Many men struggle to interpret a woman’s signs when interested in someone. From reading a girl’s body language to general pointers on human psychology, there are many ways to discover how someone feels. You don’t need to be socially intelligent. However, sometimes paying attention to small social cues can make a big difference. It can start with an unexpected compliment, exchanging stupid jokes, or a friendly smile. Some of these signals are relatively easy to read, and some need a deeper understanding of women.

If you do not know how to tell if a girl likes you, some apparent signs will reassure you about her feelings.

1. She acts shy around you

If a girl behaves shyly around you, it is most likely because she finds you attractive. While some people will say that most women of this day and age are pretty direct with the men they like, some still act the opposite way.

For those who are not up and open, acting shy is an involuntary reaction when placed in the proximity of the guy they like. So don’t mistake the fact that she’s shy as a lack of interest on her part. And take this sign into serious consideration.

2. She pays attention to you when you speak

If you want to know if a girl likes you, try to notice what she does during a conversation. Is she the only one talking when you are around? When you are with a group of friends and start saying something, is she paying particular attention to you compared to when others speak?

It’s even better if she makes eye contact while you talk. You can tell if a girl likes you by noticing this aspect. A woman who makes an effort to show her interest in what you have to say during a conversation is clearly interested in you. She wouldn’t do so if she saw you just as any other guy in the group.

3. She laughs at all your jokes

While nobody is saying that a man can’t be hilarious to the max, it is hard to make a woman always laugh at all your jokes. There is undoubtedly something more to it if this happens so frequently. As funny as you might be and as great as your arsenal of jokes is, the girl probably has the hots for you if she keeps on giggling.

She tries to show that she finds you charming and appreciates your sense of humor even when you aren’t always funny. Chances are the girl likes more than just your jokes. If she can’t stop smiling at you, there can be more to it than your humor.

4. She says yes to all your invites

If all your invitations to go out (whether solo or in a group) are answered affirmatively, you definitely have something going on with this girl. Everybody is busy and has their own life, so it takes some real effort to accept every invitation you make. It is not you being delusional or overreacting thinking this girl might actually have feelings for you in this scenario.

A girl will not sacrifice her time purely out of boredom. If she decides to spend it with you, there has to be a particular reason. You just have to look for the right signals.

5. She actively follows you on social media

You might have loads of girls who follow you on social media or write to you now and again. Of course, that is nothing out of the ordinary in this technologically-obsessed era. However, when a girl is always making meaningful comments, initiating conversations via messages, or liking most of your content, it shows that she is paying particular attention to you.

Social media following might even border on the obsessive side, which is a clear signal that she is into you. Chances are she’s waiting for your initiative and all the signs are pointing toward the fact that the girl likes you.

6. She often takes your side in arguments

Going out in groups inevitably sparks certain dynamics between people. Even when those people are close friends of yours. It is just impossible not to contradict yourself with others from time to time or even have full-blown arguments.

When a girl seems to always take your side when such situations arise, it is a sign that you have more than just the same belief system in common.

She most likely is attracted to you if she is up for taking your side so often. But, even more so, if it is at the cost of losing the favoritism of some of your friends.

7. She calls you more than you call her

It is not an easy feat for a girl to call a guy all the time, especially if you don’t do so as often as she does. Unless she is a total loner with no other friends to contact, this usually indicates how much the girl likes you.

She is trying her hardest to spend time with you as often as possible, so make sure to respond if you like her. She’s talking to you this often for a reason.

If you still have doubts, you should check her body language when you meet. Does she make eye contact often? If she responds quickly to you, you’re on the right path and there are no awkward silences. It is a clear signal that she has feelings for you that are way out of the friend zone.

8. She doesn’t retreat when you get into her personal space

While this might be confusing for some people who are just friends, each girl has a space she is not comfortable sharing unless you are more than just palls. It might be hard to detect at first, but if you notice how far she is ok to let other guys get close to her, you can get a pretty good guess of her limits.

What’s her body language when you get close to her? Does she let you lightly touch or hug her? How about holding eye contact? These are significant pointers that she finds you different and wants more than friendship with you.

It is a great sign if you can get closer to her than the regular chum without her pushing you away or retreating.

9. She touches you back when you touch her

This is a huge go-go sign, whether it is a tap on the shoulder followed by a flirty smile or your hands brushing each other. It is usually a good sign if the girl you touch lets you touch her. So, it is an even more significant indicator of shared affection if she reciprocates any physical gestures.

She is basically giving you the green light to keep on flirting with her. Don’t be afraid to go for it if that is the case. Letting you in her personal space or being physically close is a sure sign you are more than a friend. She’s interested in you if she’s letting you get this close to her physically.

10. She wants you to meet her friends or family

This can be a bit confusing if you haven’t started dating already. While it is true that you can join a girl’s group of friends even without her having romantic intentions, it can also mean something more. She would typically not introduce you to the people she cares about the most unless she has feelings for you.

