A cervical orgasm isn’t commonly known in the world of female pleasure. Most sexual wellness blogs and other resources focus on clitoral and G-Spot orgasm. This is because they’re easier to achieve and unlike a cervical orgasm, don’t require deep penetration.

But if you’re someone who hasn’t experimented or attempted cervical orgasm, you’re so missing out, sis! Did you know that reaching a climax from cervix stimulation can bring powerful orgasms to your body? You’ll also experience longer orgasms.

If you’re interested in trying this out, whether with a trusted partner or your good dildo, here are the things you need to do to experience cervical orgasm.

What is a Cervical Orgasm?

A cervical orgasm is a type of orgasm caused by stimulation of the cervix (c-spot).

Now, for those who are unsure of where to locate the cervix, it’s located deep within the vagina and acts as a doorway to the uterus. With that, your partner must have a longer-than-average penis size, or you must own a lengthy dildo/vibrator to successfully reach that specific spot.

In terms of sensation, cervical orgasm is considered more powerful than a clitoral or G-Spot orgasm. It provides a full-body climax, giving your body waves of pleasurable sensations. It’s the deepest and most intense orgasm that you can have, so if you and your partner will be able to master it, good for you!

But here’s the thing, cervical orgasm is not every woman’s cup of tea. According to a few studies and surveys, some women still prefer reaching their Orgasms with clitoral or G-spot stimulation.

So if you’ve tried it and realized that you don’t like it as much, it’s okay to go back to your tried-and-tested ways. You can also assess your previous attempt—maybe the thrusts weren’t gentle at all? Remember, you should only stimulate your C-spot, not attempt a cervix penetration.

10 Ways to Have a Cervical Orgasm

Wanted to experience a cervical orgasm but not so sure about what to do? Here are 10 things you should consider when attempting a cervical orgasm. By doing the tips below, you’ll have more chances of getting that sweet, sweet O—without the unnecessary pain nor hassle.

Take your sweet time.

Female orgasms, whatever type they may be, require an ample amount of foreplay. You need to be fully aroused when attempting this type of climax, so make sure that you have at least 10-30 minutes allotted just for the foreplay alone. Stimulate your hotspots such as the clit, nipples, or G-Spot—but don’t get tempted and cum just yet! If you feel like reaching your O, stop touching yourself, calm your body for a few minutes, then start attempting cervical orgasm.

Also, remove any type of distraction before doing this activity—turn off your phone, ensure that you have 0 deliveries, and lock your bedroom door.

Relaxation is the key.

If you want to achieve this deep and full-bodied orgasm, your body and mind should be relaxed. There shouldn’t be any distractions as well as unnecessary thoughts. Also, take off the pressure! It’s not going to help you achieve cervical orgasm and can even hinder you from fully achieving it. Focus on what you feel rather than the end goal.

Don’t forget the lube!

Since you can only experience cervical orgasm through deep penetration, having a water-based lube is a must. This will help you prevent friction, vaginal tearing, and pain while attempting it.

Experiment with a lengthy dildo.

Since the cervix is deep inside the vaginal canal, your partner’s penis might not be long enough to stimulate it. With that, the best way to attempt this type of climax is by having a lengthy dildo.

When choosing a dildo for this, go for at least the 12-inch variant. It’s up to you if you want it to be on the harder or softer side, just make sure it’s long enough and has a steady grip.

Go solo first.

There’s nothing wrong with trying this with your partner, but for the first attempts, experts suggest trying cervical orgasm on your own. This will help you lift off the time pressure and lets you spend more time exploring your body. Going for solo play also allows you to focus on yourself, unlike when you’re with a partner—your mind is split in pleasing yourself and them.

Once you’ve mastered it, you can then try it out with your partner. What’s great about this is that now you can guide them on what to do, increasing your chances of successfully reaching it.

Communicate with your partner.

If you’re planning to attempt cervical orgasm with your partner, make sure to communicate with them first. You also need to assess if they can reach your cervix or if they would need help from sex toys (such as penis extender, lengthy vibrator/dildo).

Communication is also important during the deed. When your partner is trying to penetrate you, tell them if they’re getting a bit rough, if they need to change their pace, or if you need more stimulation in your erogenous zones. By not communicating properly while attempting this, you’ll lower your chances of reaching it and your partner might accidentally hurt you in the process.

Gently press your cervix—not penetrate it.

Most women think that you need to penetrate the cervix to experience cervical orgasms—that’s definitely fake news! In fact, cervix penetration is not doable at all. What you actually need to do is gently press your cervix.

If you keep on roughly pressing your cervix as if you’re trying to penetrate it, you’ll only end up with pain and not a pleasurable orgasm. It might also lead to complications, so be cautious when attempting this.

Don’t get distracted by your unusual moans.

Did you know that there’s a direct connection between your throat and cervix? They’re linked via the vagus nerve, so if you feel like opening your mouth wide and releasing some unusual moans and grunts, feel free to do so. Allowing yourself to release the tension in your throat will help you fully experience cervical orgasm.

