You find yourself in the situation that your ex does not stop calling you and you have already decided to move on.

Or maybe you’re wondering, if there’s still a chance you could come back with him.

Either way, you want to know how long it takes a man to forget a woman, to understand how your relationship with your ex will continue in the next time.

In this way, you can orient your actions toward the result you are looking for.

Next, we tell you what are the factors that determine, how long it takes a boy to forget a girl.

In addition, some tips that you can give him so that he can surpass you if you want him to forget you. And some tips to recover it, if you want to be with it again.

5 Things That Determine How Long It Takes a Man to Forget a Woman

1) The time they were together

Time is always a factor. The more time you spend with someone, the more their identities become intertwined.

It is clear that a relationship of one night, that of a couple of months or that of years is not the same.

In other words, it becomes harder to see a life without your ex, if you’ve spent a long time in a relationship with him.

You may try to have another partner in life right away, but that won’t take away from the fact that your own self is tied to someone else. At least for a while, this connection can remain strong.

In addition, the time variable is emphasized by the seriousness of their relationship. It is not the same to have a free relationship, to have a courtship in which they live apart or to live together for a long time.

Getting used to being with someone next to you can take a long time and get used to being alone as well.

2) Self-confidence

Trust is born from experience, and having experienced previous breakups can give more confidence that another can be handled.

Trust after a breakup is the second most important factor in understanding how long it takes to recover from a separation.

Having self-confidence helps tremendously, as it gives the courage to take the necessary steps to recover from a breakup.

To get an idea of how confident he is, you’ll need to answer the following questions:

Have you been through a bad breakup before?

Do you have a positive self-concept?

How do you function when you socialize?

If you see him facing the situation with attitude, then you will know that he wants to continue with his life.

3) How it ended

We tend to remember disorderly unilateral ruptures, rather than mutually agreed separations.

It is then understood that the first case takes longer to overcome than the second.

For example, if it was you who ended the relationship, then you had time to think about everything and process it in advance.

Whoever initiates the division tends to recover faster.

It will still hurt when it’s over, but it will hurt much less, than if your partner appeared out of nowhere and left you.

But it also depends on when the fact becomes effective.

For example, he may feel great when he thinks the breakup was in my control. However, as soon as the separation becomes a reality, it sinks.

4) Your personal situation

Your personal situation is a variable of how well you are doing in the rest of your life.

If his life goes very well and you are done with him, he would be less affected than if he had to channel many issues in his life.

Another factor is whether or not his now ex-girlfriend was his first love.

The first time you lose a woman you truly love, you feel a lot of anguish. But also a mixture of abandonment and loss, fueled by selfishness.

If you have gone through a bad breakup before, the second time is not so bad.

It will still hurt, but not so much, considering that your brain knows what to expect. In general, the most painful thing is what we don’t know.

Once you start dating again, the fear of loss or abandonment becomes silly and selfishness tends to fade into the background.

His personal situation also encompasses the support system around him. If you get along very well with your family and have very good friends, it will be easier.

There’s also the question of how happy you are with the direction your life is headed.

If you have a great life in his favor, he will be much happier than if he didn’t. In this way, he will find reasons to continue with his life without you.

5) How much effort you are willing to make

By now, if things don’t go exactly right in your life, you’ll probably face an extended period of suffering. However, that’s just the case, if you choose to do nothing.

The great secret of ruptures is not that time heals all wounds.

Many men spend their entire lives lamenting relationships from their past. The secret is hard work.

If he is willing to work hard, you can forget a woman in less than you think.

But the effort should be focused on working on the right things, which will really improve your life.

Because you will pay a price for your hard work, or lack thereof, no matter what.

This will be justified only if it brings you a real benefit. Otherwise, you may become very depressed.

You will be able to get an idea of how much effort you are willing to put into forgetting a woman with the following questions:

Just want to rest and do nothing new?

Are you doing new or pending things in your life now?

Are you dating friends more and getting back together with people you’ve left in the past?

What things might help you forget?

Now you are more or less clear about the situation in which your ex finds himself.

