Women who know their worth are equipped with the skills to help them get what they want. A high-value woman tends to have the very best options that life can offer because she will not accept anything less than that. You can be her, too, as long as you know what traits of a high-value woman are worth developing.

What is a high-value woman?

The most successful women are often admired because they always seem to get things done. When they see obstacles, they do not deter them because they know how to tackle them and get results.

Guys who pursue that type of woman know that she will add more value to their own life. Just like the value of a house is assessed on both interior and exterior, a woman’s value is more than her appearance. In fact, appearance has little to do with self-esteem. Still, when she values herself, she will usually put more time into preserving her beauty. A woman who cherishes her life will realize that having a low-value approach will not get her what she wants, especially when it comes to dating.

A high-value girlfriend will inspire her guy to greatness. Through her example, a man will learn that he needs to treat her well if he expects to get anywhere in their relationship. You see, she cannot have it any other way. Every area of her life is focused on excellence, and it makes her so appealing.

Someone who has the qualities of a high-value woman invests her energy into creating a life that she can be proud of. Her feelings about herself are rooted in her confidence and are based on her principles. A woman who knows her true worth knows that her heart should never be given to the wrong man, who does not think the world of her. Regardless of how long the road to success is, a high-value woman will never allow her passion for her ideal life to be squelched. Instead, her passion for success is a massive part of what makes her worth so important.

15 traits of a high-value Woman

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that the five people you spend the most time with shape who you are. A high-value woman knows the importance of being very particular about the company she keeps. She is aware of when is best to show her femininity and when to step up and lead. More importantly, a high-value woman understands the significance of a leadership role in her own life. She understands that she needs to elevate herself to elevate others who she feels called to help. Keeping her eyes on the prize at all times is what motivates her, and that prize is the knowledge that she did her best to live her life in the right way. That type of woman knows what she needs to do, and she fully understands that there are consequences if she does not do it.

She surrounds herself with inspiring people

A woman of high integrity has been through some of her own challenges. However, she understands that her past can make her bitter, or it can make her better. Life teaches us lessons, whether or not we want to learn from them. A high-value woman understands that her role in life needs to be one where she overcomes everything that holds her back from achieving her full potential.

Some of the obstacles in her way could be the people who she is allowing to enter her space. I used to be in a relationship with a man for who I had strong feelings. But as time went on, I realized that this man was wasting my time and his own. He was too afraid of commitment, and our belief systems were not compatible. One day, I woke up, and I finally understood that he was not someone who positively influenced my life. In fact, I felt more positive when we parted ways. I understood that I was responsible for who I was allowing into my life, and I vow to never make the same mistake again.

She persists

Anything worth having is worth working for. A high-value woman knows this, and she understands that she must be persistent in getting what she wants. Instead of giving up, she will seek out solutions to the problem that she is dealing with. She understands that complaining about a problem does not actually solve it. I can’t think of any man who wants to be with a woman who gives up quickly on a challenge.

Of course, there are times when you should walk away from situations that are not working and completely start over. However, a high-value woman will put in her best effort before calling it quits, which applies to everything she does. She persists because she believes in being strong and setting an excellent example for herself and others. She realizes that her life will never be what she wants it to be unless she persists. Settling for what she does not wish to will affect the self-worth of a high-value woman, and that is not what she wants.

She is confident

A woman who has confidence is not afraid to take chances, and most importantly, take a chance on herself. It is natural to have doubts about yourself, especially if you have not been raised to believe in your abilities. However, no matter what you have been through, you have intelligence that will help you acquire knowledge, and skills and build your confidence.

Have you ever noticed that people who seem to be the happiest are those who believe in themselves? Self-esteem is something that gets built through time, experience, and persistence. For example, I am confident that I can play the C major scale on the piano while singing solfege. I would never allow anyone to convince me otherwise. I have that feeling of certainty because I have played and sung the C major scale plenty of times.

When it comes to gaining confidence in dating, trial and error is the only way to do that. While it is true that dating can be filled with painful lessons, some of those lessons are critical to finding your true happiness. You need to learn from the past if you want to have a better present. Your past relationships were all part of your life training. Do not fret too much if those relationships did not work out. A high-value woman does not have time for pity parties. She might give herself a few days to lament the past. Still, she does not want to spend too much time drowning in her sorrows because she understands the importance of doing something today that her future self will thank her.

She plans and prepares

Having a plan is key to getting what you want. As a high-value woman, you recognize the importance of setting goals and achieving them. You cannot afford not to think proactively. For example, when you are hungry, you think about how to secure food. And similarly, when you know what you want to wear, you plan to acquire clothes. Do you know where you are going, or are you just rushing in many different directions without genuinely knowing where you want to be?

While it is true that things change all the time and that there are no guarantees about the future, there should be plans put in place to create pathways towards goals that make sense to you. A high-value woman listens to her heart, and she knows that she needs to create a plan that will help her achieve the things that she truly desires. So she focuses on what needs to be done today to be prepared for whatever might happen in the future.

She can pivot

Life certainly gives us some unexpected moments, which is true regardless of how much you plan. I understand the importance of having a sense of urgency, even when I do not always fully understand the need to get something done right away. Later on, that sense of urgency usually gets revealed to me. As a person who strives to be a high-value woman, I have had to learn how to be a surfer of life. When you think about a surfer surfing on the waves, what do you see? You see someone who is navigating the waters and going with the flow. The surfer did not create the ocean waves, but she knows how to handle the interaction with the waves, and she knows how to handle the challenges of riding the waves. This is true of a high-value woman; she knows how to deal with the challenges of life.