This especially applies if you have recently started going out with each other. It is a sign that the girl cares for you and wants to integrate you into the most critical parts of her life.

11. She continuously makes eye contact

An excellent sign that a girl likes you is when she is holding prolonged eye contact. This is always a perfect sign whether you talk to her directly or simply catch her eye across the room. She feels comfortable facing you head-on and is not afraid to show it.

She might be doing it involuntarily because she keeps being drawn to you. Or it might just be her making an effort to show you how interested she is in your person. Either way, if this happens constantly, you can be sure she has a crush on you.

12. She asks personal questions

Conversations with a girl may go either way, depending on her personality. However, suppose you have been communicating for a while, and she still asks personal questions of you often. In that case, it is a sign of something more.

After a few queries, she would have stopped if she had no interest in you. Seeing how she is still going strong in this direction is a good point that the girl really likes you and wants to know more about you. This is always an essential factor when you are in the early stage of your relationship.

13. Her pupils dilate when she looks straight at you

Although there are various medical reasons for pupils to dilate, studies show an interesting fact connected to this aspect of body language. Pupils dilate when a person is interested in someone they are looking at. So next time you have a chat with a girl and notice her pupils widening, you can consider it a good sign in terms of her affection for you.

In most cases, dilated pupils signal that a girl has a particular interest in you beyond that of a friend. But, most likely, she’s nervous. Either way, maintaining eye contact is a positive step.

14. She’s playing hard to get

If you interact with a girl who is playing hard to get, it doesn’t mean that she has no interest in you. On the contrary, it can be a good indicator of her crush on you. She might like this type of interaction and is trying to get your attention. It’s a sign she’s eager to get your attention.

Do not give up and try to follow through in this game of hers if you share her emotions. It might not be easy at first, but you will be pleasantly surprised in the end.

15. Her feet point toward you

It might seem like an innocent and small aspect, but take a good look at where her feet point when you next sit down at a table with a girl. A lot can be read in body language. And it doesn’t always have to be related to eye contact.

When someone is facing you, and their feet are pointing in the same direction is an involuntary reaction of showing interest. The girl is most likely not doing this on purpose, but it is a good sign she might be into you.

16. She suddenly becomes nervous when you show up

When a generally quite confident and chatty girl suddenly becomes nervous when you arrive, it is a perfect sign of her having a crush on you. Or, for instance, if she stammers or seems to be left without words during a conversation with you. She no longer maintains eye contact with you. 

She doesn’t have to be a shy girl for this to happen. And, no, you’re not getting the wrong impression. So many women respond like this when facing the one they like or to romantic advances.

This is also a good indicator that she is into you and is having a hard time hiding her emotions in your presence.

17. She flirts with you every chance she gets

If a girl flirting with you at every meeting, you can’t get a more evident sign of interest from her. She wouldn’t make constant moves on you if her feelings were purely platonic. And although she might be the type to be very open around guys, if she focuses on you more, you are probably safe to believe you are special to her.

If you want to be sure, try to pay special attention to her behavior. For instance, if she flirts with others and how you fit in this whole picture. Is she flirting with you more than the rest? Is she spending more time with you? Then she’s acting that way for a reason.

18. She emphasizes your mutual interests

Having things in common is always a good starter if you want to be in a relationship with a girl. However, to find out whether you are friend-zoned, you have to pay close attention to a few things.

For instance, is she trying to showcase how you share so many interests? Also, does she often talk about how you and she have so much in common compared to her other friends? If she tends to overdo it with these types of remarks, it is a huge sign of her having a crush on you. She is trying to point out that she sees you in a different light than her other male pals. So, don’t be afraid and go for it!

19. She often compliments you

A girl interested in you and wants to be more than buddies will often shower you with compliments. Sometimes they will come out of the blue and seemingly innocent and in no way related to deeper feelings. However, if this habit becomes a constant occurrence, it is safe to say she has some intentions for your relationship.

Try to compliment her back and see how she reacts. That is also an excellent way to confirm that she actually romantically likes you and is up for more than a friendship. So don’t hesitate and take the next step if you like her back.

20. She’s copying you

Is she subconsciously imitating your behavior? She will generally do this when you already have a good rapport with her. For instance, she will do the same if you place your hands on the table. Or, if you lick your lips, she will also lick hers. Since this is usually done subconsciously, it is a good sign of how she feels for you.

Of course, a girl can also copy your mannerism to make it clear that she likes you.

21. She wants to impress you

Is a girl acting a bit weirder than her usual self, doing things to impress you? Is she trying to point out her good side when you are around? Or maybe she acts differently than she does around other guys? If you are in a group of friends and she only does this when you arrive, it is a pretty good signal that she has developed feelings for you.

