When it comes to sexual turn-ons, most people have their own preferences. However, it usually boils down to two categories; the first is sexual visuals or imaginary scenarios, and the second category is sensual or romantic gestures from partners.

But when it comes to a person with a fetish, sexual arousal isn’t simply achieved by watching regular erotic videos or being cuddly with their partner.

People with fetishes have specific and unconventional needs to experience sexual arousal and satisfaction. This article will take a deep dive into what a fetish is, and the different common and uncommon fetishes people have.

What is a Fetish?

A fetish is a person’s sexual fixation and reliance on a specific object, body part, object, or event. They depend on sexual arousal and enjoyment of this particular item or activity; it must be present on their solo or couple plays, or they might not experience sexual pleasure. Most of the time, fetishes are something that most people don’t find sensual, such as scat or armpits.

Common & Uncommon Sexual Fetishes

There is a wide array of documented sexual fetishes that people have across the globe. Some seem unusual but harmless, while other fetishes are straight-up dangerous and illegal. For this list, we are removing some of those harmful fetishes, such as necrophilia. If you feel like your fetish is driving you to commit crimes and other devious behavior, please immediately seek a mental healthcare provider.

1. Agalmatophilia – Immobility Fetish

Agalmatophilia happens when an individual experiences sexual attraction to dolls, mannequins, statues, sculptures, and other human-like objects. Some of them may prefer stripping away the clothes of these objects and either performing sexual acts on them or masturbating while looking at them. There are claims that the item being immovable and not having control triggers their sexual feelings.

2. Algolagnia – Pain Fetish

Algolagnia is when an individual experiences sexual pleasure from pain. This is different from masochism as people with pain fetish solely likes the painful sensation and don’t focus on the context of suffering, not having control, being submissive, etc. Now, there is research claiming that pain can cause endorphins, the same chemicals that we get from sensory pleasures such as sexual contact and eating comfort meals.

3. Asphyxiophilia – Erotic Asphyxiation Fetish

Ever heard of the phrase “Choke me, daddy!” in the interwebs? That line is under the Asphyxiophilia. It involves being choked or choking someone during sex. They may use their hands, plastic, rope, or specialized BDSM toys to ensure that they or their partners have difficulty breathing. They find the lack of air supply and the thrill of not being able to breathe incredibly arousing.

4. Autagonistophilia – Fetish of Being in the Camera or Audience

Autagonistophilia is a fetish wherein a person experiences sexual enjoyment and even gets off when presented with the camera or audience.

According to Joel Dor in his 1999 book, The Clinical Lacan, implies that people who experience sexual pleasure for being in the spotlight feel that garnering attention means that they’re an ideal and desirable object. People with autagonistophilia may prefer having a camera or secret camera while having sex.

5. Autoplushophilia – Plush Fetish

Autoplushophilia happens when an individual experiences sexual arousal and satisfaction by engaging in erotic acts to a plush toy, dressing up a plush toy during sex, or simply getting off by watching shows involving plush animals or items.

6. Autovampirism/Vampirism – Vampire Fetish

As the name implies, a vampire fetish is a person’s fixation on being a vampire or the vampire’s victim during sex. Most people would often dress up for the part and decorate their room as a “vampire’s den.” They may also buy fake fangs and wear them throughout the act. Some people also like incorporating their own or their partner’s blood, creating tiny pricks to suck their partner’s blood or let their partner suck their own blood.

7. Autozoophilia – Animal Roleplay Fetish

This fetish involves dressing up, acting, and mating as an animal. It depends on the individual how realistic their costume and accessories would be. Some are already okay with wearing a sexy costume with some animal accessories on it, while others go all out and wear a full-on animal costume.

Animal roleplay fetishists also like being treated like the animal they’re playing with. Some want to be petted, some prefer being in a cage, and others may want to be lifted like a pet. Other people like wearing collars and leashes.

8. Capnolagnia – Smoking Fetish

Capnolagnia is a fetish wherein a person experiences sexual arousal from smoking, seeing someone smoke, or from the smell of lighted-up cigarettes. This fetish isn’t exclusive to cigarettes, as some people also have capnolagnia from hookahs, pipes, cigars, and cannabis.

Some claim that the visual representation of smoking is what makes people find it arousing; the cigar in between the lips can remind some people of a blowjob. Some people specifically have a fetish for chain smokers is because they look cool and dominant when doing it.

9. Chremastistophilia – Robbery Victim Fetish

Yes, you’ve read that title correctly. Some people derive pleasure from getting robbed. Some say that it’s because of the lack of control from the situation, while others see robbers as sensual deviants. Either way, people who have this fetish may succumb to roleplaying to achieve their erotic fantasy of being robbed.

