Searching for the best foreplay tips and tricks? We gotcha, buddy. For today’s guide, we will share 22 ways to spice up your foreplay sesh.

Foreplay is often considered less important than penetrative sex. Because of the notion that penetrative sex is the ultimate sexual act, people tend to rush through the pre-game and go straight to thrusting. This then makes sex uncomfortable and unsatisfying to some people, particularly with women.

But here’s the thing, sex is more than just penetration. It’s the series of activities that lead up to it. If you’re not going to take things slow, you may miss out on tons of fun that you can have with your boo. Focusing on penetrative sex can also lead to a routine, making you and your partner bored in the long run.

With that being said, we highly suggest trying out the foreplay tips and tricks that we’ve listed here. Don’t worry, these tips don’t require tons of props or equipment. All you need is some creativity, a stable internet, a few handy love toys, and a willing partner.

Benefits of Foreplay

Before we go through the foreplay tips and tricks, let’s have a quick detour and discuss the benefits of foreplay. After reading this list, you’re surely going to be hyped to try our tips. Read away!

1. You’ll experience better orgasms.

If you want to feel intense orgasms, we suggest leveling up your foreplay game. Several studies have shown that men and women experience more pleasurable orgasms when there’s foreplay involved. These studies also include solo play. This means that even in masturbation, foreplay is a must to get those delicious orgasms.

2. It helps you build emotional intimacy.

Foreplay isn’t just for fun, it also helps in making you and your partner more connected. Women tend to need emotional assurance– that the person she’s about to have sex with really wants to be with her. Giving an ample amount of time to foreplay helps you give that assurance, thus making her relaxed and ready for the deed.

And even if you’re just hooking up with someone, you’re still needing that pre-game, buddy. Taking time to the pre-game lessens the awkwardness between you and your new companion.

3. It gets your juices flowing!

Foreplay increases sexual arousal, causing several physical responses in your body. There’s an increase in your pulse, heart rate, and blood pleasure. You have more blood flow to the genitals. There’s also swelling of the breasts and erect nipples. And if you’re a woman, you’re getting wetter than ever down there. Your vagina self-lubricates when it’s sexually aroused, making penetration more comfortable.

However, take note that there are cases in that women wouldn’t get wet at all, despite their sexual arousal. Arousal non-concordance happens when your physical arousal doesn’t match up with their internal arousal. In this case, lube is your friend!

4. It helps men calm their nerves and maintain an erection.

For our male readers who may experience difficulty having and keeping an erection because of nerves, we recommend increasing the time of foreplay in the deed. It’ll help you get in the mood, remove the nervous jitters, and keep your hard-on through the play.

5. It makes vaginal penetration more comfortable and pleasurable for women.

Another reason why you should give ample time for foreplay is that it makes penetration a lot comfier and more pleasurable for women. How so? It’s because when a woman gets fully aroused, their genitals swell up a bit, such as the clitoris.

Their vaginal muscles also pull up the uterus, giving more room in the vagina— this process is scientifically known as vaginal tenting. Now, since there is more space in the vagina, there’ll be less friction and discomfort on the vagina during the penetration part of the play. Along with the natural lubrication, this will make vaginal sex so much better for you or your female partner.

Foreplay Tips and Tricks

With the benefits above, it’s no secret that foreplay is the key to greater sex experiences. The more time you spend on the pre-game, the better! But to keep it fresh every time, we suggest checking out our foreplay tips and tricks below.

1. Dress for the part.

Before trying out the other foreplay tips and tricks on this list, we suggest dressing up for the part. Take note of the outfits that make you hotter. Does your partner get turned on when they see you in flowy dresses? Does your girl like you wearing that sleek polo? You see, people can be teased with visuals. You can wear something in red and they’re already turned on AF.

Now for this tip, this doesn’t mean you have to change or style– just dress for the part occasionally. We also suggest investing in 1-3 pieces of sultry undergarments to spice things up.

2. Start with suggestive texts.

Sexting is pretty much the easiest one on this list. You can do it anywhere and within seconds. Just think of the naughty things that you would want to your partner, type them all in, and hit send. You can also include some sexy pictures if possible! Just your partner knowing that you’re thinking about them is already hot enough to get their juices flowing.

