The Capricorn man might not make a lot of noise when he enters the room. His air of quiet confidence grabs your attention, though. You are curious to find out more, but getting at his emotions behind that ambitious exterior might not be easy.

Is loving a Capricorn man futile? Well, as he would say himself, you might be able to get somewhere if you put in the work.

First date with a Capricorn man

Capricorn is a Zodiac sign focused on organization and structure, so the representatives of this sign generally blend in rather than stand out. A Capricorn man typically prefers a partner who is the same way.

Fortunately for you, you are at least going to be blending in at a relatively nice restaurant. Of course, the Capricorn man might not go for the over-the-top sensual experience to the extent a Taurus man would. Still, he wants you to know he has enough money to afford a decent time.

What not to do during the first date

The Capricorn man is looking for a tasteful and polished girlfriend, so don’t dress too casually. But, at the same time, he does not want to attract a lot of attention, so don’t dress up in a really flashy way, either.

Also, don’t be loud and wild on a first date. While the Capricorn man can loosen up with trusted friends and family members he has known for a long time, he prefers to keep a more serious image in public.

Avoid discussion of your former romantic relationships at this point. The Capricorn man is not extraordinarily jealous, but he is repelled by anything that seems like drama.

What to do during the first date

The Capricorn guy’s comfort zone is predictable, like work and business, and he may gravitate toward talking about this. So if you find that genuinely interesting, he will be impressed.

You probably want to get him off that topic eventually, though, so try to get at what goals outside work he is saving his money for. There’s usually something, whether it’s travel or a particular type of house.

Capricorn men are family-oriented, so he may be interested in hearing about your family. Getting on that topic will encourage him to open up about his background.

Officially dating a Capricorn man

One of the good things about dating a Capricorn man is that he is typically clear about his intentions, whether to meet a woman for a serious relationship or just a fling. In addition, he likes to make sure you are on the same page regarding dating expectations.

If you want to initiate the conversation about your relationship status, the Capricorn man will not view that as an intrusion on his territory. On the contrary, he might even be relieved. Even though he hates mind games, his awkward personality can at times create them.

When you achieve clarity with your Capricorn male, you might feel like you transacted a business deal. Yes, that structured world of work and success is his comfort zone. He is not entirely opposed to matters of the heart, but taking the lead and guiding him will definitely be a part of your relationship.

Capricorn’s confidence is not the strongest in the personal realm, so be careful not to embarrass him by making a problem in your relationship public. He might seem slow to introduce you to his friends and family, but let him go at his own pace.

The Capricorn man will generally reply to a text you send him instead of ignoring you. He also expects that level of courtesy from you. He may not consider text messages appropriate for intense intimacy, though.

Dating activities with a Capricorn boyfriend

The Capricorn man is serious and cultured. He loves the opportunity to show off that he knows about the finer things in life. It means he’s got the resources to provide a partner with those things, right? If you appreciate the arts too, you have something in common with him.

Art museums or galleries

No matter who they are, everyone tends to be a little bit drawn to whatever they lack. For the Capricorn male, the unpredictable life of an artist is often the last thing he would ever want for himself. He likes to look at art in museums or galleries because he thinks it gives him higher social status to be the kind of person who would care about that.

If you feel pressured to have the right opinion about art, don’t worry about that. The Capricorn is more afraid than you are of saying the wrong thing. If you are the one providing an unfiltered perspective, he might feel liberated to loosen up a bit himself.

As one of the earth signs, Capricorn has a keen eye to assess craftsmanship. So if you’re looking at jewelry together, he might buy you a nice piece.

Wine tasting

If you really want to loosen up the repressed Capricorn man, why not try something obvious like wine tasting? He probably considers the local dive bar or dance club beneath his standards, but wine tasting would allow him to show off his knowledge and sophistication. If he studies or works in the sciences, he might even share his expertise on the chemical composition of wine.

Don’t freak him out by drinking yourself disorderly at the winery, but don’t try to compete with his intellectual take on the wines, either. Instead, distinguish yourself with your tasteful but honest perspective, which will give him room to acknowledge his own perceptions.