10. Coprophilia – Scat Fetish

If you’re squeamish, then we highly recommend skipping this one. Coprophilia is a fetish wherein a person gets extremely aroused for playing, touching, smearing, licking, or eating feces. Some even prefer defecating while having sex or getting defecated right on their faces. There are also milder variations of this fetish, wherein a person doesn’t like playing poop during the deed but derives sexual pleasure from watching someone poop.

11. Crurophilia – Leg Fetish

This fetish happens when a person experiences sexual arousal from seeing someone’s thighs, knees, or calves. Leg fetishists prefer to see their partners wearing garments that accentuate their legs, such as knee-high socks, stockings, shorts, mini skirts, thigh-high boots, and more. They may also focus on their partner’s legs during the deed.

12. Dacryphilia – Tears or Crying Fetish

This fetish occurs when a person experiences sexual arousal and satisfaction by seeing and/or hearing someone cry. Some people may get aroused by their own crying, while others can only derive pleasure when other people are crying.

Some people who have this fetish would watch online adult content creators cry on screen. As for the reason why people would get so turned on by crying, they say that the visual representation of crying— the distraught facial reaction, curled lips, mild body shaking, snuffing— is seen as sensual by someone with dacryphilia.

13. Emetophilia – Vomit Fetish

Here’s another fetish that a squeamish person should skip. Emetophilia happens when a person gets aroused when they throw up or see someone throwing up. Some people also enjoy incorporating vomit in the deed; they may enjoy smearing it all over their bodies, licking them, or even drinking them (in extreme cases).

14. Exhibitionism Fetish

Exhibitionism fetish happens when individuals obtain sexual satisfaction from exposing their genitals to non-consenting people.

Some people who have this fetish may become a flasher. They would “flash” their genitals in front of other people, send nude photos to random people on social media, or masturbate “secretly” in a public place. Not only is this practice horrible and traumatic for others, but it’s also illegal (indecent exposure). So if you have the urge to show off your genitals to non-consenting people, seek help from mental healthcare professionals immediately.

Other exhibitionism fetishists may not succumb to flashing but engage in public sex instead. They’re engaging in sexual acts in hidden spots in public areas, such as parking lots, fitting rooms, public restrooms, fire exits, etc. They get sexually excited about the idea of being seen or caught.

15. Feederism – Fat Fetish

This fetish involves individuals getting sexually aroused by seeing their partners eat and gain weight. Feederism fetishists would only date bigger people and encourage them to eat unhealthy food so their partner could gain more weight. They may also watch mukbangs of plus-size people and find sexual gratification from it.

Same with other fetishes on this list, if you feel the sexual urge to “feed” your partner or support plus-size creators eating themselves to death, please seek help asap. Risking one’s health for your sexual satisfaction will never be okay.

16. Formicophilia – Insect Fetish

Formicophilia is a fetish in which a person derives sexual excitement from insects. They prefer masturbating and having sex when insects crawl or nibble over their bodies. For instance, a person may rub some sugar on their thighs, then they’ll place a few red ants on that area. While the ants are busy nibbling and gathering these sugary treasures, the person is jerking off from the tingling sensations.

17. Hematolagnia – Blood Fetish

Hematolagnia is when a person gets incredibly aroused when blood is present in their solo or couple plays. They may watch gory movies while masturbating, have period sex, or suck their own or partner’s blood during the deed.

18. Kleptophilia – Stealing Fetish

Kleptophilia occurs when someone gets sexual excitement and gratification from stealing, generally with unnecessary items that have little value. For example, a person may shoplift random knick-knacks on a dollar store. This is one of the fetishes on the list that may cause harm in the long run, so if you feel like the only way to get sexual is by stealing, please seek help from a mental health professional.

19. Klismaphilia – Enema Fetish

Klismaphilia is a fetish wherein a person derives sexual arousal and satisfaction from using enemas. If you’re not familiar with an enema, it’s a procedure wherein you insert the water inside your anus and expel it after a few seconds. Its purpose is to expel remaining feces and make their bums ready for anal sex or a medical procedure.

Enema fetishists regularly take enemas for sexual stimulation. This is also one of the fetishes that may cause life-threatening harm in the long run, so if you have this fetish, we recommend seeking help from a sex therapist and transitioning to anal sex toys.

20. Lactophilia – Breast Milk Fetish

This fetish occurs when an individual gets sexual gratification from seeing, touching, licking, and holding lactating breasts. They also like masturbating while watching women breastfeeding videos and/or adult video creators that “squirt” breast milk from their boobs.

