Orgasms can be pretty intense for women. It feels something like a sudden burst of pleasure and earth-shattering. And you can make her feel that every time you either have sex with her or give her a sensual massage. A vaginal massage or sensual massage has been around for quite some time. Here is how to perform one just right: how to give your woman a sensual erotic massage.

1. You Need some Oils

Sensual massages involve back-and-forth movements of hands over the skin. These movements can produce some friction and, eventually, some bruising. This is why oils are so important. 

Choose oils that have little fragrance and are thick enough to buffer all that friction. 

In my experience, the best oils for sensual massages are coconut and olive oils. They are soft on the skin and would hardly ever bruise anyone. 

To make things more intense, you may want to heat the oil just a little bit. Warm oils feel better on the skin, especially if you do the sensual massage properly. 

If you know too little about oils, ask your partner which oils she loves the most.

2. The Perfect Scene

Sex and orgasms have a lot to do with imagery and feelings. When we are calm, our minds can truly embrace the peaceful essence of a sensual massage. On the contrary, when we are anxious, we would find it hard to yield our emotions to it. 

This is why it is important to provide the perfect scene. 

Choose a well-ventilated room with just the right amount of lighting. 

I suggest you use natural lighting. But if there isn’t any, you can stick to using candle lights. 

Be sure that the light is not directly in either your face or your woman’s face.

3. Have Your Partner Drink a Lot of Water

You cannot do it alone. If you want to rob a woman of her senses, you are definitely going to need her help. 

Ask that she drinks a lot of water. The purpose of this goes beyond making her hydrated. 

It is so there is a build-up of pressure along her pelvic area when the sensual massage begins. 

Pressure along the pelvic area has been associated with orgasms. 

Stacy told us: “I know I am nearing an orgasm when there is so much pressure along my pelvic area.”

When she drinks a lot of water, she would, of course, feel the need to void—to pee. 

Holding this pee in would require her pelvic floor muscles, the principal muscles involved in orgasms. 

4. Have Her Lie Supine

When you have chosen your oils and had your partner drink just enough water, you should have her lie supine with her legs spread out. 

To lie supine means she has to lie down facing upwards. That is, lie down on her back. 

As I mentioned earlier, there should not be any light source directly in her face. 

Some people encourage women to shave or wax before getting a vaginal massage. I do, too. But it is fine if she doesn’t want to shave or wax. 

5. Dabble Your Hands in Oil and Smear it Over Her Upper Thighs

Dabble your hands in some oil and smear it over her upper thighs. 

The message has begun. 

Though you may feel tempted to, don’t give in to the desire to begin the message on her vagina at once

You would have to play around the pelvic area for some time. 

This means rubbing along her upper thighs. Rub her upper belly. 

Let your movements be calculated and careful. 

6. Fondle Her Breasts

While maintaining eye contact, begin to fondle her breasts. Rub the breast mass itself, and then progress to fondling the nipples. 

This is going to send an intense feeling of pleasure rippling through her. Fondle the nipples between a thumb and an index finger for the best effect. 

If you are skilled enough (You never know until you try), you should fondle her breasts whilst simultaneously rubbing her thighs. 

Those are two pressure zones being rubbed at the same time. The feeling will be intense!

7. Rub Her Vulva

Carefully rub her vulva. The vulva is the external part of her genitals and looks something like a lip. 

The lips of the vulva are called the Labia Majora and the labia minora, respectively. 

Rub the labia majora and the labia minor simultaneously. 

Ask that your woman raises her legs a bit so that there is an angle between her legs and her thighs. 

This posture will give her room to tighten her pelvic floor muscles when the time comes to do so. 

With her pelvic muscles tightened, she would near an orgasm faster. 

Rub her clitoris too. But be very gentle and careful around there. I’ll talk about this in much more detail later. 

8. Use Your Fingers

When you have focused just enough on her vulva (you know you have done so when you can tell she is in so much pleasure), then you should feel the walls of her vagina with your fingers. 

You don’t have to go in too deep with your fingers. 

Stick your fingers in there. Spread them so that they touch the sides of her vagina. Now, perform back-and-forth movements.

She is surely going to be robbed of her senses this way. It is sure to happen. 

9. Rub Her Clitoris

The clitoris is a knob-like structure around her vulva. You can find it just around where her pee-hole is. It contains a lot of nerve endings, and as such, it is very sensitive to touch. 

If you rub it too hard, there is a big chance your partner is going to feel hurt. 

So, rub slowly. I suggest you use the ball of your thumb. 

While rubbing the clitoris, ask that she tighten her pelvic floor muscles. 

If she mentions wanting to void, ask that she holds it in. 

10. Be Creative! 

Seriously, do your thing. Explore her body as you give her a sensual massage. Embrace your uniqueness.


When next you want to give your woman a sensual massage, be sure that you are paying just enough attention to her and the things she feels or says during the vaginal massage.