Being proactive instead of reactive is the way to go for every high-value woman. She understands that she can not control everything, but she knows that something good can always come out of a bad situation. A high-value woman is aware that the discipline will make her better prepared to pivot and turn things around when she has setbacks. Instead of crumbling, she will stand up and rise, ready to face new challenges.

She shows kindness

If you have ever felt the sting of being treated unkindly, you know how it feels. A high-value woman appreciates other people. However, she knows that her beauty, intelligence, and possessions will not gain her respect. When I think about the exes that I used to date, the first thoughts that come into my mind regarding them are the moments I witnessed them being unkind. How would you feel if you looked back upon your life and felt regret for all of the times when you acted horribly towards others?

A high-value woman understands that kindness is a choice. When you are not kind, you dwell on negative emotions. I cannot think of one man who is serious about having a great future and wants a negative-minded woman by his side. I know for sure that I only want a positive man by my side. A man who dwells on negativity is someone who I will never tolerate. Showing kindness is a sign that a woman has confidence. And because she knows the importance of leading by example, kindness takes a special place in her life.

She is humble and ready to compromise

A high-value woman believes that her needs should be a priority. Still, she understands that she cannot insist that things will always go her way if she wants to live in harmony with other people. The only way to lead is by example, and a high-value woman focuses on compromising and negotiating. A high-value man shares similar beliefs because he wants to achieve his goals while showing respect and willingness to compromise.

A high-value woman understands and tolerates different opinions and points of view. She knows that it is important to be humble and open to learning new things that she had not known before. Therefore, she is eager to absorb knowledge and ready to be the best that she can be in every aspect of her life.

She doesn’t tolerate lies and drama

Lies and drama do not even enter the mind of a high-value woman. Her love life needs to meet her standards, and she will never allow her emotions to be played with. Because of her healthy self-love, a high-value woman will only seek a partner who understands that her standards need to be met within the relationship. When she goes through the dating stages, she will refrain from going forward if her expectations are not met.

A relationship that is not based on truth will not survive, and this is why guys who lie and cheat will never be able to satisfy a high-value woman. She needs a partner who has leadership qualities. True leaders set boundaries and will not allow themselves to be disrespected and misled. And, while sex is important to her, she will not hesitate to dump a low-value guy who is a player. She expects loyalty and commitment, and she is after a man who can offer that.

She is focused and devoted

This type of woman works from discipline and not from emotions. She understands that the one thing she can do to help herself is to focus on writing her own story. She has a destiny to fulfill, and her feelings might get in the way sometimes. It can be easy to be distracted by emotions instead of focusing on the facts, but she tends to refocus and get back on track.

In this world where it seems as though everyone is competing with each other, the top-value woman realizes that the world is her oyster. She does not need to compete. Instead, she knows that success is built-in steps, and she takes those steps to get where she wants to be. She sets boundaries around her time, and she does what needs to be done.

She is proud of her beliefs

When you believe in something or in someone, it shows in everything that you do. The woman who is proud of her values recognizes how important it is to place her beliefs high in the hierarchy. On the other hand, when you do not believe in anything, you really do not have anything to focus on. Think about this; if you have a natural talent for gardening but do not believe in your abilities, why would you use it?

You would not go exploring something that you did not believe was there. If you refuse to invest in your abilities, then many potential opportunities would never be pursued. A woman who is proud of her beliefs will center her life around them, and only then can her true destiny unfold. People who stand for their beliefs are more pleasant to engage with and learn from because they are focused and know what they want.

She sparkles and shines

Everywhere she goes, the high-value woman shines her femininity, reflecting the light that is within her. She signs her name with confidence, and she aims to brighten the day of everyone she comes in contact with, even if she is just interacting with the teller at the bank. The guys that she meets are intrigued by her, and they want to be part of that light, and most importantly, they want to share that light and give her reasons to smile.

It is easy to be attracted to the light because it is bright and reveals what needs to be seen. The high-value woman appreciates the truth, and she has no use for anything shady or untoward. Thanks to her positive energy, people feel comfortable and safe in her presence. However, she will not take it for granted that she is admired and sought for advice.

She shows appreciation

This type of lady is ready to accept compliments from men. She wants to make others feel important when she interacts with them. The aim is to always focus on what more she can do to make all of the people who cross her path know how much she cherishes them. She knows that she sets an example for others who depend on her, and she hopes that the appreciation that she shows will be paid forward to someone else.

Kindness is an entirely free gift that is for everyone to give. A woman who values others will go out of her way to provide positive feedback and make every attempt to boost someone else’s day. In a world where people take feelings and kindness for granted, it is such a joy to be on the receiving end of a kind word and positive action.


A high-value woman knows that she must be proactive about keeping the wrong people out of her life: time-wasters, troublemakers, people who refuse to compromise, or those who don’t have goals.

If being a girl that everyone admires is your goal, you can make it happen right now. Always remember that you are one decision away from living a totally different life. Create a list of the things you want to work on to help you achieve your goal. Find accountability partners who will help you to hold yourself accountable. Take a shower, do your hair, put on your makeup, stay positive, eat healthy meals, and set goals each and every day. Your goals do not need to be grandiose; make them small and achievable. Your self-esteem will rise when you feel good, look good, and accomplish your aspirations.

Every person born on the planet has value, even if they do not realize it. A high-value woman understands the importance of passing it on, and you need to do just that. Encourage other women to join you on the journey of reclaiming their power and setting an example for others.