You wrote to that boy you like so much, but he hasn’t responded to your Texts.

You feel that the cravings grow inside you and you have a hard time mastering them. Also, thousands of thoughts begin to appear in your mind and you no longer know what to believe.

Calm down, take a deep breath and let’s see what you can do, when he doesn’t answer you on Whatsapp.

Keep in mind that there may be many reasons why he has not answered you. Fortunately, there are many options for handling this type of situation.

14 alternatives that will help you handle the situation, if he does not text back

1) Don’t blame yourself

Many women are the ones who think, at first, that they did something wrong. 

They wonder: Was I wrong in something I said or did with him?

They fall into fear and this brings them insecurity about themselves. 

The reality is that there could be many reasons why he has not answered you. Also, it is very unlikely that it is because of something you have done. 

But if it’s because of something you said or did and he stopped being interested, it’s not worth it. 

Remember that you deserve a man who does his part to be able to have something with you. 

You are worth a lot and a guy should show real interest in you, regardless of whether he disagrees with something you have done. 

Besides, they may not know each other well yet, and he has jumped to a conclusion. 

So, he is the one who misses out on having something wonderful with you.

If he behaves in this way from the beginning, which is supposed to be the stage in which one behaves in the best way, imagine what can come later. 

Better to lose it than find it…

2) Do not write to him again on the same day

One of the worst mistakes you can make is texting nonstop, looking for a response.

This only undermines your image and self-esteem. 

You will look like a desperate woman, who needs a lot of attention. Something that men do not like at all.

Also, as you send message after message, and you keep seeing that you don’t get a response, you may start to feel anxious. 

Then you may send a negative message, which may further delay their response, or even make them never respond at all.

So, it is best not to insist. Wait at least 48 hours before writing to him. 

Maybe you’re busy, talking to someone else, or just don’t feel like talking.

If you can wait 3 days is even better. In addition, the content of the message must be friendly and short, without dramatic notes or negative tones. Think that this message has to make him want to answer you.

3) Stay busy

Although you love this man, you cannot base your life, from now until he answers you, on being aware of the cell phone. 

I know it can be difficult, but this can only bring you frustration if he doesn’t answer you.

Instead, get on with your life. If you are not very busy, a great idea is to do the things that you like the most. Even those that you have pending and would love to do.

Take advantage of this time to live your life, if you get to meet this guy or form a relationship with someone, the times for you will be shortened.

Call your friends to go out, have a drink in a beautiful place, be a tourist in your own city. There are many fun things to do when you are single.

This will help you lower your anxiety and you will stop giving so much importance to that message you are waiting for.

Keep the cell phone in the drawer for a while and when you come back you may find a surprise.

4) Contemplate the possibility that he doesn’t like you

Perhaps this possibility is difficult to accept, but if he does not answer you on Whatsapp, it may be because he does not like you. 

Maybe you are not the girl he thinks is the one for him and he has decided to continue on his way.

That’s why it’s so important that you get on with your life right away. 

Otherwise, the blow can be much harder, if you are there watching him.

Don’t waste your valuable time. A man who is truly interested in you will take a few minutes to send you a message, even if his life is extremely busy. Do not you believe it?

In the event that he does not answer you for a while, you devalue yourself if you start texting him non-stop and do not get a response.

5) Do not react impulsively

It is usually normal to make thousands of guesses about what may be happening with him, when he does not answer you on Whatsapp.

This can cause anxiety and the outburst of reacting impulsively. 

So, it’s time to count to ten and think carefully about what you want to do. 

Many times acting impulsively can bring us many inconveniences. 

Do not let yourself be pressured by what your emotions feel. Otherwise, you may do something you regret later.

The best option in this case is to wait a while to see how the situation develops. 

In addition, it is clear that you should not send messages demanding response, attention or that are offensive. 

This will not work, if the person is not interested in you.

Additionally, this attitude will not be well received by him, in case he does like you. This way of handling you will leave much to be desired on your part.

6) If you have friends in common, do not tell them about the situation you live with him

It is completely understandable that you have your group of trusted friends and that you want to vent your sorrows with them.

The theme is when you share those friends with the guy you want to relate to. 

The most counterproductive thing you can do is tell these mutual friends how you’re feeling, because they don’t respond to your WhatsApp messages.

Being also his friends, he could go and tell him everything you tell them and not leave you in a good position. 

We all talk a certain way with our trusted friends. 

It’s quite another, when you’re talking to someone you’re still getting to know, like a man you like.

Surely, that boy will not like a woman who is insecure and does not have good self-esteem. 

Gossip will never be a positive element for a relationship.

So be discreet and cautious with your emotions and feelings. 

Analyze and think carefully who you tell your concerns to, to avoid being the center of rumors. These can end up being overheard by the guy you like.

7) Analyze what pattern of responses he manages

When we are in the process of making a connection with someone, we need to understand their pattern of behavior. 

Even if we have already advanced a little in the relationship, it is convenient to understand and get used to the response times of the other.