Now, if you’re still new to this whole sexting thing, here are some sexy phrases that you can use:

  • “I’m thinking of you inside me.”
  • “Wish you could taste how wet I am for you.”
  • ‘“I wanna bathe in your hot cum…”
  • “You are my meal tonight!”
  • “Your cock. My mouth. Now.”
  • “Shut me up with your cock in my mouth.”
  • “Want to watch me strip?”
  • “I’m going to make you come so hard you can’t remember your name.”

3. Get flirty and touchy in public.

Building sexual tension in public can be very, very hot. There’s a sense of thrill to it. Now, it doesn’t have to be super raunchy. A simple rub in their thighs, while you’re at the restaurant, can do wonders. If you’re unsure of what to do, we gotcha, sweetie. Here are some of the flirty things that you can do. (Take note though, it’s best if you discuss this beforehand and ensure that they’re comfortable with sexual gestures in public.)

  • Put your arm around them.
  • Lightly kiss them on the cheeks.
  • Playfully touch their bum or crotch then pretend that it’s just an accident.
  • Whisper some dirty phrases to them (see point 1 for some ideas!)
  • Stare at them with your bedroom eyes.
  • If you’re in a crowded place, lightly grind your body to them.

4. Get all heated up in the shower.

Ask your partner to shower with you. Get all flirty in there, but here’s the catch– you’re not going to eat them out or give them a blowjob. You’re just basically helping them wash, This will definitely make them crave for more as you just look at them with your bedroom eyes.

5. Indulge in a warm bath together.

If you’re looking for foreplay tips and tricks involving showering in some way, here’s another good option. Light up some scented candles, put some bath bombs, and ask your partner to cuddle in with you in the bathtub. It’s a more relaxing alternative to the shower tip above, so if you know that your boo had a tough time at work, go for this one.

6. Read erotica to each other.

It’s bedtime reading with a twist. For this tip, you just need to find good erotica online– there are some good selections on Literotica. You can also buy some amazing erotic novels, such as Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson. Once you’ve found good content, read it up and take note of the hottest chapters. Once you’re in bed with your partner, read those chapters and watch your boo get into a heated frenzy. Alternate the roles (reader/listener) with each sesh!

7. Watch erotic films together.

Okay, let’s say you’re not that much of a reader. Don’t worry as there’s another way to consume erotica with your partner– through sensual films! Just pop some sexy films on your television or laptop, and you’re good to go. Now, it’s up to you if you want to pop some porn or an actual erotic film– this depends on you and your partner’s preferences. But if you’re unsure of what to watch, we’ve listed some suggestions below.

  • Love (Dir. Gaspar Noe)
  • Secretary (Dir. Steven Shainberg)
  • 9 ½ Weeks (Dir. Adrian Lyne)

8. Put on a show!

Aside from watching an erotic show, why not become the show itself? This is one of the foreplay tips and tricks that require some preparation, but it’ll be so worth it. Ask your partner to just sit in there. Turn the music on, and start off with a strip-tease. Once your partner is all flustered, give them a raunchy lap done, kissing their lips while you’re at it.

Now, if dancing isn’t your thing, we have another show idea– have your partner watch you masturbate. Don’t let your partner touch you throughout the act– just let them drool over you as you touch yourself.

9. Try roleplaying.

Roleplaying is a sexual activity wherein you and your partner act out each other’s fantasies. By incorporating your unusual desires in the bedroom, it spices up the bedroom and at the same time, helps you become more intimate with your boo.

For starters, we highly suggest discussing the fantasies with your partner first. Ask them what role they want to play and what are their preferred scenarios. After that, go online and get yourself some props and sexy costumes for the roleplay sesh. Same with the previous point, it’s one of the foreplay tips and tricks that require preparation– but it’s all worth it!

10. Try BDSM play.

Unleash your dominant or submissive side. For those that are unfamiliar with the term, BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. It’s basically a series of sexual acts that involve power play, restraints, and some frisky whipping.

