The Aries man can be quite confusing when it comes to love and romantic relationships. In his heart, he is a true believer in love and soul connection, and boy oh boy, does he loves a good chase! However, for the pursuit to start, you must know how to attract an Aries man. Here you will find tips and tricks on how to make an Aries man obsessed with you!

What does an Aries man look for in a woman?

The first thing to note is that an Aries man loves strong women. Aries tend to attract people who are similar to them. A girl that relies on her looks alone won’t cut it for him. He needs to see your personality and, more importantly—your wit and your drive in life. The typical Aries guy loves it when a woman knows what she wants and how to get it. Seeming incompetent or endlessly helpless will be a big turn-off for him, and he will simply see that as a sign of weakness. Men born under the sign of Aries tend to have successful jobs which they are passionate about. Aries guys have a lot of drive, and they can truly appreciate it when a woman also does. It’s a big bonus if you are equally as fiery about the things you do in your life.

He might neglect a flirtationship simply because he has other things on his mind, which doesn’t mean that he’s not into you. He just needs his own free time dedicated to his family, friends, or professional work environment. Respect his need for freedom, and he will kiss the ground that you walk on, I can promise you that. From what I’ve seen as an astrologer, Aries men tend to go for women who have a feminine flair, intelligence, and passion. This passion could be your hobbies, your work, or anything else. As long as it gets your heart going, he will recognize this and admire you for it. Aries man also likes to voice his opinions and appreciates good back-and-forth conversations. To put it simply—being “boring” is a big no for them, and leading an “uninteresting life” also won’t attract an Aries man. Instead, he looks for a woman who can keep up with him on his neverending adventure.

How to flirt with an Aries man?

Romance is Aries guy’s game, and he adores the pursuit of it. He has a reputation of being the “hidden Casanova with horns” of the zodiac. Unlike Scorpio and Gemini, he doesn’t believe in the grand idea of great romantic love. If you are of a similar worldview, this is a good start for the two of you already. Since Aries is ruled by Mars, he likes intensity, but he prefers to be the more intense one. This might sound like I’m saying, “Be yourself, but don’t be too much of yourself.” This isn’t the case, but bear with me!

The man born under the Aries star sign wants to make everyone happy, and he wants to know that the people around him are having a great time. Let him know that his efforts and gestures are appreciated. Touch his hand or his arm when you tell him this for extra flirting points. Gentle, romantic touches are a big yes for him.

Flirt with him by asking him questions that other people might find unconventional or daring. This will attract him to you since it sends a specific signal to him. Not to sound cliche, but be straightforward with him. His only way of life is being direct and honest, and he tends to want a partner who can mirror that back to him. A Gemini tends to be the most compatible with an Aries since their wildness just astrologically clicks. However, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any chemistry or romantic energy if you’re not born under the Twins sign!

How to text an Aries man?

Texting an Aries man is pretty simple, yet a powerful tool for flirting with him. The Aries man likes straightforwardness and consistency. However, he can get easily overwhelmed if you text him nonstop. A part of the chase is that you need to let him chase you. Double or triple texting isn’t the best way to go about texting him. Getting a little flirty and sexy while texting is highly encouraged, though. Drop a small hint, use an alluding emoji, it all works. For example, one of my close friends (who is in a long-term relationship with an Aries man) likes to just send him pictures instead of texting all day. She says that he goes wild when she sends him a photo of her wearing a cute dress or even an image where her smile and shoulders are visible.

Also, something to keep in mind—Aries aren’t the best with routine. He might love the fact that you text consistently, but he won’t do the same. Don’t get upset if he doesn’t text back promptly, or has days when he’s just too busy to be on his phone. Don’t take it personally; just get back to living your life without checking his online status or seeing your text. Plus, this is also an excellent method to get an Aries man to miss you. Don’t text him for a bit, and you’ll see a true triple texter jump out.

Having a serious conversation via text will probably bore him. Serious topics are for face-to-face communication. Another tip would be that you shouldn’t be the first person to mention a relationship, especially not via text—let the Aries do that part. The perfect recipe for texting an Aries man is basically: exciting topic, exciting topic, flirt, flirt, and disappear.

How to keep an Aries man interested?

Now, ladies, to me personally, this is the tricky part. In the past, I’ve managed to flirt and engage with Aries men successfully, but keeping them interested in you might be the most challenging part. This might sound like strange advice, but don’t give in too quickly. The longer the chase lasts, the more certain an Aries man will be that he wants only you. Show him that you don’t need him for you to be fulfilled in life. My biggest advice for this would be to make the Aries man feel like he’s needed and try to make it all seem like a challenge. I’ve said it twice, and I will repeat it: No one loves challenges more than an Aries man.