Even small changes can sometimes be vital signs, especially if you have known this girl for a while and she’s never done this before around anyone else. When she tries hard to impress you, you have a green light to pursue her.

22. She makes an effort to talk one on one with you

Is a girl purposefully talking one on one with you often? Does this happen a lot, even when you meet your friends? It is then safe to say that this girl is interested in you. But, again, you don’t need a graduate degree to know why she’s engaged in your conversations.

Look at it this way: would you repeatedly focus on having private conversations with someone of the opposite sex if you felt nothing for that person? Of course not. This is a huge indicator. Take advantage of this and make a move if you like this girl.

23. She bites her lip when talking to you

A fun and a flirty way for a girl to let you know that she is into you is by biting her lip. If you notice her doing that during your conversations, she most likely has a crush on you. By doing this, she is trying to attract your attention and let you know how she feels.

She is probably waiting for you to make a move, so don’t be shy and respond to her advances. You need to pick up on these body language cues. You are highly likely to get a positive response if you ask her out.

24. She treats you differently than her other guy friends

Has a girl been acting differently towards you compared to how she usually behaves around her other guy’s palls? Have you noticed her behavior towards you being completely different than how she treats others?

If that is the case, there are very high chances of her having a crush on you. She is trying to draw a line between how she sees other guys and how she perceives you, and she wants you to notice that. They might be simple things, such as playful banter or having her eyes wander toward you more often than usual.

If you haven’t realized this by now, you should consider this as a positive step forward.

25. She sends you long texts

If you are chatting with a girl over texts, you should pay attention to what she says and how she says it. Both are very important. However, a big clue in whether she likes you or not is how long her replies are.

Is she sending you endless blocks of texts when she replies to your messages? Or is she giving you monosyllabic short answers in return? You are likely under her “I like him” radar if it is the former. On the other hand, she probably doesn’t care much about your personality if it is the latter.

26. She blinks a lot when you interact

Have you noticed the girl you fancy blinking a lot when talking to her? If you wonder if she shares your feelings, this is a potentially good signal. She probably feels slightly overwhelmed and can’t hide her excitement if she blinks often.

It is commonly done without intent and is an unconditioned reflex when someone gets nervous. If being around you triggers this reaction, the girl probably likes you a lot.

27. She blushes in your presence

Blushing is a similar sign of interest that one can’t control and is considered an unconditioned reflex. Have you noticed the girl you like blushing whenever you are around? If that is the case, there is a big chance she likes you back.

No matter how great an actress she is, she can’t fake blushing. This is something she can’t control. So, if you had any doubts before, this is a great queue to follow and ask her out.

28. She adjusts her clothes or hair

Is a girl often rearranging her clothes or hair when you arrive? Have you noticed her fiddling with her appearance in your presence? This is a pretty big signal that she is feeling nervous. Why? You might ask. She is probably really into you and wants to look her best.

It is normal for a girl to pay attention to her looks when the guy she likes is present. She wants to leave a good impression on you, so it is not uncommon for her to do these things.

29. She is showing signs of high body temperature

As with blushing, there are specific indicators a girl might involuntarily show when interacting with the guy she likes. For example, when she gets really excited or nervous around the person she has a crush on, it’s normal for her body temperature to rise. She would typically start sweating or get a pink tinge on her skin. Not all women can maintain cool air around the guy they like.

If you touch her face or hands, you can probably confirm this directly. And if you feel this, you can be sure she is not indifferent to you. Especially if she reacts like this even to a light touch. Women’s psychology can be complicated, but these are pretty obvious signs a woman is interested in you.

30. She engages in passive physical contact with you

You might be wondering what “passive physical contact” is. It implies touching parts of your body while doing a completely different activity. A good example would be your arms barely touching when sitting next to each other. Or your hands are getting in contact while you walk next to one another.

Small things like these might seem inconsequential, but they indicate that she wants to be close to you and uses body language to do so. It also means she’s comfortable with you being close to her.

31. She is comfortable around you

A girl can demonstrate a high comfort level in your presence while still being highly tuned to you. If you are concerned that this means she is neutral to you, you shouldn’t be.

Some girls display their interest by purposefully making their partners feel good around them. She will also try to make you see she’s comfortable in your presence. In other words, “I like being with you, and I am ok with you being intimate with me.”

32. She initiates physical contact

Has a girl initiated contact with you physically on many occasions? For example, does she grab your hand out of the blue or link her arm with yours? If you are wondering if this is just playful behavior on her part, you might want to reconsider. Lightly touching or being openly touchy-feely can speak louder than words. Even if it’s just as she walks past you or for a few seconds only.

She might be the type of girl to find these gestures easier to use when displaying her emotions rather than saying them out loud. This girl is probably trying to convey how she feels about you through body language, so pay attention and act accordingly.

