exchange sexual energy with your partner and find new levels of bodily awareness and spirituality.

Here are 9 of my favorite tantric sexual positions that you can try out with your partner.


Yab-Yum is a classic tantric sex position. It’s intense and often described in tantric translations as a “full embrace.”

  1. Facing each other, the penetrating partner sits cross-legged while the receiving partner sits in their partner’s lap, and wraps their legs around their torso.
  2. Before you get sexually physical, stare into each other’s eyes for at least five minutes.
  3. Once you have practiced this eye-gazing a few times, incorporate yogic breathing. Synchronize your deep breaths together as you look into each other’s eyes.

You can enjoy the same closeness of the yab-yum position without penetration. But if you both are ready to take it to the next level, the penis owner can penetrate the vulva owner softly and integrate a physical connection.

Rock back and forth together. And experiment with who sits on top and who sits on the bottom. You might even decide to turn yourselves sideways and lie down for a more relaxed position.

Practicing eye-gazing and breathing techniques together on a regular basis will only make this position better.

Great Bee

The Great Bee looks like the conventional cow-girl position, but the tantra position creates energetic dynamism between partners. There’s something erotic about watching your partner grind on you as you lay flat. And the partner on top feels free and powerful as they take control of the movements.

  1. The penetrating partner lies down flat on their back.
  2. The receiver squats down over the giver, knees up towards the chest and feet planted on either side of their partner.
  3. Use your hands to brace yourself against your partner’s chest. A deep squat like this can be challenging to sustain over a period of time, but with practice and regular stretching, you will be able to last longer in this position.
  4. The receiver then moves in up-down, left-right, and circular motions to allow the partner to penetrate as deeply as possible.
  5. If you’re a vagina owner, you can try contracting the vaginal muscles to hold and massage the penis/dildo. It takes time to learn how to make the muscles contract in this way, but using a yoni egg can help train the vaginal muscles to tighten.


Spooning is all about emotional intimacy, and it is a natural human need, which is why this position will make you feel safe and cherished. Cuddling releases oxytocin, the hormone that makes you feel happy.

  1. Start by talking––yes, just talking––with your partner while you have full body contact with them.
  2. Lie with each other, one partner in front of the other. The big spoon can wrap its arms around the little spoon.
  3. Keep the clothes on or get naked, and use all your senses. Whisper to each other and move gently, nuzzling your partner.
  4. To avoid a numb arm, place a pillow under the little spoon’s head and slide your arm into the space created below the neck.
  5. Bend the arm and place your hand on your partner’s third eye, or forehead.

When you feel emotionally connected with your partner, it’s time to get physical. The big spoon penetrates their partner either vaginally or anally (anal sex). Don’t forget to use your hands here to stimulate your partner all over their body. Move slowly and intently.

Tantric sex in the spooning position can last a long time.

Shiva’s Dance

In Hindu tradition, Shiva is a god that symbolizes life, body, and energy. The dance of Shiva is represented by a figure with four arms and two legs.

  1. Imagine this figure as you find the tantra sex position––it is very similar to the yab-yum, except that the penetrating partner is standing up. Don’t worry if you can’t hold your partner for long. You can use a counter or a tall chair to support their whole body weight.
  2. Hugging face-to-face, one partner is carrying the other. You can penetrate your partner or not.

Try this tantric position with clothes on, and then get naked to experiment with different sensations. Try moving in new ways, and see what your partner enjoys. The goal is to get your bodies as close as possible with their legs wrapped around your torso.

Hot Seat

You will get intense pressure and the best G-spot stimulation in this position.

  1. Both partners kneel with the giver behind the receiver.
  2. The partner in front keeps their legs together while the partner behind straddles their legs.
  3. Both partners sit back slightly, and your bodies squeeze together.
  4. Wrap your arms around your partner. It’s the perfect angle for you to reach around and stimulate the clitoris.
  5. The partner in front is in charge of the motion here, so once you are penetrated, move up and down or side to side.
  6. Switch it up by planting your feet on the floor and bringing your knees up. It will push your butt backward, giving your partner a great view and increasing the pressure.

