A short time ago you met a man who inspired in you a great attraction towards him. But you feel confused because when you have approached him, he has started to make you angry.

Deep down you think he likes you too, but you are puzzled by the way he acts towards you

Don’t worry, this article will help you understand 10 reasons why a guy behaves rudely, when he likes you. This way you will be able to understand him and find the best way to achieve being together, without conflict.

10 reasons why men make women angry when they like them

1) He’s jealous of other guys

One of the main reasons why a guy acts rude, when he likes you, is because he is jealous of other men

When a guy is interested in a girl, he becomes overly protective of her. He doesn’t want any other man to flirt or approach her.

Also, he thinks that, if the girl notices him all the time, then she can’t notice anyone else

This makes him feel that he has to be on his best behavior constantly, so that you will set your sights on him.

Trying to be perfect can become very difficult. After all we are human beings and we all have imperfections.

So, when this guy sees that someone else can give you something that he can’t give you perfectly, he gets tremendously jealous

This will cause him to become rude to you as well, letting his feelings rule him.

Additionally, he might get jealous, if he is afraid of losing you to someone else who has come into your life.

2) He wants you to keep chasing him

Some guys know they are cool and attractive, and may show it by acting mean.

This is because they think that “if they don’t act like a pushover, you’ll never call them back.” This is a socially widespread misconception that he might adopt.

He assumes that, if he acts like a jerk, you will want to chase him and thus he will also get your attention.

Additionally, he might show signs that he doesn’t need a girl by being rude.

He likes that you are so interested in him that he puts up with this behavior and wants to make sure you know how good he is

The reality is that he’s scared to death to give himself over to real love.

3) He doesn’t know what to do with his affection for you

Some men aren’t used to showing their emotions, and the way they deal with this is by acting rude.

When a guy acts rude in an effort to control the situation, that’s when his behavior becomes obvious.

He doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings for you, so he pushes them down and acts like he doesn’t care about you.

He’s uncomfortable with you, because he’s in love. So, he might end up acting vile on purpose, in a desperate attempt to get your attention.

Men who act this way often want your affection, but feel awkward asking for it. So they manifest it in the wrong way.

That’s why before you think this guy isn’t for you, try talking to him to clear the air. If you feel that there is a strong attraction between you, then it’s worth a try.

4) He has been hurt in the past

A guy who has been in other relationships may act rude, if he doesn’t want to go through the pain of a hurtful relationship again.

He doesn’t want to feel the pain he felt, when he was in love with that girl who left him and scarred him forever.

He may be afraid of commitment, because that relationship has left deep scars on him.

It sucks when someone you love rejects you and tells you they think you’re a jerk or a loser.

It’s hard not to judge yourself, based on how others see you and how they treat you.

Now it’s complicated for him to trust and give his love to another person. So he acts like a jerk, until he’s sure it’s worth it.

If you think it’s worth the effort, be patient with him and be understanding. But firm, if he goes beyond a reasonable limit.

5) He’s not ready for a relationship

A guy can make you mad, if he’s not sure of himself and doesn’t know how to deal with a deep relationship.

Sometimes, guys can act this way, because they are experiencing something very strong for someone, which they have never felt before.

They also fear that, if they get too involved, they might suffer too much, if they eventually get dumped.

Or maybe some are afraid to commit to you, because they will have to give up their freedom, once they do.

They don’t want to lose the ability to make decisions without you or do as they please

Some men don’t like getting close or having a serious relationship, and handle it by acting rude.

He is afraid of getting hurt, so he puts aside all his feelings and pretends he doesn’t like the girl, but in reality he does.

He may also feel uncomfortable in a relationship, because he is not used to being around another person for so long

This makes him nervous about becoming vulnerable with another person.

He wants to stay a friend at a distance, because if you get too close he will end up getting hurt.

6) He is shy

If a guy doesn’t know how to deal with himself, when he likes a girl, he might act nonchalant, to make sure you don’t “get close” to him.

He wants to push you away somehow, because he is afraid to face a situation that might be difficult for him.

It’s nothing personal with you, he may not want anyone to get close in general to protect himself.

Also, some guys act like jerks, because they’re afraid that if they’re too nice, you’ll leave them anyway.

These guys know they’re not the most attractive or popular guys in the world. Their insecurities come out, when you pay attention to them.

However, with just a few small changes in the way you approach him, you will access a part of him, that no other woman has had the opportunity to enter.

I learned about this from the hero’s instinct.

Coined by relationship expert James Bauer, this fascinating concept is about what really drives men in relationships. This is ingrained in their DNA.

And it’s something most women know nothing about and you can take advantage of.

Once activated, these drivers turn men into heroes of their own lives. They feel better, love more and commit more strongly, when they find someone who knows how to trigger it.

Now, you may be wondering why it’s called “the hero instinct.” do guys really need to feel like superheroes to commit to a woman?

Not at all. Forget Marvel. You won’t need to play damsel in distress or buy your man a cape.

It’s just a matter of knowing the right things to say, so he realizes he wants you and only you.

7) He thinks you’re moving too fast in your relationship

Some guys may act rude, as a sign that you’re moving too fast in your relationship with him.