33. She asks your friends about you

It is a great sign when a girl asks around and talks to other people about you. It generally indicates that she wants to know more about you and is eager to find out more about your personality. She is trying to get to know you in a subtle way. And these are all good signs for most women.

It can also emphasize that she wants to see you in person and spend time with you. Either way, if she asks other people about you, it is one of the most obvious signs she likes you.

34. She wants to meet your friends or family

As with the reverse situation, this can mean a lot in terms of how a girl feels about you. Wanting for you to get to know her friends or family members shows that you are far from being a stranger to her.

Indeed, this can also apply to male friends, but it is most likely to be more than that. Meeting the people closest to her is a great sign in any romantic relationship. Whether you have just started going out or are on the verge of doing so, this is a sure signal of her interest in you.

35. She gazes at you from a distance

Have you noticed a girl staring at you from afar? Is her stare following you even when you are not next to each other or from across the room?

It is pretty obvious that she can’t keep her eyes off of you. She might watch you whenever you appear in her vicinity because she’s attracted to you. On the other hand, she might be too shy to face you directly. So, this is an excellent way for her to indulge in looking at you without being noticed. Either way, if you catch her doing this, you can be sure that she is into you.

36. She jokes that you make a great couple together

As they say, each joke has a half-truth hidden behind it. Are you curious whether a girl is serious or not about you when joking around about your relationship? If she makes this kind of comment often, it can be a fantastic hint of how she really feels about you. Although she’s laughing about it, it can mean a lot more.

She might find it hard to be the first one to divulge that she has a crush on you and is using this method to send you hints. She is probably hoping you will get the hidden message behind this and make the first move yourself. If so, you should try confessing to her. There is a very high chance that the girl likes you a lot.

37. She keeps in contact even when you don’t

Are you always contacting her first, or is she doing it more often than you? Does a girl keep in touch with you even after you have stopped replying to her? This is definitely a good signal if you wonder where you stand in her eyes.

One thing is for sure, she wants to know more about you. She is undoubtedly keen to maintain a relationship with you when she sends you messages or calls you even when you don’t. So, if you want to ask her out and you have any doubts about how she will respond, you shouldn’t be afraid. You will most likely get a positive response.

38. Her palms often point toward you

The chances of her palms pointing toward you while she has her hands on the table are not as high as with other types of behaviors. Still, this is a potentially good sign of her affection.

As with other body signals, this indicates an openness toward the person she faces. It shows that the girl, at some subconscious level, is interested in or focused on you. It can mean that she wants to be more than just friends. It is even better if you have her undivided attention and she smiles at you while doing this. It does not guarantee that she has a crush on you, but it is a good start.

39. She does not forget what you tell her

If you notice that a girl remembers what you’ve discussed, it is a sure signal she pays attention to you. Especially if she doesn’t forget even small details of what you have told her.

You might think it is just related to her having a good memory. While this might also be the case, she would forget many of your conversations if they weren’t important to her. The fact that they have a meaning for her points out that she cares about you and what you have to say. You can be confident that you are not just another guy she knows if she does this.

40. She doesn’t cancel your outings

Does the girl you are interested in always say “yes” when you ask her out? Does she almost always make it to all your outings?

If she doesn’t cancel most of your meetings, it shows how keen she is to see you. But, even if she can’t make it all the time, as long as she makes sure to reschedule and meet up with you another time, that is excellent news. She wants to spend her time with you, which signals how important you are to her. You can be sure that she is into you and most likely wants to date you.

41. She shows signs of jealousy

How does the girl you have a crush on behave when other girls are around you? Is she trying to get your attention and get you away from other girls? Or is she displaying any other signs of jealousy?

Showing jealousy is one of the oldest tricks in the book for any female, so do not take it lightly. She won’t be immune if she really cares about you romantically when other women try to catch your attention. She will most likely do everything to distract you from them. She will want you to focus on her and her alone. There is no doubt that she likes you a lot if she displays such behavior. But don’t let her hang for long as she might give up if she sees no positive answer from your side. You can be sure that the girl likes you, and you should respond if you share her emotions.

42. She wants to join in on your hobbies

A girl who has mutual interests and hobbies with you might not necessarily be into you. However, when a girl makes an effort to join you in on most of your activities, it is a totally different case.

It is a positive sign if she wants to participate in your life and the things you do outside your job. Spending her time with you must be precious to her if she does it so often. Especially if she is the one to often ask you about this. Her taking initiative signals how interested she is in you. You can be sure that the girl likes you, and you should try asking her out.

It can be hard to attract women when you don’t know how to interpret their behavior. What could be a sign for some might be less significant for others. Hopefully, you will be more successful in the future by using these pointers. You can now tell if a girl likes you or is only interested in a platonic relationship.

However, nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes, accidental touches, smiles, or texts over messaging apps are no more than friendly interaction. Remember that and try to take each situation with a grain of salt.