It’s painful when someone you love gradually loses interest in you. Maybe you find yourself too available or you have become boring to him. Maybe he realized that you’re not the person he thought you were in the beginning.

Whatever the reasons, the good news is that there are many ways to rekindle a man’s interest.

But to do that, we’ll first look at the reasons why a man loses attraction and then analyze how to win him back.

5 main reasons why men lose interest in a woman

1) He thinks things are too easy with you

A man loses interest when he doesn’t have to make any effort with you. Usually, this happens after a long time, but it can also happen after a couple of dates.

When he feels that he doesn’t have to go out of his way to get you to be around him, then you might lose your appeal to him.

A man needs to feel constantly challenged, this is part of his nature. He needs the woman he loves to not be something too accessible to him, even with the passage of time.

2) At this time work is more important to him

It may also happen that your guy is currently very busy with his work and can’t answer your calls or messages.

The reality is that a relationship requires time and energy, and we only have 24 hours a day.

Maybe he is in a very important moment in his career and he might wonder if your relationship is worth it

Of course, he will make it a priority, but it’s a good idea not to pressure him with unnecessary demands on your part.

3) Your sex life is not what it used to be

One of the most important factors why a man loses interest in a woman is the lack of sex.

Sex is very important in a relationship and research shows that the better your sex life is, the happier your life will be.

4) He is under a lot of stress

Many ambitious men suffer from this.

They want to be great in their careers and work extremely hard to succeed.

This stress makes him pull away from you and seem to have lost all enthusiasm in what you share.

But the truth is, this stress could be caused by:

Depression, because he actually hates his life or his job and doesn’t know how to fix it.

Financial problems. He could be in debt or have lost a lot of money, due to a bad investment.

Someone close to him is having a life crisis. Maybe a close friend just got cancer, his father is about to declare bankruptcy and lose his business, or his mother can no longer take care of herself.

Before jumping to conclusions, it’s best to find a moment to talk to him and get a good understanding of what’s going on with him.

5) He feels you don’t need or appreciate him

A guy can lose enthusiasm in a relationship if he feels that the woman does not consider him useful and important in her life.

This is typical behavior in men, they need to feel that they are significant to the woman next to them

Be careful of handling yourself too independently

I’m not saying that you give up your freedom. Just make him feel that being by his side is really valuable to you.

Also, there are phrases you might be saying without realizing it, which could be counterproductive with respect to this aspect.

For example:

  • “I don’t need a man.”
  • “I can manage on my own just fine.”
  • “I’m independent with everything I have to do.”

This will make him feel disrespected and could push him away from you.

It’s ironic, but men can lose interest because they get the feeling that the woman isn’t interested in him.

8 secrets to get him interested again quickly

1) Leave his messages on hold

As I mentioned earlier, no matter how evolved we are, studies reveal that men still love the thrill of having to get the things they want.

When everything becomes too easy in his relationship with you, that spark that got his attention in the first place disappears

The love chemicals that we’re revving up his brain have calmed down, because you are now a common element in his life. You are no longer as exotic or out of reach.

So, instead of responding to all of his messages, leave him on read now and then

If you do decide to respond, don’t be too quick!

This will make him wonder if something has changed about you and he’ll be curious again

Plus, you’ll leave him thinking about you. He will start to wonder, “What is she doing now? She’s usually not that busy.”

Giving him a little mystery and independence always raises the level of attraction in the relationship.

But, of course, do this only with messages that aren’t that important. Otherwise, you could end up ruining your relationship even more.

2) End all your demands right now

Maybe you get jealous easily and demand your boyfriend to send you pictures when he goes out with friends.

Maybe you get angry when he can’t be with you to help you sort things out because he has to be with his family.

These are normal things that happen to women, but try to put a stop to complaining or imposing certain things.

Instead, try to convey your concerns to him nicely. If he loves you, he will understand and you can work it out together.

Make this change not only to get him interested in you again, but also to have a healthier relationship.

3) Give him the right amount of attention

Relationships can suffer if you give him too much or too little attention

The truth is that you should neither be too clingy, nor too distant.

Unlike women, men rarely demand attention.

They won’t even admit that it affected them that you didn’t say anything, when he showed you his latest project.