So if you want to help him move forward, you can give him some advice, if he still has a very close relationship.

Otherwise, you can get together with a close friend of his and ask him to share the following keys to forget about.

He must immediately cut off all relationships with you.

This includes, no more calls and messages, and removing you from all your social media and phone.

Write in a journal everything that happens to you and leave it there.

This will help you vent and understand everything that happens to you so that you can process it. You will also feel that you have taken it out, leaving it written in a journal.

You have to surround yourself with people who make you feel valued and who help you see your good features.

Doing those activities that you were postponing for a long time, how to read a book, undertake that adventure in the mountains for which you did not have time or start a photography course.

Get plenty of physical exercises and go out with friends

Once you are in a good mood and are progressing in your personal life, you should start trying to date again.

How to get my ex-partner back?

It turns out that you find yourself in a situation where you want to go back to your ex.

The separation has given you a new perspective on their relationship and you have come to the conclusion that you have to be together.

Be careful that you have carefully analyzed why you want to return and be willing to solve the issues that have led to your breakup.

Otherwise, you may end up with a broken heart.

8 tips to recover your former partner

1) Give it time and space

If your breakup has been very recent, give it some time to think about everything that happened.

If he still feels something for you, he will miss you. Give him the opportunity to see the lack that your presence makes him in his life.

This will make reconciliation and your subsequent rapprochement easier.

2) Improve your life

While you are giving your beloved some time to think, activate to develop in your life. Take advantage of this time to improve all the things you want and have put aside.

Not only will this be beneficial to you, regardless of whether they come back or not, but it will also be attractive to him.

Imagine, if he finds you in an improved version and still has feelings for you, they will certainly be back together.

3) Show them that you are willing to change things

When you meet again, you should start by telling him everything you have thought about to improve the relationship between the two of you. This is the best way to show how much you care.

Also, you should tell them why you think they should be together. To do this you have to think, before the meeting, what the reasons are.

4) Listen to what he has to say to you

It may happen that, in your eagerness to solve things, you do not stop talking and telling him how he wants to solve all his problems.

But a fundamental part of the solution is to listen to what he has to tell you, about what doesn’t work well between the two of you.

Listen to it and act accordingly. Not only will you fix things this way, but he will appreciate you taking into account what he tells you.

5) Don’t pounce on it

Another thing you should keep in mind in your first encounters is that you should not be desperate or distressed.

Remember that your man has to see you at your best and being at his feet is something that will not attract him.

Better be sure of yourself and what you want from now on with him, but also be loving and sweet.

Have remembered all the things he liked about you, when they started the relationship, and unfold them, when they get together.

6) Communicate

Not everything is left in what they talk about in the moment. Many things appear in our heads, after talking to a person.

There may also be flaws in the process of recovering the relationship they had and want to improve.

That is why it is essential that they communicate everything that happens to them and thinks.

It’s the foundation for better understanding each other and helping each other find a way to make your relationship work.

7) Don’t think things overboard

After their meetings, don’t go crazy thinking about every step you took, or what will happen next.

Let the process flow and they will end up together, if this has to be so.

You won’t be able to do anything thinking too much about things.

For your relationship to be restored you need time and communication. Also be together and see how they handle this new stage.

Patience is key right now.

8) Rekindle passion

If they are already at the stage where they start having sex again, then it’s time to be creative.

Dare to try all those things that you had not encouraged.

Look for information about something new that you did not know and may like it. Ask him about his fantasies and stick to them. 

Seasoning those nights of passion will make him find a new flavor to their relationship.

You must be prepared if things do not happen as you expected

Surely you will put all your effort, so that your ex forgets you and continue your life, or to recover it.

But things can go differently than you had them in mind. Life is like that and everything has taught.

That is why you must think about this possibility, to get out of the situation. If your ex rejects you, you should think about the things you can do to get ahead.

If he keeps driving you crazy to come back, you need to build more patience and let time do its job, so that he can forget you for good.

Either way, don’t stop enjoying the things you love most about life and surrounding yourself with the people who love you well, to get through this challenging stage.

Everything comes and you will be happy again in less than you think. I promise.