This will make you accept his way of dealing with WhatsApp messages and calls, as long as he does not become disrespectful to you. 

You should also take into account what is the daily routine that he has. It is clear that if he is working or studying, he will not be able to chat with you or have an hour-long conversation on the phone.

It may even happen that they are one of the men who do not pay attention to their cell phones at certain times of the day, such as lunch. 

Perhaps it can happen that he works a lot with his cell phone and receives too many messages, leaving yours very low. This may cause it to take longer to respond to you. 

So if you are really interested in this guy, you will have no choice but to have a little patience. Get used to the idea that this will be the dynamic that he can have with you and it has nothing to do with him having something negative with you.

8) Do not express your frustration through social networks

As much as your emotions try to rob you of logic and the temptation is unbearable, do not post notes about the “absence” of this man on your social networks!

Do not forget that he has access to your profiles, he will read your messages and most likely notice that they are posts related to him.

If you do this, his idea of ​​you will be that of an unstable, immature girl who needs constant attention. 

If he had the slightest interest in you, it’s unlikely he’ll keep it.

Your emotions and private life are issues that you must preserve in your privacy. Do not give certain people the issue so that they judge you and can use this against you.

9) First think of yourself

If this boy does not respond to you on Whatsapp, then it is time to focus on yourself.

Start working on your self-esteem and self-love. Remember that if we want to be good for others, we must first be good with ourselves. 

Your life should not depend on a man and less on a mobile device. Being on the lookout for your cell phone causes you to stop living in the present moment and perhaps let wonderful things happen.

So, focus better on doing activities that are good for you and keep you away from the cell phone. 

Find yourself again. Look for courses or workshops that focus on what you really want from life. 

Exercise, spend time with your friends and family, start studying that career that you are passionate about, and encourage yourself to start the business you have always dreamed of.

There is a world out there that is waiting for you to enjoy it.

Work on yourself and your projects. You will see that this will at the same time attract interesting people, who will be willing to give you the attention you deserve.

10) Do not look for him personally to tell you why he does not answer you

There is another huge mistake that is made when a boy does not respond to WhatsApp. This is going in search of him to speak personally and ask him why he does not respond.

Do not do this! It will only show that you are not sure of yourself and that you are desperate.

It’s understandable that you want an explanation as to why he doesn’t respond to you, since they had such a good time the other night. 

But if I don’t text you back, how do you think he’ll respond, if you ask him right to his face?

11) Cross paths with him surreptitiously unexpectedly

A better alternative to the above is for you to meet him, but casually. 

In this way, you will be able to observe how he behaves with you and in this way you will be able to draw your own conclusions. 

Be careful that he doesn’t feel like you’re approaching him. You have to be subtle and nonchalant.

Then take advantage of the opportunity to analyze their behavior very well, now that they have seen each other again. 

You may be able to determine if his lack of response is due to not being interested in you. 

Perhaps you will finally discover that, indeed, he had occupations that took him away from the mobile.

12) Think of him as a friend and not as a suitor

If you’re trying to get his attention because you suspect there’s some interest on his part, don’t treat him as a potential love interest. 

In the game of seduction, making him look for you is a very common tactic to attract the man we like. 

What’s more, they love having to “win over” their girl. This is something innate in them.

Treat him like another friend. The one you write to from time to time, to take a walk, find out how he is, or ask something silly.

Do not let him know that you are always attentive to his messages or what he posts on social networks. 

That he does not know that you are waiting to receive an answer from him. Make him feel that he does not matter to you, if he responds to you or not. 

You’ll see by yourself, if he’s really interested in you, he’ll look for you, write to you or answer your messages, in less time than you imagine.

13) Send him a casual message

Another good strategy, if you suddenly stop receiving a response from him, is to send him a casual message. It has to be a bit playful, but with a direct call to action.

For example: “Hello! I was considering you being my next victim, because, I don’t know if you know, but I’m a vampire. We all know that vampires can not feed with someone who leaves us in “seen”. Would you be so kind as not to interfere between me and my needs?

This way you are being direct enough, but adding humor and being casual. It is certain that he will respond to you minimally with a “hahaha”.

14) Conclude communication

If after several days there are no signs of life, it is time for you to delete him from your contacts to give closure to the experience you have had with this boy.

It may be harsh, but if he hasn’t responded after 4 days, he probably isn’t interested. 

Also, he may not know how to tell you. 

Then put it behind you and get on with your life.

You may even think, “But I felt like we had a deep emotional connection.” 

The reality is that some men take advantage of the vulnerability of these situations, just to get what they want, and then walk away. 

Do not feel bad. They are the ones who are in a bad way and manage energy that sooner or later will affect their well-being.

Instead, be glad that it was over quickly and that you are an honest and emotionally open person. 

Be happy that you can see the value of others.

Nobody and nothing justifies you feeling bad about yourself. Always keep this in mind, and in less than you think, the right person for you will arrive.

10 reasons why a boy does not text you back

1) He is really busy

A very common reason why a guy doesn’t respond to you is that he’s busy with other things in his life.