But few things kill a person’s love for another person more than feeling abandoned.

You may have made him feel like you don’t care about him at all.

To avoid this you must ask yourself:

  • do I continue to show interest in his day-to-day life?
  • do I take him into consideration when I make plans?
  • do I really listen to him?

Of course, if you haven’t already, the easy solution would be to talk to him about it. But as I mentioned to you earlier, it’s not easy for men to open up.

So, the best thing you can do is pay more attention to your guy. Ask him about his life and interests again, giving him all the love and care he deserves.

4) Tell him something positive

The last thing anyone wants is to live the rest of their life with someone who does nothing but complain day in and day out.

Each of us has the right to vent a little here and there. But remember, unless he is a licensed therapist and you are his patient, it is not his job at all to listen to the things that are getting you down.

He might be willing to listen to you for a while, but eventually, his patience will wear thin.

Soon he may begin to associate your calls and messages as preludes to hours of discontent about things that are happening in your life.

Then, he will begin to dread the moments when you decide to make contact.

Then it will be really hard, for him to stop associating you with negativity

Try to bite your tongue every time, when you feel the need to complain about the world

does he REALLY need to know, does he care, and will it matter in six months whether he heard your complaints or not?

Then, control your anger and frustration and reserve it for the therapist.

5) Make him jealous

Making your guy jealous is one of the classic tactics to rekindle his interest

The thing is, you have to do it the right way.

What I mean is that you have to be careful. If you take it too far, you’ll end up ruining your relationship

Jealousy is a poisonous little thing that can kill relationships like there’s no tomorrow.

For example, don’t get drunk and flirt with men!

Instead, allow yourself to have healthy conversations with guys

It makes a big difference.

When you do this it will be a reminder to him, but especially to you, that your world should not revolve around one man.

Additionally, this will remind him what a catch you really are.

6) Subtly remind him of the good old days

Relationships almost always start with an energetic high where almost everything is new and shiny

But this can’t last forever, and things will eventually start to calm down

Change is not only inevitable as the two of you get older, but it is also necessary for your relationship to survive in the long run.

Arguments start to happen and sometimes we forget, why we are still together day after day

That’s why it’s good to remember the good old days from time to time.

Let’s say the two of you are having a very boring day, where nothing exciting seems to be happening.

Take this as an opportunity to talk about that vacation you had in Paris years ago, or that time when you had your first kiss.

If you’re not around him, you can send him or post old photos on social media, reminiscing about the good old days.

7) Bring out all your attractiveness

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make him look at you again.

Maybe you stopped beautifying yourself for a while, because you started to feel too comfortable.

So, go back in time and wear that beautiful red dress, which she has always loved

Do your make-up and wear that perfume, which reminds you of your exciting past.

But also keep in mind that, if she has stopped loving you, simply because you no longer wear make-up or dress up, then you need to rethink, if it is really worth it

On the other hand, looking and feeling pretty may rekindle his feelings for you, even if they have subsided for other reasons

and don’t do it just for him either!

When you are pretty and you know it, it will show in the way you walk and talk. It’s a surge of confidence, which can change your aura and will surely get his attention

Confidence is sexy, so go get that old self back.

8) Have an interesting life right now!

Maybe the reason he’s lost interest in you is that you’ve become boring.

You’ll hate to admit it, but that may be what you’ve become.

So, simply acknowledge this fact, forgive yourself and get to work.

Of course, you can’t become interesting overnight.

To start, make a list of all the things that interest you. Maybe one might be to try archery

Then go find an archery class and post it on your Facebook with the title “Who wants to shoot arrows with me?”

This will not only make you interesting to him, but it will also make him understand that it might be interesting to someone else. Then, surely, he’ll want to take care that you don’t go with someone else.

Final Thoughts

Fortunately, women are very perceptive. This gives us an advantage in noticing when there may be problems in our relationship

If you’ve read this article, that’s what has happened to you and you’re looking to get your relationship back on track.

congratulations! You have taken the first step and are moving forward with the next ones.

Analyze what might be missing in your relationship that your guy has lost interest in you and take action!

You’ll surely figure it out and get back on the path you used to walk so happily together.

All couples have stumbles and that’s what relationships are also about, solving problems and coming out stronger together.