Are you looking for the best sex positions for deep penetration? Then this guide from clinical sexologist Rachel Sommer, Ph.D., will help! She presents her 8 favorite deep penetration sex positions with easy step-by-step directions!

In addition, all positions come with pictures and illustrations, so it’s easy to try them yourself in the bedroom.

But why go deep, you may ask? Well, deep penetrative sex is the best way to spice things up, and it gives you a sense of fullness and potentially a better orgasm. While slow and sensual sex might seem the most intimate, deeper penetration ensures maximum closeness in the literal and figurative sense. It helps you bond with your partner and learn more about your body.

Time to go deep.

1. Laying Doggy (Prone)

This position doesn’t take much effort if you’re the receiver. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the sensations. And I’m telling you, it feels fantastic. Firstly, your partner is deep inside of you. Even the idea itself is a turn-on, and the deep thrusting hits all the right spots. And yes, that includes the G-spot, too. Secondly, it’s a great position to explore the submissive-dominant dynamic. Perfect for being choked if you’re into that.

How To Do It:

  1. The receiving partner lies flat on the bed with their legs straight.
  2. The penetrative partner positions himself on top and enters from behind.
  3. Finally, the receiving partner can squeeze their knees for a tighter penetration or keeps their legs wider apart to get used to the deep sensation.

2. Cowgirl

Cowgirl is a position for women who like to be in charge. If your partner is well-endowed and this is your first time experimenting with deeper penetration, it’s a great position to start from to avoid vigorous deep thrusts.

When you’re on top, you get to control the speed and the depth. You can explore your limits and find the right angle to achieve an incredible orgasm. It might be a bit tiring, but the effort is so worth it.

Plus, you’ll make your partner a delighted man. In the cowgirl position, he has the perfect view of your curves and face when you reach that big O.

Pro Tip: This position is also one of the easiest ones for three-way sex.

 How To Do It:

  1. The penetrating partner lies flat on the bed.
  2. The receiving partner sits on top and slides into position.
  3. Once you’ve gotten used to this position, try moving your hips back and forwards.
  4. Your partner can guide your movement by placing his hands on your hips, legs, or butt.

3. Missionary (Legs on Shoulders)

Missionary is one of the classic sex positions you’re most likely familiar with. While it might seem tedious, the great thing about it is that there are many variations you can explore.

My top pick is the ‘legs on shoulders’ variation, allowing you to be extremely close to your partner. Eye contact, your partner breathing into your ear, and passionate kissing are all the things that make missionary style one of the most preferred positions. Don’t believe me? Previous surveys show that while women prefer the doggy position, the missionary comes a close second.

Additionally, the missionary sex position allows your partner to insert his penis completely inside of you. It feels good even if he moves slowly – a great combination of intimacy and heightened sensations. Finally, it’s an excellent sex position for penis owners that are not so well-endowed.

How To Do It:

  1. Lie down on the bed.
  2. Have your partner kneel before you and place your legs on your partner’s shoulders.
  3. Alternatively, you can try a one-leg variation where you put one leg on your partner’s shoulder and keep both legs straight.
  4. Have your partner lean forward and enjoy deep thrusting!
  5. An alternative is to put a pillow beneath the receiving partner’s hips.

4. Doggy Style

When you think of deep penetration, the doggy must be the first one that comes to mind. Indeed, many associates this position with rough and animalistic sex, but it’s also one of the best positions for deep penetration. With this from-behind sex position, your partner’s penis may hit the cervix in some cases.

Additionally, this position can help you improve your communication skills and increase trust. When you’re facing away from your partner, he can’t see the signs of discomfort on your face, and it’s easy to get lost in the heat of the moment. Remember to be clear about your boundaries!

How To Do It:

  1. Get into a kneeling position on all fours on the bed.
  2. The penis owner kneels behind you and enters you slowly.

5. The Caboose

The caboose isn’t very popular, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t tried it before. But here’s why it’s one of the best sexual positions for deep penetration:

  • It’s an incredibly intimate position. It resembles cuddling, and it’s probably a position you’re already familiar with – just not in the sexual context. It almost makes you think of those sunset scenes in movies where a man embraces a woman on the beach.
  • But thanks to the super-deep penetration, it can be incredibly sexy. Try doing it in front of the mirror!
  • It’s great for nipple play and introducing a sex toy to your sex life.

How To Do It:

  1. Have your partner sit down behind you and slide into his lap.
  2. You can slightly lean backward to maximize closeness.

6. The Pretzel

The Pretzel is a face-to-face position that could be called an advanced missionary because it combines all its best qualities: keeping eye contact, maximum closeness, and deep stimulation. But unlike in the standard missionary position, you’re still at a distance that allows you to look at your partner’s body and vice versa. You can watch how they synchronize together and reach for a passionate kiss now and then.

Start with a bit of grinding and enjoy the changes in your partner’s expression. Then, move on to the deep penetration and give in to the sensations. It’s one of the best sex positions out there!

How To Do It:

  1. The vagina owner lay on their side while resting on their elbows. Then, lift the leg, keeping both legs slightly bent.
  2. Have your partner kneel and place the top leg on his hip so that your legs are between his knees.
  3. You can either face your partner or lie slightly on your side.

7. Ballet Dancer

Once the novelty of deeper penetration has worn off, why not try something more challenging? The ballet dancer is a position that requires good balance and synchronization. It’s almost like dancing with your partner, except you have to be extra mindful of your movement. Pair deep penetration with passionate kissing, and you have a recipe for mind-blowing sex.

Do you want to challenge yourself even more? To make the penetration even deeper, try putting one leg on your partner’s shoulder. If you aren’t flexible enough, simply wrap your leg around your partner’s waist. He can help keep it in place. It’s great to test your teamwork skills, plus it allows you to have him extra deep inside you.

How To Do It:

  1. Stand in front of your partner and raise one leg.
  2. Have your partner wrap it around his butt and hold onto it.
  3. Put one hand on your partner’s chest and steady yourself by wrapping the other arm around his neck.
  4. Keep your hips close together to maintain balance.

 8. Spooning

If going deep was your partner’s idea and you need time to warm up, spooning should be your go-to sex position. It’s a cute spooning position that allows you to snuggle with your partner while being penetrated.

It allows for G-spot stimulation while rubbing your clitoris. And your partner can easily reach around and stimulate other erogenous zones. Have him kiss your neck and put his hands to good use; nipple rubbing and clitoral stimulation.

It’s also a perfect position if you’ve had a long day and are in the mood but too tired for something physically demanding.

Pro Tip: This position is excellent for dirty talk.

How To Do It:

  1. The vulva owner lay down on their side with the penetrative partner behind.
  2. Lift your top leg so that your partner can easily slide into you.
  3. From there, you can either keep your leg up or keep your legs together. You can even squeeze your knees together for deeper penetration.


According to studies, broadening your horizons in bed is linked to increased desire and sexual satisfaction, especially in relationships. If your sex life is a bit stale, trying new sex positions should help you reignite the fire. Plus, trying new things, whether sexual or not, can increase bonding with your partner and teach you more about what they enjoy. Deep penetration is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your partner.

And don’t forget the physical benefits! Deep penetration can help you achieve an intense climax thanks to the G-spot and cervix stimulation.