Since you are on your knees, use pillows to support beneath the knees or between the calves and thighs.

Tantric Missionary

The missionary position can create a deeper connection between partners. There’s a reason it’s considered such a standard sex position.

  1. To make it tantric, maintain eye contact and synchronize your breathing.
  2. Keep your lips close together, but stay far enough apart that you can still gaze into each other’s eyes.
  3. The receiver places their hand on the giver’s heart to exchange energy, and feel their heartbeat.
  4. Breathe deeply together and move as slowly as possible.
  5. Keep it going for five to ten minutes, and you will find that you enter a meditative state of relaxation and excitement.

If the receiver is a woman, the penetrating partner can stimulate the partner’s cervix. At certain times of a woman’s menstrual cycle, the cervix moves lower, making it easier to reach. Some women are even able to experience cervical orgasms.


You might feel like you emerged out of your cocoon with this one. Stay on the bed, or head to the kitchen to use the table. Experiment with different furniture in your house to find the perfect height.

  1. The receiver lies on their back on the edge of the bed or a table.
  2. The giver stands in front of them, and the receiver puts their legs on their partner’s shoulders.
  3. The standing partner takes care of all the movement this time. Keep it slow and steady. Try finding stillness as you gaze into your partner’s eyes and enjoy the physical connection.
  4. The giver can lift their partner’s hips with their hands, or slide a pillow underneath the lower back for a better penetrative angle.
  5. Try closing your legs together, and see if it makes your partner’s penis feel larger.

The Rolling Tickles

You might want to try this one on the floor, on a soft carpet or blanket, instead of the bed. The floor offers more stability.

  1. The receiver lies on their back and pulls their knees to their chest.
  2. The giver kneels in front of them.
  3. Slowly slide inside your partner. To create a rolling motion, the giver moves up and down on their knees as they penetrate their partner. Place your hands on the back of your partner’s thighs to control the motion even more. Since you want to keep the motion going for a while, tuck a pillow underneath the receiver’s hips.
  4. The giver can use a pillow between the calves and thighs to keep the knees from getting tired.

Get a feel at a new angle by wrapping your legs around the kneeling partner’s waist. It will bring you closer together and lift your hips even further.

The Waterfall

You might get an intense headrush in this tantric sex position, so be careful and take it slow. If you start to feel lightheaded, take a break.

  1. One partner lets their upper body hang over the side of the bed. You can lie on your stomach, or do a backbend so your genitals are easily accessible.
  2. Keep your legs and lower body on the bed. The other partner sits on top.
  3. Let the upside-down partner give commands, or do whatever you please to them.

It might take a bit of creativity and imagination to penetrate your partner. Or you might choose to give oral love to your partner while they are in this vulnerable state.

Being upside-down allows the blood to rush to the head and results in a mindblowing orgasm.

Oral Love

This tantric sex position is like oral sex but better. Use your mouth to honor your partner, and show them how much you really love them.

  1. If you are the giver, start by stimulating your partner’s entire body. You don’t have to move directly to their genitals.
  2. Lick their neck and kiss them all over.
  3. When you finally make your way to the main event, use your breath to stimulate your partner’s genitals. A nice, cool breath can do wonders for turning someone on.
  4. Move slowly, and use your hands to help with what your mouth is already doing.
  5. You don’t have to keep eye contact the entire time, but take a peek at your partner’s face every once in a while. Seeing your partner in ecstasy will contribute to your own pleasure.
  6. If you are the receiving partner, breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Connect to every sensation in every part of your body. Prop yourself up on your elbows to watch what your partner does to you.


You may have tried some of these tantric poses before, but I recommend you try them again with this tantric twist for more sexual satisfaction. The breath is your spirit, so use it during tantric sex to build an intimate connection with your partner.

When you are ready to orgasm, keep eye contact with your partner. Often, we close our eyes during these intimate moments, but locking eyes with your partner instead will take your connection and sex life to the next level. It will be a truly spiritual experience.