It’s okay to not get it after the first try.

Cervical orgasm requires tons of practice. It’s normal to not experience it on the first try. Just keep on trying and practicing it—check new positions, new pace, or even a new dildo to play with.

It takes a while to learn what works for your body. Just be patient with yourself and keep your mind open with new techniques until you experience that heavenly O.

Try Kegel Exercises.

While you attempt having a cervical orgasm, you can also do Kegel exercises on the side. For those unfamiliar with this practice, it’s an exercise wherein you contract your pelvic floor muscles—the sling-like muscles that support your pelvic organs.

By doing this consistently, you’re not just strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, you’re actually enhancing your cervical orgasms—making them more intense and longer than usual.

Now, should you be interested in trying this exercise, there are various blogs about Kegel exercises for women. There are also devices that you can use, like Kegel Balls, to make them more effective.

Best Sex Positions for Cervical Orgasm

If you want to attempt cervical orgasm with a partner, here’s what your babe should have: they either be blessed with a longer-than-average penis or are willing to wear a penis extender or strap-on (with a lengthy dildo).

Another important factor is the position. By doing the most effective positions that could stimulate the cervix, your partner will have more chances of making you reach that blissful, big O. With that, we’re sharing you 3 best positions when attempting cervical orgasm.

Take note though, your cervix changes position at different points during your period. During and at the end of your cycle, your cervix is positioned lower, while it rises up during ovulation. Keep this in mind before attempting the sex positions below.

Doggy Style

This is considered the best position for cervical orgasm since it allows the penetrative partner to thrust deeply into their partner. To do this, you must be on your knees, bending over, while the penetrative partner is positioned on your back. Once you’re both ready, your partner can slowly start thrusting in deep.

Just be careful with this one though, since your partner has more control over the depth and pace. If you feel uncomfortable with their speed or pace, let them know at once.


What’s great about this sex position is that you have control, increasing your chances of reaching cervical orgasm.

To do the cowgirl, have the penetrative partner lie down. You then need to climb on top of them, kneeling on either side of their waist. Once positioned, you can then start riding in and out of their penis/strap-on. Since you have control, it’s up to you how deep you want to go and how fast or slow the pace is.

Missionary with Pillows

Want to achieve cervical orgasms with the OG position? Simply use some pillows. To do this position, you need to lie down on the bed, with your hips up on a few pillows. Your partner must then be in front of you, with their penis/strap-on just right on your vagina. You must then place your legs over your partner’s shoulders, then start thrusting.

Putting some pillows on your hips and your legs to their arms will increase the depth of penetration, enabling your partner’s penis/strap-on to stimulate your cervix.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve learned the tips. You’ve discovered the best positions. Now that you’re knowledgeable enough about cervical orgasms, you can now go and try reaching that heavenly climax yourself. But if you’re still hesitant about trying it and still have questions about it, don’t worry—we’ve answered 5 of the frequently asked questions about cervical orgasm. Read away!

Can all women achieve cervical orgasm?

Yes! As long as you’re following our tips above—have a relaxed body, take the pressure off, start with solo play, use a generous amount of lube—you’ll do fine.

Is it safe to attempt cervical orgasm?

Yep, it’s pretty much safe unless you’re experiencing health issues on your cervix. You also need to be okay and comfortable with the idea of deep penetration to attempt this successfully.

As for pregnant women, it’s best to not try this. Being pregnant isn’t the best time to have vigorous sex as you don’t want to cause trauma to your vagina or cervix. Just indulge in clitoral or G-Spot stimulation instead.

Are there issues that may occur while doing a cervix penetration?

If you’re doing cervix stimulation properly, there shouldn’t be any issues at all—just mild discomfort, especially on the first attempts. Now, if you’re experiencing pain, then you or your partner is most likely thrusting too hard—make sure to keep things slow and gentle. If there’s bleeding, stop the deed immediately and consult your doctor.

Can cervix stimulation damage the cervix?

Nope! As we’ve mentioned above, there shouldn’t be any issues when attempting cervical orgasm. As long as you’re doing it properly, there’s nothing to worry about.

Can you experience cervical orgasm without deep penetration?

Not really. Since there are no other channels to stimulate the cervix, the only way to experience cervical orgasm is by stimulating the C-spot through the vaginal canal. With that, it’s best to prepare yourself for deep penetration if you do want to experience this type of climax.


Female orgasm comes in different forms. Though there are easier ways to reach the blissful O, such as clitoral and G-spot stimulation, there’s nothing wrong with taking up a challenge and attempting a cervical orgasm. Besides, who doesn’t want to experience mind-blowing orgasms?

However, you need a lot of time and patience to experience this type of climax. With that, it’s best to take some time to really listen to your body. Try different techniques and positions and see what works best for you. Also, don’t forget to shrug those inhibitions away! As long as you’re opening yourself up to full pleasure, you’ll achieve those heavenly cervical orgasms in no time.