21. Macrophilia – Fetish Involving Giants

Macrophilia is a sexual fetish in which a person gets aroused with bigger and taller people. They also have a sexual fantasy of being turned into a tiny person and “devoured” by a giant. People who have this fetish may prefer hooking up with bigger people, but most of the time would most likely watch animated pornography that showcases this fetish.

22. Maschalagnia – Armpit Fetish

Maschalagnia is a fetish in which a person gets aroused by seeing, touching, sniffing, kissing, nibbling, and/or licking armpits. Armpit fetishists wouldn’t ask their partners to play with their armpits. Some may also have specific preferences on the armpits they want to play with. Some people want hairy ones, while others want their partner’s armpits shaved.

23. Mazophilia – Female Breasts Fetish

Let’s be real; most peeps get aroused by seeing their partner’s breasts. Even a simple cleavage can trigger arousal in most people. However, for a person with a female breast fetish, they need to see, play, touch, squeeze, massage, lick, and/or suck their partner’s breasts to feel sexual arousal and gratification.

24. Masochism – Humiliation or Suffering Fetish

This is one of the commonly known fetishes, especially when BDSM turned mainstream. Masochism is a fetish wherein an individual experiences sexual pleasure by being humiliated and dominated by their partner (often known as the dom or domme). They prefer being called derogatory names and may also like being treated as objects or slaves. Aside from being treated like dirt, they may prefer getting spanked or whipped during sex.

25. Maiesiophilia – Pregnant Women Fetish

Maiesiophilia is a fetish wherein an individual experiences sexual arousal from seeing a pregnant woman and watching someone giving birth. They may urge to have sex with a pregnant person and/or watch childbirth videos while masturbating.

26. Mechanophilia – Machine Fetish

This fetish occurs when a person gets sexually attracted to machineries, such as computers, cars, robots, and other domestic appliances. One popular example of this is a case on My Strange Addiction in which a certain man named “Nathaniel” considers being in a committed relationship with his car. Now, machine fetishists don’t necessarily be dating other machines. Still, some of them may prefer masturbating with their preferred machines or maybe watching specific videos of the machine while jerking off.

27. Menophilia – Menstruation Fetish

Menophilia is a fetish wherein a person thinks that menstrual blood is a sensual and intimate part of their partner’s body and feels sexual excitement when seeing, touching, or tasting their partner’s period blood. This is different from blood fetish, as peeps with blood fetish don’t prefer a specific source, while people with menophilia only want menstrual blood.

28. Narratophilia – Obscene Words Fetish

Narratophilia is a fetish wherein a person has to listen to obscene words to get sexually aroused. Dirty talk, sexting, and phone sex are a must if you’re dating someone with this fetish.

29. Nasophilia – Nose Fetish

Nasophilia occurs when an individual gets sexually aroused when seeing, touching, or licking a nose. They may also get turned on when the other person sneezes or picks up their nose. They may also request their partners to allow them to play with their noses, fingerfuck their nostrils, or use their partner’s nose to rub their genitals during sex.

30. Navel Fetishism

As the name implies, a navel fetishist experiences sexual feelings when seeing, touching, and playing with their partner’s navel. Some may also prefer rubbing their penis or vulva to their partner’s belly button.

31. Objectophilia – Object Fetish

Objectophilia is a fetish wherein a person gets sexually attracted to a specific object or structure. Some people who have objectophilia won’t necessarily have sex with the object but may showcase their “love” through other intimate ways such as kissing or grinding on them.

32. Oculophilia – Eye or Eyeball-Licking Fetish

Yes, eyeball licking is apparently a thing. This fetish occurs when people like licking an eyeball or getting licked on their eyeballs. There are also cases wherein an individual with oculophilia doesn’t necessarily engage in eyeball licking to experience sexual pleasure. Others may simply want to masturbate while looking up to closeups of eyeballs or watching videos of other people engaging in eyeball licking.

33. Olfactophilia – Body Odor Fetish

When a person has olfactophilia, they may get turned on by body odors, particularly on their partner’s private parts. Most people who have this fetish may be regular consumers of used panties/boxers (sold online) and may prefer sniffing their partner’s body during the deed.

34. Omorashi – Full Bladder Fetish

Originated in Japan, this fetish involves individuals who get turned on when they see a person or an anime character wetting themselves or having a full bladder. Omorashi fetishists may want their partners to wear diapers and control their partner’s bathroom use (this kind of play must only be done with consent to all parties). They also like watching pornographic videos or hentai that showcase this fetish.

35. Podophilia – Foot Fetish

Podophilia is when a person experiences sexual attraction on their feet and even has sexual gratification from seeing, touching, and licking it during sex. Foot fetishists may often engage in foot jobs, foot play, foot massages, and other sexual activities that incorporate their own or partner’s feet.

