Your desire to treat your boyfriend or husband like a king will go a long way toward building and maintaining a healthy, happy relationship. Unfortunately, lots of women want to make their men feel amazing, but they simply don’t know how. 

Over the years, I’ve learned how women who make a conscientious effort in their relationships manage to make their men feel like royalty on a regular basis. I’m excited to share my insights, some of which might just surprise you. 

Rest assured that my tips don’t include succumbing to a man like a 1950s housewife; nor do I encourage setting your own needs and desires aside to appease your significant other.

In this article, I’ll share 10 surefire ways to make your boyfriend or husband feel like the king he is. Seemingly small tweaks in your relationship will boost your guy’s loyalty, love, and confidence while strengthening your bond.  

Shower Him With Compliments – and Cut Back on Complaints

Complimenting your man will make him feel like a million bucks, especially if you’re constantly on the lookout for new reasons to offer him praise.

Whether it’s his physical appearance, his positive attitude, or his dedication to you and your family, offering your beau a compliment at least once a day will elevate his mood, his appreciation for you—and his attraction. 

Just as encouraging as compliments can be, constant complaining can drag a person—and a relationship—down. An article published by Psych Central explains that chronic complaining often results in destroyed relationships. “In a romantic relationship, it eats away at it bit by bit as it upsets the normal balance between partners that is necessary in a healthy relationship. This leaves one partner as the director and the other as the fixer.”

If you and your partner have taken on these roles, awareness and open communication can help break this destructive cycle. 

Priotizise Your Together Time

There’s no better way to treat your man like a king than to show him you value your time together. Sure, date nights are great, but brief, stolen moments are just as important when it comes to contentment in a relationship. A lingering kiss and/or a great big hug after a tiring workday will show your man just how much you care. 

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, spending time together may have plunged to the bottom of your priority list. If this is the case in your relationship, start small by chatting over your morning coffee, or enjoy a spontaneous day out together. Your beau will notice the change in routine—and appreciate your efforts. 

Make Him Something Meaningful

If you’ve ever had someone surprise you with something made by hand, you know it’s an amazing feeling! Treat your man like a king by treating him to something handmade and heartfelt. 

You don’t have to go all out… A handwritten note or his favorite meal will do. Another fun idea? Have a calendar made with your favorite pics of you as a couple, or consider scheduling a boudoir photoshoot, which will make him feel like a king AND spice up things in the bedroom. 

Become His #1 Fan

We all need encouragement on a regular basis, and men are no exception. If he knows he can count on you to be his cheerleader, you’ll be the first person he calls when he has good news—or simply needs a pick-me-up. 

In addition to cheering your boyfriend or husband on, you’ll make him swoon if he knows you’re talking him up to his friends and family. Tell his parents what an amazing person they raised, or brag to his friends about his incredible ability to cook with random ingredients. Trust me… he’ll notice!

Go on Adventures Together

Like all of us, guys need excitement to feel fully alive. Being adventurous together will let him showcase his fun, daring side. He’ll also love your willingness to do bold, exciting things together. 

Whether it’s repelling, planning a weekend getaway, or taking a ghost tour together, you’ll make your boyfriend or hubby ridiculously happy and make memories that will last a lifetime. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

Encourage Him to Do the Things He Loves

You’ve probably noticed that many of my tips highlight the importance of together time; however, time apart is incredibly important for both you and your partner, as too much togetherness can make one or both partners feel as if they’re being smothered. 

By encouraging your man to enjoy solo activities and spend time with his friends, you’ll be showcasing your trust, confidence, and ability to fly solo—all traits that men find downright sexy. As an added bonus, he’ll feel like even more of a king when he comes back home to you. 

Always Be Direct With Him

No matter how long you’ve been a couple, you’ve probably realized your partner will never be able to read your mind. Men appreciate openness and honesty, and they find it frustrating when they’re expected to read between the lines. 

Contrary to popular belief, assertiveness is an attractive quality in both men and women. Directness is essential in virtually every aspect of your relationship—from making dinner plans to asserting yourself in the bedroom. 

Being upfront about your emotions is just as important. Holding in your feelings or being passive-aggressive can lead to tension, blowups, and even breakups, so being direct is best. 

Make an Effort to Look Your Best

Your man will feel like he’s worthy of donning a crown if you make a conscious effort to look your best. To catch his eye, you don’t have to dress up daily or layer on makeup. Minimal effort on your part is bound to turn his head. 

If you don’t have a self-care ritual, consider starting one. Setting aside time to moisturize, paint your nails, and get your hair done will make you feel like a million bucks—and he’ll definitely notice the effort. 

If your beau isn’t responsive to subtle changes, a little black dress and red lipstick should do the trick. 

Let Him Know You Want Him

One surefire way to make your man feel like a king? Let him know you’re crazy about him. If you and your partner don’t exchange selfies, now is the time to start! The occasional sexy photo will build desire, and if you add a provocative message, he’ll be even more eager to come home to you. 

While texting can be a great way to turn your guy on and ensure a fun-filled evening, suggestive is often sexier than explicit, so be sure to leave a little something to his imagination.

Encourage Him to Take Control

If you happen to be the planner in your relationship, your partner might be feeling a lack of control. Men who aren’t given the freedom to make decisions tend to feel emasculated. By encouraging your guy to take control, you’ll make him feel like the king you see him as. 

Whether it’s planning a fun date—or voicing his desires in the bedroom, your man will feel empowered, and you’ll get to witness his sexy, assertive side. 

Make Treating Him Like a King a Priority

There are ebbs and flows in every relationship, and you won’t necessarily see your man as a king 24/7; however, it’s important to make your relationship—and his wellbeing—a priority by sticking with the tips listed above—even when you’re not feeling particularly close. In fact, it’s even more imperative to make your partner feel like a king when there’s distance in the relationship. 

Connection is essential to the longevity of any romantic relationship, and the above-mentioned tips should help maintain your connection with your beau. 

Ways That You Can Treat Your Man Like a King:

  • Shower him with compliments—and cut back on complaints
  • Prioritize time together
  • Make him something meaningful
  • Become his #1 fan
  • Go on adventures together
  • Encourage solo activities and time with friends
  • Be direct
  • Look your best
  • Let him know you want him
  • Encourage assertiveness
  • Make him a priority 

The common threads among all of my tips? Open communication and fun. If you and your guy are both keen on continuing to improve your communication skills and infuse fun into your life together, you’ve already laid the groundwork for a lasting, loving, fun-filled relationship. 

The best part of learning how to treat your man like a king? He’ll be happier, more content, and increasingly aware that he’s lucky to have you as his queen.