Is having coffee not enough to start your day? Why not go for some steamy loving? Morning sex benefits not just your relationship, but your overall health as well.

Most of the time, morning sex is considered a side action as more people still prefer doing the deed at night. Though we get there’s something alluring about nightly loving, having sex in the early hours of the day can be as good, and in fact, can bring more benefits to you and your partner. Besides, it’s more pleasant to listen to your partner’s seductive moans than your annoying alarm, amirite?

Benefits of Morning Sex

Now, if you’re not sold yet as to why morning sex is good, here’s a guide for you. We’re listing down 15 reasons why it’s good to have sex in the morning. Who knows, maybe after reading this, you may end up hiding the alarm clock away and replacing it with good ol’ orgasm. Let’s dive right in!

1. There’s no distress for the mess.

Who cares if you get the sheets soiled after a morning romping? You can easily just toss the dirty sheets into the laundry bag, or straight into the washing machine. So what if you got your hair all messy? You have a bedhead anyway. You don’t have to worry about ruining your makeup because you’re still bare-faced.

One of the key benefits of morning sex is that it gives you plenty of time to clean up your mess later in the day. You don’t have your glam on yet so you can go as wild as you want without having to worry about ruining all your efforts.

2. It boosts your mood!

Morning sex benefits your overall mood. This is because of the feel-good hormones (oxytocin and endorphins) that are released during the deed. If you had a fight the night before or simply stressing out with other stuff, having intercourse can lift your spirits up.

Aside from alleviating your mood, endorphins also serve as a natural painkiller. So if you’re bummed out because of chronic migraine, good news for you! The hormones released during sex can minimize the pain you’re experiencing.

3. Your libidos’ are at an all-time high.

Did you know that our bodies can experience stronger orgasms right after we wake up? According to experts, testosterone levels are at an all-time high in the morning, both in men and women. Genital sensitivity is heightened too, especially for men, as their erections will be much stronger in the morning. So if you ever wake up with your guy’s morning wood that’s poking you from behind, all you need to do is grab it and it’s yours for the taking.

4. It’s a great way to burn some calories.

No need to hit the gym. You can stay in bed and still be able to burn that extra rice you ate the other day. As much as how you love to sweat it out on the treadmill, there are just some days when you won’t be able to commit to your daily workout. And that’s fine. Just switch your schedule up and replace it with morning sex. One of the benefits when doing the deed is that it can burn up to 75 to 150 calories. That’s a sex fact right there! And as a bonus, sex is fun so it doesn’t even like a workout.

5. Morning sex gives you a spunkier kick than coffee!

If you are a coffee addict and want to turn yourself in for some coffee rehab, then sex in the morning is what you may just need. Sure, you may like the kick you get from your usual cappuccino or mocha latte to get you through the day.

But you know what tastes even better and healthier for you? Sex. Yeah, that’s right. What’s great about morning sex is the benefits that it brings as compared to coffee. Your daily cup of joe may bring more sugar to your system, depending on the type of coffee you’re taking in. On the other hand, sex can improve your immune system, reduce blood pressure, increase your heartbeat, and give your brain a wake-up call.

6. You’re baring it all.

You know why morning sex is good? It’s because you can still experience some intense lovemaking, without the hassle! By being intimate in the a.m., you’re showing your partner that not-so-perfect aspects of yourself—morning breaths, night sweats, etc. This makes you more vulnerable and authentic with your partner, making your relationship more intimate and closer than ever.

7. Get that glow throughout the day!

That glowing post-sex look isn’t just a myth. Having intercourse, specifically morning sex, can benefit your skin. Having regular sex can reduce your stress level and give you that glow effect.

The benefits are even better if you can reach an orgasm. Your body releases estrogen when you climax, which in turn boosts collagen levels, reducing the fine lines on your skin. Next time your friends tell you you’re glowing; you best believe they’re telling the truth.

8. Morning sex is a great way to end a one-night stand.

Doing the deed in the morning perfectly goes well with long-term couples, but did you know that morning sex can be good to no-string-attached encounters too? Having sex again in the morning, when you’re sober enough, can help you leave with a better memory of how good the sex was. It can also be a great way to bid goodbye, rather than the awkward walk of shame that everyone does.

9. It’s kid-proof!

If you’re married with kids, you’re probably having difficulty finding free time for some steamy action. Though it’s normal for parents to have that dilemma, it shouldn’t be the case for you. With that, allot a few minutes in the morning to get that frisky lovin’.

Morning sex lets you experience pleasure without the risk of your little one knocking on your door, as they’re most likely asleep by this time. Now you might ask, why not just do it in the nighttime since kids are asleep on that time too? Well, since you’ve done a lot of stuff throughout the day, you’re most likely not in the mood for sex, as compared in the morning as you’re all recharged.