36. Pictophilia – Visual Pornography Fetish

Pictophilia is a fetish wherein a person only relies upon pornography, preferably in picture form, to experience sexual arousal and enjoyment. This is different from porn addiction, as a person with this fetish isn’t necessarily a heavy porn viewer. They simply rely on it when they want to masturbate or have sex.

37. Pygophilia – Buttocks Fetish

Let’s be honest… we all love playing and squishing our partner’s peaches during sex. But for someone with a buttocks fetish, seeing and touching their partner’s butt is a must. When a person has this fetish, they only get aroused when they see, touch, massage, pinch, spank, kiss, lick, and/or nibble another person’s buttocks.

38. Salirophilia – Fetish Involving Dirtying Others

Salirophilia is when a person derives sexual pleasure from disheveling their partner. They may have the carnal urge to tear their partner’s clothes, mess their hair and makeup, cover their partner’s body in mud or even their own feces, pee on them, and do other soiling methods.

39. Sexual Sadism – Fetish Involving Inflicting Pain on Others

Sexual Sadism is when a person only feels sexual arousal and gratification from inflicting physical or psychological suffering to another person. They may want to hit, spank, pinch, or bite their partner’s body during sex. They may also want to degrade, humiliate, or control their partner during the deed.

We get that this sounds straight-up abuse, but most sadists actually look for masochists— people who get sexually excited and satisfied with degradation, humiliation, and pain. There’s also a long and thorough communication before starting the deed.

40. Shoe Fetishism

As the name implies, shoe fetishism occurs when an individual experiences sexual arousal from seeing and touching particular shoes. Some may want to wear shoes during sex; others prefer masturbating (rubbing the shoes on their genitals).

41. Sthenolagnia – Muscle Worship or Fetish

Sthenolagnia happens when a person only feels sexual arousal when seeing bodybuilders or touching muscles.

Muscle fetishists may want to have sex with a muscular person and tend to have a sexual obsession with some well-known bodybuilders. According to some online forums, people have this fetish as muscles symbolize strength and domination.

42. Stigmatophilia – Body Piercings and Tattoos Fetish

Stigmatophilia occur when a person can only experience sexual arousal when having sex or seeing someone tattooed, scarred, or has body piercings, particularly in the genital area. They may prefer masturbating to pornographic videos featuring tattooed individuals and/or only date people with body piercings and tattoos.

43. Trichophilia – Hair Fetish

Trichophilia happens when a person can only feel erotic gratification when hair is involved in a sexual act. Hair fetishists may experience sexual satisfaction by seeing, touching, and in rare cases, eating their own or their partner’s hair. They also tend to have a hair “type.” Some want to play with long straight hair, others like it curly, while some want to only play with colored ones.

44. Urolagnia – Urine Fetish

Urolagnia happens when a person gets sexual enjoyment from seeing or being involved in another person’s urination. Some people only want to watch their partner urinate, while others want to get peed on their body.

45. Wet and Messy Fetishism

Wet and Messy Fetishism involves an individual who experiences sexual satisfaction when seeing someone get wet and sticky, either with mud, jello, cream, or other sticky materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about fetishes that are still lingering in your mind? Don’t worry, as we’re here to help. We’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions about fetishes below.

1. Are “fetish” and “kink” the same thing?

Kink is something that a person may enjoy doing, but they don’t depend on their sexual arousal and orgasm. Meanwhile, a person’s fetish must be present for them to get turned on and/or reach climax.

2. Can people with fetishes enjoy sex without involving their fetish?

In most cases, yes. They still have sex and orgasm without incorporating their fetishes in the deed. However, it may not be as satisfying.

3. How can a person discover their fetish?

There’s no specific step. Most of the time, you’ll simply realize it, particularly when searching for a specific pornographic video or erotica.

4. What’s the best way to bring up a sexual fetish to a partner?

Introduce the concept of fetish first, then little by little, explain your unconventional desire. Once they’ve understood and have accepted it, you can start asking them for consent to incorporate your fetish in your sexual plays.

5. Is there such a thing as a “bad” or “devious” fetish?

Any fetish that promotes inflicting non-consensual pain or trauma to an individual is considered a Fetishistic Disorder. If your unconventional desires can harm an innocent person or animal, seek urgent help from a mental healthcare professional.


Having unconventional preferences in the bedroom isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So for those who have fetishes on this list, don’t beat yourself up for having different sexual needs. However, if your desires is starting to hurt your relationship and negatively impact other people or animals, please seek counseling immediately.