He doesn’t want your feelings to suddenly cool down because you’re moving too fast, when the first emotional stage of your relationship has passed.

It may also happen, that he thinks your relationship is getting too serious, so he acts like a jerk to stay away from you.

He acts hostile and rude, causing you to be puzzled by his behavior.

However, if you can uncover his fears, then there might be a way to help him grow.

If he lacks self-confidence, he may need you to support him and tell him you love him. But be careful not to do this in a way that is too exaggerated, because it could have the opposite effect.

Also, you can do this by being aware of his insecurities.

It’s also a good idea, to change the way you behave with him so that he feels less pressured.

8) He feels that you’re not that interested in him

If a guy feels like you’re not that interested in him, he’s probably never felt this in love with someone before.

He might think that maybe you’re just messing with him and realizes that his feelings for you are growing rapidly.

That’s why sometimes guys act obnoxious and distant. They’re trying to figure out whether or not it’s really what you want with him.

If they notice that you have a genuine interest in them, then they’ll let their guard down and you can start to really get to know each other

But don’t expect it to be instant and easy. It can be a process that takes a while

Some men have a hard time letting go, they need to have everything under control. They may have been taught this when they were little.

He doesn’t want to feel this way, but his fears are stronger than he is right now. He doesn’t want to give himself to another person, only for the other person to hurt him.

9) He doesn’t know what he wants

You might be thinking that a guy wants to date you, but maybe he doesn’t quite know what he wants from you.

Maybe he hasn’t made up his mind yet, whether he wants a serious relationship or just to have sex with you.

Guys are different from girls and don’t always know how they feel about another person

They are easily confused with their emotions, because society made them think that they have to be strong

The surrender and vulnerability of love for another person becomes unfamiliar to them. So when these types of feelings come up, they don’t understand them at the time.

They just need a little time and space, before they can really realize what is going on inside of them.

Some guys don’t know what they want from a relationship or from themselves.

They might act rude, because they’re not sure what they want.

They may be afraid that if you approach him, they will have to do something with his life or behavior that he doesn’t want to do.

10) He thinks he could hurt you or himself

If a guy feels vulnerable in a relationship, he might be afraid that he might do something bad or hurt you.

It’s normal to feel afraid sometimes, so he tries to avoid you.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to stay away for a while and give him the space he needs.

He may be feeling that he is in the wrong place and that if he gets close to someone else, it will make what he is feeling worse.

After giving him the space he needs, find the right time to talk to him and understand him.

This way you can help him find the way he feels comfortable and really understands how you are feeling about him.

what can you do when a guy rages at you because he likes you?

Don’t judge him or expect him to change

If a guy rages at you because he likes you, the first thing you should do is give him space, so he can figure out what’s really going on with himself

If you push him to come on to you, he might react even worse.

Just be nice and remain open to the relationship and what he might need.

If you show yourself to be open, then he might approach you and start sharing his feelings.

This is a great way for him to find out how he really feels about you.

Don’t stop him from talking about his fears

When a guy acts badly, it means he doesn’t trust you, or himself

If this is his case, it’s not so easy for him to talk to another person about his feelings and fears.

However, it is healthy for everyone to talk about their fears to get them out.

If you can help him talk about his fears, he may finally be able to share his feelings with you and show his true emotions.

Be patient and understanding

If a man makes you angry because he likes you, he may not be ready for a serious relationship.

It takes each person a certain amount of time before he can commit to another, or share his feelings.

If you can be patient and understanding, then he might be able to build a relationship with you.

Give him your love

If a guy is acting rude, he may need your approval and to let him know that you love him

This will make him feel safe and secure.

If a guy feels insecure about himself, he may not know how to express it correctly.

That’s why you have to show him your love by making him feel that you support him in everything and by being his faithful companion.

Don’t force him to come closer

It is not easy for someone who is afraid to open up to another person and share his feelings with him.

If you force him, he may close himself off even more and distance himself from you

Don’t force him to come closer. Just be patient and wait for him.

I know you’re probably thinking:

“If he’s rude and keeps pushing me away, how do I know if he really likes me?”

the answer is that you don’t know!

He may seem confident, but deep down, he may be afraid of doing something that’s wrong

have you ever felt afraid of hurting someone or having to do something you don’t want to do?

The fact that he pushes you away shows that he cares about your feelings and doesn’t want to hurt them

If a guy didn’t care, then, he wouldn’t push you away.

Focus on yourself

If you want to get a guy’s attention and make him fall in love with you, then it’s very important that you focus on yourself. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone.

If you don’t take care of yourself and focus on your own life, he will lose interest in you or feel like he’s not the one for you.

You don’t want to be a clingy person who tries to control him. Let him have his own space and focus on being a happy person.

Final Thoughts

I know these tips, at times, can seem complicated and take a while to work.

But that’s why I want you to use them. This will teach you that true love is built and takes time.

It’s also true that you need patience, but you also can’t wait forever.

Keep this in mind, balance for everything is key.

Women are emotional creatures and losing your sentimental connection in a relationship can really affect your life.

So don’t let him put you on hold indefinitely and also understand that he might not be the one for you.

Sure, it’s worth a try, but be careful not to do it for too long.