When the person you want to be with is no longer part of your life, it is natural to feel a little melancholy. But if you want to get your lady back into your life, then you are going to need some assurance that there is still a chance for you to impact her heart. Most men are very protective of their feelings, and you are probably no different.

Does she miss you? Does she want you back? You probably do not want to risk getting rejected, and you would like to know your ex-girlfriend’s feelings toward you before you make your move and pursue her heart again. If you are not sure how to spot the signs your ex-girlfriend misses you, here are some indicators that she wants you back.

1. Your mutual friends mention her to you

Few people bring up the names of the exes of their friends unless they have been asked to put “feelers” out there to see if there is still some interest. Do your mutual friends ask you when the last time was that you had seen your ex-partner? If they do, it could be because your former girlfriend asked them to see your reaction to discussing her.

2. She holds on to reminders of you

Unless you have blocked each other from your social media pages, you should still be able to see what your ex has posted recently and in the past. Social media posts reflect many things about what our minds are focused on. Is a picture of you still on her page? Is her recently posted picture one of her wearing a piece of jewelry that you bought for her? If so, she probably still thinks about you and wants to feel your presence.

3. She mentions her single status

If your ex-girlfriend did not want anything to do with you, she would make it clear to you that there is no chance of reconciliation. However, if she casually mentions that she has not found anyone who was as good to her as you were, then you know that she has not forgotten all of the special times that the two of you shared.

4. Your family and friends are hers now too

When someone truly wants to move on from a former relationship, they cut off all ties with people who are connected to “the ex.”  I remember that I had no qualms about deleting “friends” on Facebook who I had met via my ex-boyfriend because I saw no reason to stay connected to people who I had met through him. If your ex insists on you sharing custody of your relationships with your friends and family members with her, then it is clear that she does not completely want you out of her life.

5. She is always around

When your ex consistently pops by your place because she was “in the neighborhood” and wanted to see how you were doing, then it is obvious that your ex misses you. If she really wanted you out of her life, she would be avoiding your area and anything connected to you. When she makes her presence felt, it is because she does not want you to forget about her.

6. You get random messages from her

When your ex wants to make it clear that she hasn’t deleted your phone number, she will send you random text messages to test the waters and see how you respond. When you confront her about it, she might flippantly say that she meant to send the text to someone else instead of to you. But when the random text messages keep happening on a daily or weekly basis, then you will see that the random messaging is your ex’s passive-aggressive way of initiating communication with you.

7. She compliments you

How many times do you compliment the person who you used to be involved with? If you are like most men, you will not compliment someone unless you feel that they truly deserve the positive praise. When your ex is always finding a way to let you or someone else knows what a special guy you are and what your future girlfriend is one lucky lady, then you know that you have positively impacted her heart. After all, how many men get “testimonials” and praise from their ex-girlfriends? Not many. You are likely to get praise because your ex does not want to be your ex anymore.

8. She is not seeing a new guy

When you have had the chance to casually ask your ex whether she is seeing someone else, she makes it clear that she is not focused on finding someone new. No matter how busy a woman is in her life, she will do whatever it takes to find someone new when she is fully ready to move on. If your ex makes it clear that she has no immediate plans to move on, then she is sending you a signal that she is still open to reconciling with you.

9. Your life plans matter to her

Have you ever wondered why your ex-girlfriend still asks you or your mutual friends about what your plans are for the future? She still asks about you because she wants to be part of your life in some way, even if it is just like someone who keeps up to date with your plans. When she expresses pride in your accomplishments, it is because she feels connected to you and wants to share in your good moments.

Lastly, another clear sign that she misses you is that she tells you directly. If you are debating whether or not to give your ex-girlfriend a chance, ask yourself if you are still missing her as much as she has obviously been missing you. If you find yourself constantly thinking about the good times that you and your former girlfriend once shared with each other, then you should spend some time searching your heart and figuring out if renewing the relationship will work. The next time around could be the right time for you and your ex, but you will only find out if you take a chance and let her know that you have been missing her as much as she has been missing you.