Aside from having that sexy time with your partner, morning sex also benefits your overall being. Research shows that doing the deed can lessen your stress, making the daily tasks so much easier to accomplish.

10. It’s good for your brain.

Yes, doing the deed can boost your brainpower. According to several studies, having intercourse can boost cognitive function and improve your memory. So if you’re going to have an important exam later or will be presenting reports in the afternoon, you might want to hit up for some naughty action.

11. Morning sex boosts your immune system.

Another reason why morning sex is hella good is because of the benefits that it brings to your physical health. It’s because having sex, whether in the morning or at nighttime, kicks up your IgA levels. IgA is antibodies that are found in various places including the saliva and vagina. Now, these antibodies then protect the parts of our body that are exposed to outside bacteria/substances.

12. With morning sex, you’ll get a much better view.

Though we love the sultry shadows that midnight sex can bring, you’ll actually have a better view of everything in the morning. If you’re the lights-on type of person, you’ll especially like this as morning sex brings a warmer natural light compared to artificial ones. Just make sure to open the windows as minimal as possible; you sure don’t want your neighbors watching you do the deed right? (Unless exhibitionism is your thing…)

13. It helps you sleep later on.

Now, aside from boosting your mood throughout the day, morning sex can also help you catch some Zs. When you’re having sex and orgasming, your brain releases a bunch of hormones (oxytocin, melatonin, endorphins) that helps you have a deeper sleep later on. Morning sex benefits your sleeping habits too by lowering your cortisol, which is dubbed as a stress hormone.

14. It often feels so much better!

Morning sex benefits your sexual health and overall wellbeing. But benefits aside, doing the deed is simply so much better than doing it at other times of the day. Since your bodies are primed for better orgasms and more sensitive genitals, making love in the morning can feel more pleasurable. Men also have longer erections in the morning, which can guarantee awesome orgasms for women.

15. Morning sex strengthens the relationship.

Morning sex is not just good for your health, but for your relationship too. Oxytocin, also known as the cuddle chemical, is released during sex. It makes you feel more in love with your partner and become more connected with them throughout the day.

And as we mentioned on the 5th point, you’re baring it all during the morning deed, making it more intimate on both of you. Besides, anything that adds variety into your relationship is a good thing. So if you haven’t tried doing morning sex yet, give it a shot.

Now, how about the single folks? Well, doing solo play strengthens the relationship with yourself. You’ll be able to figure out the things that you like and simply enjoy fuss-free pleasure.

Morning Sex Tips & Tricks

Now that you’ve learned the different morning sex benefits, you’re probably sold to the idea and want to try it. With that, we got you some quick tips on how to successfully have sex in the morning.

1. Set your alarms earlier than usual.

If you’re planning to have some chill morning sex with your boo, we recommend setting your alarms for about 20-40 minutes than your usual wake-up time. In that way, you and your partner will have more time to have sultry fun— you can have that warm and passionate sex that entails doing it in the morning. But if you don’t mind having a quickie sesh with your partner, then no need to change your alarms.

2. Keep mints on the nightstand.

One of the biggest concerns about morning sex is morning breath. People didn’t want to try it because they were afraid that their partners might find their morning breath repulsive. If you’re one of those peeps, then we suggest getting some mints or any refreshing candies on your nightstand. So if you’re going for a morning smooch as you proceed with the deed, you can just pop a candy in your mouth and stop worrying about the possible bad breath.

3. Focus on foreplay.

There are lots of benefits to morning sex… but it comes with cons, too. One of which is being half-asleep throughout the activity. Yes, some peeps may be reenergized the moment they’ve opened their eyes, but some people tend to be sleepy in the first few minutes that they’re awake.

That’s why if you or your partner don’t have the energy for some penetrative action, then no need to force on vaginal or anal sex. Just focus on making out, touching each other, sensual caresses, oral sex, dry humping, and other forms of foreplay. It’ll still be hella hot, but with less effort to put into it.

4. Use blankets if the sunlight gets too much.

The sunlight can either bring a warm glow or a harsh streak in the bedroom. If the sunlight is too much and ruins the sensual mood, then just cuddle in the covers. It’s something new and also solves the sunlight issue! We also recommend getting sheer curtains as they’re designed to soften the sunlight coming through in your room instead of fully covering it.

5. Use sex toys to spice things up!

Another great way to get those Os in the morning without moving too much is by using sex toys. You can use mini vibrators, finger vibrators, clit suckers, tip vibrators, anal beads, and other love toys that can help you and your partner stimulate each other’s erogenous zones.

We also recommend app-controlled or remote-controlled pleasure toys as they’re easier to use, and you don’t have to hold them throughout the play, giving your hands more time to feel and play with your partner’s body.