Showcase your personality to the best of your abilities. The attraction might lead an Aries man to you, but looks alone won’t keep him interested in you. Show your true self and show your wild side. If you’re honest while still maintaining your playful side, the Aries man will likely fall for you quickly. Have fun with him, and don’t be afraid to go on a less conventional date. Show him that you genuinely enjoy the time that you spend together. Let your inner kid come out, but don’t play games with him. He will figure your game out, and his interest in you will drop immediately.

How do you attract an Aries man sexually?

The key to attracting an Aries man can be summed up in one word: confidence. Nothing will turn on an Aries man more like a confident woman. He tends to go for women who take care of themselves and exude a certain “je ne sais quoi.” With Aries, an enlivening debate about a topic that you’re passionate about could turn into a night of neverending pleasure for both of you. Even though he tends to like to make the first move, especially sexually, don’t be afraid to get a little naughty when you feel like the time is right. Some subtlety will always get the mind of an Aries man racing.

When it comes to sex, that also tends to be a game of pursuit and conquest. Aries man likes to lead, so the whole process of you trusting him also has a particular sexual charge. Aries possess a lot of masculine energy, so he tends to be drawn to more feminine women. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear make-up, heels, and dresses all the time to attract him, however. He is drawn to feminine energy because it opposes his, and it awakens his sexual side. If you are already at the stage where you know that there is lots of sexual attraction, let him know that you want him. When you get to this stage, surprise him by talking about your kinks, fetishes, things you want to try, or exciting experiences that you’ve had. His eyes will definitely be wide open. How to attract an Aries man tends to be very different from how to attract an Aries woman. An Aries man needs to always feel needed and wanted before making the first move. In contrast, an Aries woman simply hunts down their prey without hesitation.

How do you get an Aries man to chase you?

An Aries Man won’t chase you if he doesn’t feel the attraction. No way. Period. If there is no chase, there won’t be a relationship either. For you to be able to attract him is the first step to get to the chase. Once you have that part figured out, the pursuit starts. Now, you might wonder: but how do I get him to keep chasing me? The answer truly isn’t that difficult—just make sure that he knows that you are interested and that he might be needed somehow. You have to show him in your own way that you’re a strong independent woman who “allows” him to jump in.

A woman who can have her way with an Aries man is basically a woman who doesn’t need him but allows him to feel needed. He doesn’t like clingy behavior, and he needs a tough, free woman who can handle whatever. In that respect, a free-spirited Leo woman could be a good match for him. Aries is ruled by Mars, after all, and Mars exudes lots of powerful and intense energy. Being independent is also a sign that you can truly handle an Aries man. It might sound like a paradox, but a man born under the Aries sign may have a bigger ego or a need to be the masculine hero who shows up and saves the day. Let him romance you, but the crucial thing is to always remain somewhat mysterious as the chase goes on. This is also very important when it comes to how to get an Aries man to miss you.

How to win an Aries man?

The moment he has started chasing you and is letting you know that he misses you, congratulations, girl—you have won the Aries man over. Since he likes to be the one who makes the first move, let him have it. Weirdly enough, it can be a turn-off for the Ram man if you’re the one who’s asking to be in a relationship. He might make the moment super romantic and super passionate or make it quick and unforgettable, so that’s something you should be ready for.

If he’s making romantic gestures towards you, that’s a big sign that the relationship question may soon be popped. He might take you to the place you met or had your first date since he is that type of romantic. An Aries man is usually a great partner, and once he enters a serious relationship, he is there for the long run. Aries only has eyes for you, and he wouldn’t ever dream of hurting you. If you check all of his boxes, both physically and mentally, the Aries man will be ready to commit. Others won’t even come to his mind!

I know I might have painted a picture of the Aries man being this over-the-top fiery, spontaneous, romantic, aggressive, and fierce guy. He might sound a bit harsh on paper, but in reality, most Aries men just like to think that they are super intense and hard to handle when they simply are not. Don’t get me wrong—they do have an intensity. I joke with my friends that I can sense an Aries from a mile away because of this (and his semi-inflated ego). He is ruled over by Mars, the planet named after the God of War. Luckily, he is far from warlike.

Aries man might be loud, and a bit childish, but his intentions are mostly pure, from romance and endearment. The good thing is that you can be as free as you want to be with an Aries man. No hiding, no B.S.—put who you are on the table, and the Ram will squirm. Once he sees and recognizes all the qualities that he finds irresistible, he will figure out how to make you his and his only. Remember, the feeling of mystery is also vital in this romantic pursuit.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the Ram, go on, girl, send that text!