Same with the previous points, this is one of the foreplay tips and tricks that require an ample amount of preparation. After all, pain is involved in this one. So make sure to communicate with your boo first and settle each other’s needs and limits. Also, invest in a few quality BDSM toys for this one– it just makes the kinky play so much fun!

11. Try out sexy games.

How about putting an actual play in the foreplay? Sexy games such as strip Jenga and sexy-dice are a great way to build up sexual tension. As the game progresses, you’ll just become hornier than ever. This will make your mind and body hyped up for what’s about to come.

12. Give them a sensual massage.

This is one of the foreplay tips and tricks if you want your partner to get turned on and relaxed at the same time. So if your partner is having a hard time with their tasks, we suggest going for this rather than having sexy games and such.

For this trick, you’ll only need to have a nice massage oil or a massage candle oil (if your partner prefers warmed-up oil). Start by giving them a normal massage on their pressure points. Once they’re all relaxed, you can then start moving your hand on their pleasure spots. Slowly rub your hand down there until you can hear them moan. Take note though, if you’re dating a woman, don’t finger her with your oiled-up hand! Wash your hands first.

13. Go for some wild “wrestling.”

Into cuddling? You’re surely like this trick.

Have a fun playfight with your partner. Start by tickling them and pinching them on their pleasure spots. Roll over the bed as your partner tries to get back to you. While doing so, you can start kissing and biting their erogenous zones. By the end of the playfight, you’re most likely naked and ready to get it on.

14. Have an intense makeout sesh.

This is one of the foreplay tips and tricks that don’t need any preparation at all. All you need is some top-notch kissing skills, baby. Just lie in there and give your best shot. Kiss them passionately as you graze your hands on their sensitive spot. Give their lower lips a gentle bite. Don’t also just focus on the lips! Kiss them on the neck and other erogenous zones, leaving them with hickey marks all over.

15. Talk dirty (and romantic)!

While in the heat of the moment (such as an intense makeout sesh), talk dirty to your boo. Tell them how much you crave their body. Tell them how much you desire them. You can also take a different approach and just tell them how much you love them.

By doing this, you’re amping the experience and even giving emotional assurance to them. Sex is also one of the best times to show your vulnerable side, so don’t hesitate and give it a go.

16. Masturbate together.

Of course, mutual masturbation will be on the foreplay tips and tricks list. Do you know what’s so good about this? This type of foreplay can be a learning experience. You get to see their preferred speed and strokes. It’s also just so hot to see your partner masturbate– it’s a porn sesh just right in front of you.

17. Play some sex toys.

Let’s say you have a new vibrator. You can show that to your partner and even explain its features (not in a salesman-ish way tho). After showing the toy, try playing with it together. Run it through your partner’s body or even let them watch you play with it. With this trick, you’re not just having some extra fun with the toys, but you’re also normalizing its use during the deed. So if your partner is getting intimidated with sex toys in some way, we suggest trying this one out.

18. Get bumpin’ and grindin’!

Dry humping is when you rub each other’s genitals for pleasure. It’s a fun way to get sexually aroused and can even make you cum at times. It’s up to you if you want to do it fully clothed or naked. You can also experiment and try various positions to spice it up!

19. Explore their body with your lips.

It’s one of the easiest foreplay tips and tricks on the list. You just need to level up your kissing skills and tongue game with this. Start off by kissing them intensely on the lips. After that, slowly move down from their mouth into their neck, then move further down to their chest, then to their belly area, then move further down until you reach the crotch area. While doing this, make sure your hands are playing their other erogenous zones.

Now, once you’ve reached their groin area, it’s up to you if you want to proceed on cunnilingus/blowjob or tease them up even more by going back to your lips.

20. Eat them out as if it’s your last.

Of course, oral sex is going to be included on this list. Now for this type of foreplay, all you need is to level up your blowjob and cunnilingus game. Don’t worry though as we have guides for that.

Now, guides can only help you get started, but if you really want to make your babe crave for that tongue action, we suggest talking to them about their preferred technique. You can also ask them to masturbate in front of you and observe the way they touch themselves. Just mimic the way they rub themselves with your tongue, and you’re good to go.