6. Opt for mutual masturbation.

If you’re not in the mood for oral or penetrative sex but still want to sensually connect with your partner in the morning, then try mutual masturbation. If you’re unfamiliar with this practice, it’s basically what the name implies— you and your partner will masturbate together. You can use your hands or sex toys and may watch each other as you pleasure yourselves. What’s great about this practice is that you’ll be able to climax more easily, and you’ll still get that intimate connection with your partner.

7. Go for simple sex positions.

Since you’re still in a chill and sleepy mode with your boo, we don’t recommend going for challenging sex positions. Mishaps might ensue because of it, so just go for simple and classic sex positions such as missionary or cowgirl. If you want to try something new but still manageable for morning sex, check the next section below for suggestions.

8. End the deed by showering together!

Want a happy ending to your morning sesh? Shower together! Not only you’ll save water, but you’ll also save some time; if you’ve stayed a bit too late because of the deed, doing this will help you get on track.

Aside from the practical benefits, having a shower can bring so much fun, too, especially if you’re doing the best sex positions that keep both of you comfy throughout the shower. For more information about the best sex positions in the shower, check more information on the guide below.

Lazy Sex Positions for Morning Sex

As you’ve learned the benefits of morning sex, as well as the tips when doing this activity, you’re probably considering trying it out with your partner. Here are recommended sex positions that will go perfectly for a morning sensual sesh. Note: The “giver” is the one that penetrates, while the “receiver” refers to the person getting penetrated.

1. Close to you

If you want to have a long and passionate makeout session, then this position is a must-try. The Close 2 U is a simple and comfortable sex position that enables long kisses and sensual touches. It works well for couples who are not planning to have penetrative action during their morning sex.

To do this position, the giver must lie on their back, spreading their legs slightly apart. Once positioned, the receiver would lie on top of their partner, making their hips positioned in between the receiver’s legs. The receiver’s hands are on the giver’s neck or chest, with their lips intertwining as they share a steamy kiss.

2. Deck Chair

The Deck Chair is a missionary variation that is great for deep penetration. It also gives the giver full control over the pace and depth of penetration, so if you’re into that, then consider this one.

For starters, the receiver will lie on their back, pulling their leg to their breast as they hold their hips by hands. After that, the giver will kneel and lie their upper body on top of the receiver. They will then position their penis or strap-on on their partner’s vagina or anus. After that, the receiver will put their legs on the giver’s neck and wrap them over it, so the giver’s head is in between the receiver’s head. After that, they can start having vaginal or anal sex.

3. Marmalade

If you’re looking for a unique sex position but would still work for morning sex, then you’ve got to check the Marmalade. This sex position isn’t as passionate as the other ones on the list, but then, if you’re looking for something new, this could be fun! It’s also great for people who have a foot fetish as they’ll have access to their partner’s feet with this position.

To do this sex position, the giver should lie on their side with one leg straight, while the other leg is bent at the knees and stands on their straight leg; their legs would form a triangle. The receiver will then lie on their side, facing the giver’s legs. The receiver’s leg on the bed is straight and lies along the body of their partner, while the second one is slightly bent at the knees and is supported by the giver’s shoulders. The giver will then turn their hand on their partner’s waist and gently pull their body to start engaging in vaginal penetration.

4. Thirst

This one is another great position for morning sex, as it’s simple and oh-so-passionate. It also lets you express how much you yearn and love your partner’s touch.

For this position, both parties must lie on their side, facing each other. The receiver will hug the giver’s neck with one hand. The giver will do the same thing while their other hand is lying on the receiver’s back. The giver will then slide one leg between their partner’s legs. The receiver will then wrap the giver’s leg with their legs and hips, bending the leg and keeping it lying on top of their knee. Once everything’s positioned, they can start making out, have penetrative sex, cuddle, and do other intimate activities.

5. Lazy Dog

As the name implies, this sex position is a more relaxed version of the Doggy Style. This position is easier to maintain than the OG Doggy, but only some couples can try this out. If the giver is on the heavier side and the receiver is petite, this position might be uncomfortable.

For starters, the receiver must lie on their stomach; arms are bent in their elbows, their legs are driven apart, and one leg is bent at the knee. Once positioned, the giver will lie on top of their partner’s body, with their legs bent in the knees— this step is crucial as this will help the giver support their own weight throughout the deed. After that, they can proceed with having vaginal or anal sex.


We know you hate the sound of your alarm clock telling you how you need to get out of bed. We hate it too. Luckily, there’s a better way to get you up and about in those early hours of the day. Having morning sex is, by all means, a more pleasant way to wake up than having to listen to that noisy alarm clock of yours.

Morning sex can also provide tons of benefits for your sexual wellness and overall health. As long as you’re doing it properly, you’ll surely reap off the great stuff that comes with it. So go ahead and ease out of those inhibitions and start your day with a bang!