Maybe you just texted him when he was going to the gym. 

Many are the people who take the time to exercise, as a moment to also disconnect from their cell phones.

Another reason you may be busy is that you are at work. There are men who throw themselves into it completely, putting aside their phones. You can also find yourself in a meeting, which can sometimes last for hours.

Lastly, you may just be out with friends and have fun. 

It is true that to connect with people, we have to put aside the mobile, especially if they give us positive reasons for it.

2) You are only interested when you want something specific

Analyzing his behavior, you may notice that this man only communicates with you when he wants something specific. 

The most common reason is that he wants to make an appointment with you with the intention of having only one sexual encounter.

If this is what is happening, then it means that he does not want everyday life with you. He is leaving him with the way he acts.

The problem is that many times women do not want to see certain things, because we really like a person. 

But the healthiest thing is to fall into reality, so as not to get hurt later. 

Take control of what you want in your life. If you want a real commitment, then you do not respond to Whatsapp.

3) You want to be in control of the situation

There are guys who behave indifferently, with the intention of keeping a woman pending. 

They do this, because they enjoy making themselves desired, at the cost of the other person suffering. 

Some men have the misconception that the worse you treat a girl, the more she will want and love him. 

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, it’s best to get away from him immediately. There is no way you can have a healthy relationship with this person.

4) Lost cell phone

Another common reason why a boy does not answer you on Whatsapp is that he lost his cell phone. 

There are many clueless men who are forgetting their cell phones in the taxi, at a friend’s house, or at work.

Maybe you’ll be lucky if you get it back, but maybe not. So, he doesn’t have many alternatives to communicate with you. 

This does not mean that, if he is really interested in you, he will look for another way to do it.

If you think about it, it is not difficult at all to communicate with someone in some alternative way. 

If you lose your cell phone, you immediately ask someone to borrow one. Although you may not get it right away, or you end up buying it again, but this may take a few days.

In addition, today there is the possibility of communicating by computer, sending an email or Skype, for example. However, for this option he must have your contact information.

5) He doesn’t have enough interest in you

The worst reason why a man does not answer your messages is that he is not really interested in you .

If a guy promised to call you and doesn’t, it says a lot about his level of commitment and enthusiasm. 

Also, make it clear that their desires are not the same as yours. 

Ask yourself then, if you’re in a relationship where a guy isn’t as connected to you as you are, except for a few moments. 

Then it is better to look for another relationship if what you want is to have a serious commitment.

6) Ran out of battery

Another classic reason why they do not answer WhatsApp is that they ran out of battery. 

Maybe his charger is at home and he is away. Then it may take several hours to answer you.

He may even not answer you all day. 

But if the next day he does not respond to you, this reason is ruled out and there is another reason why he is not responding to you.

7) Forgot to answer you

Who has not happened to read a message and be distracted at that very moment with something else. 

As much as the message is important to us, it has also happened to us to forget to answer WhatsApp. 

Then we remember it and may even throw an insult into the air and pray that the person hasn’t been mad that we haven’t answered for so long. 

We really want this forgetfulness not to be an obstacle to what we want to achieve with the other person.

Therefore, when they do not answer a WhatsApp you must take into account, if the other person has many things to solve. 

So, it is normal that you can miss responding to a cell phone message at the time.

8) It’s his way of behaving

You must consider that there are men who need more time for themselves.

For example, introverts need time alone to recharge their batteries. 

Maybe this guy can let you down, because he’s enjoying being with himself at the moment. 

This has nothing to do with you, but with their way of being.

9) He just doesn’t feel like talking

It can happen to anyone to have certain inconveniences in their daily routine and not be in the mood to talk. 

Even if you are very interested in a person, you prefer to answer WhatsApp later. Precisely because you care about that girl and you want to respond to her properly. 

You don’t want problems to soak up the messages with which you want to conquer that woman you want.

This can justify not responding to you for 2 or 3 days, if what you have to solve is an important issue and it takes some time to solve it.

After this time the justification fades and it is better for you to move on.

10) He is resting

One of the favorite plans of men is to sleep or lie down to watch TV and not pay attention to anything else around them. 

So for obvious reasons they move the phone away from their room or put it on silent so as not to have any interruptions. 

For this reason you should not be angry with him. It is important to understand that the other also needs moments of disconnection from him, in order to continue with the challenges of life.

Surely, you also want to have your distraction spaces alone or with your friends and family.

What should I do, if he only responds once in a while?

When a guy only responds when he feels like it, without thinking about the other person, the best thing you can do is end the communication. 

Uncertainty is something that can really do you significant emotional damage. Especially if you have strong feelings for him.

If a man is really interested in you, he will be careful not to keep you waiting, he will want to hear from you and continue what they have started.

Another option may be to talk about the issue directly. Tell him that you are not for games and that, if he is interested in having something with you, that he responds to you. 

Otherwise, tell him that you break up at that time. 

So, you can turn the page and continue searching for a man who deserves you and is worth it.