21. Edging, baby!

Edging is one of the most effective foreplay tips and tricks on this list. Why? Because it’s a surefire way to make your partner crave for more. Here’s how it works.

During fingering or oral sex, consistently play with their genitals until they feel like cumming, then once they’re about to reach the peak, just stop touching them. We get it, it can be frustrating to your partner, but trust us, your boo will have a more intense orgasm at the end of it!

22. Massage your partner without using your hands.

If you want to give your sensual massages a fun twist, we highly suggest trying this one out! Instead of using your hands to massage and caress your partner’s body, use the other parts of your body instead. You can go for the feet, lips, nipples, elbow joint— go for something comfortable for you.

23. Watch your partner masturbate and have a consensual voyeurism session.

Here’s one of the foreplay tips and tricks that’s worth checking out, especially if the idea of voyeurism excites your erotic senses. Ask your partner if they’re okay with you watching them “secretly” while they’re touching themselves. Once you’ve got consent, prepare the space and discuss how the scenario would go. Once you’re all prepped up, enjoy watching your partner get all sensual; you can also touch yourself while peeping on them.

24. Flirt and make out while having a few glasses of wine.

Another foreplay idea that’s worth trying is making out while having a few drinks. Set up your living room like a rustic bar, then both of you get dressed up. Just start having a casual conversation, then slowly get all flirty as time goes on. By the 2nd or 3rd glass, start feeling each other up. By the 4th glass, turn those light caresses into passionate massages, then make out like it’s your last.

Having a couple of drinks before the deed helps both of you to loosen up. However, keep in mind that too many drinks can make both of you dizzy and may halt the whole sex experience, so just keep the drinking light.

25. Try something unexpected.

Tried almost all of the foreplay tips and tricks on this list? Well, what we can suggest about that is to try something unexpected. Now, this tip actually depends on you and your partner. For example, you’re always doing foreplay with lights on– how about trying to do it while the lights are off? You can also do your research and come up with foreplay tips for you and your boo. This will keep the deed fresh and fun every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about these tips, don’t worry. We’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions about foreplay. Read on!

1. Can foreplay become the main event?

Yes! Foreplay can be the main course. In fact, research states that women don’t orgasm with penetrative sex alone. So if your partner is having a hard time orgasming through intercourse, we suggest using foreplay as a solution to that.

2. What are the best sex toys for foreplay?

The sky’s the limit, buddy! There’s no specific sex toy for foreplay, so get something that works best for you and your partner. Also, get something that can be used for coupled play, such as a mini vibrator. It also depends on your kinks, so make sure to have a discussion first about this before buying a toy.

3. How long should the foreplay last?

Again, this depends on you and your partner. We highly suggest taking your time though. Rushing through the whole thing can lead to unsatisfactory sex.

Now for our guy readers, we get that you’re afraid that you might lose your erection if you spend so much time on foreplay, but here’s the thing, your erection can bounce back. Take a deep breath and relax. Just stimulate it again when you’re both ready for the main course.

4. What’s the best foreplay tip on this list?

With all the foreplay tips and tricks listed on the page, you’re probably wondering what’s the best tip on the list. Here’s the thing, it depends on you and your partner’s preference. Some people may enjoy bondage and public play, while others are uncomfortable with it. Some people love giving and receiving massages, while others prefer having bubble baths instead. So the only person who can answer this question is you and your partner.

5. My partner proceeds on penetration after a few minutes of foreplay. How do I tell them that I want a longer pre-game?

You know your partner more than anyone else. Just take a gentle approach when discussing this topic. You can also share this article and explain the benefits of foreplay. Don’t guilt-trip them into not taking time in the pre-penetrative action; maybe they’re just too excited to have vaginal sex, or maybe they have no clue about different foreplay activities.


Foreplay can be the key to amazing sexperiences, so make sure to not overlook this one! As long as you’re communicating and preparing properly, you’ll surely enjoy the foreplay tips and tricks on this guide.

You can also make foreplay the main course if you want to– penetrative sex doesn’t have to be the main dish or even part of the menu. Good luck and enjoy the ride!