Capricorns tend to get so caught up in their ideas of how things should be that their actual experiences can be hard for them to access. So if you can help the Capricorn guy reach this part of himself, he will associate you with pleasant feelings of liberation.

Capricorn, being an earth sign, enjoys the physical world. Many wineries are physically sensuous places, not just in terms of the wine but also the food and the attractive grounds where you can walk around.

Going to the theater

The Capricorn man likes the theater. Even if he’s just going to a school play, he wants to think of himself as a guy who knows about Shakespeare and other important cultural works.

Watching a play may also help him connect to emotions that are not always easy to articulate. The play’s narrative usually shows how a story resolves, and seeing things explored in this structured way helps him.

You can cuddle up next to him during the show. But, yes, be mindful of his sensitivity toward being embarrassed in public. Still, if it’s dark enough in the theater, you can see what he’s comfortable with.

Make sure you pay enough attention to the plot of the play to have a fruitful discussion with him about it afterward. Then, you can share your perspectives on the play’s content and benefit from each other’s insights.

Taking a class together

The Capricorn man might at times act like he knows everything, but he is such a lifelong learner that there might be a grain of truth to that. Therefore, the two of you could take a class to learn a new skill together. If you happen to be schoolmates now, you might already be doing so. If not, there are plenty of non-academic learning opportunities available online and in most cities.

If you pick a class that regularly meets for several weeks, this will take care of scheduling your dates for a while. The Capricorn guy loves keeping his calendar orderly like that.

No matter what the topic, the Capricorn man loves the idea of doing something productive in his spare time. Activities like dancing or cooking that benefit his earth sign sensibility could be especially rewarding.

Capricorn man as a lover

The Capricorn man does not like to be rushed into the bedroom before he is ready. Instead, he likes to take the lead in initiating intimate encounters, as he is a bit traditional. Of course, traditions vary, but regardless of the details of his background, he is most comfortable in a situation where there are clear roles and expectations.

Trying to seduce or tease the Capricorn man too dramatically will turn him off. The Capricorn man in love moves at a slower pace than some, and the best thing you can do to make him yours is to respect that. He is focused on achieving in sex as he is in his work to have performance anxiety early on. So try to keep yourself relaxed, and that should rub off on him eventually.

Some Capricorn men can be pretty vanilla. But, on the other hand, they carry around so much repressed tension that they might be open to some exciting kinks to release that tension. Either way, as an earth sign, the Capricorn man is grounded in physical life and comfortable in his body.

It can be hard to tell which type of man he is, as the Capricorn man may seem a bit cold initially. However, he can become more adventurous over time, as long as there is a strong foundation of trust and loyalty between the two of you.

Once you have earned Capricorn’s trust, you can start introducing some tips for him to please you better. He ultimately does want to make you happy. When you emphasize that he’s learning something new, he will less likely see this as a criticism or a threat.

Capricorn man’s family life

The Capricorn man likes structure and knowing what is expected of him. Therefore, he tends to rush into commitment and even marriage earlier than other men because this relieves the ambiguity of dating.

If you want to marry early, for whatever your own reasons might be, the Capricorn guy could be your match. If the two of you are too much the same way, however, there is no one to step back and look at whether you are actually compatible with each other.

The Capricorn is like a Libra in terms of being in love with the idea of love. Still, the practical earth sign Capricorn is likely to succeed at actually doing what the Libra guy only dreams about.

The Capricorn man has a strong sense of loyalty. Even if he marries in haste to a woman he later realizes is not really compatible with him, he will tend to stay with her out of duty. He has a sense that being content can come from accepting what you have.

Family life is a priority for him, and he gets that sometimes you just have to pick someone to move forward toward that goal with you. So you have to be clear on where you stand on the issue of passion versus security. If you pick the Capricorn, you are definitely picking security.

Work-life balance may never be easy for the Capricorn man, but he takes pride in being a good provider. In addition, he will be a committed husband and a devoted daddy if the opportunity comes.

Capricorn men are not the most emotionally effusive of the Zodiac signs. Their personality traits can be prickly at times. The kind way to look at this is that they are trying to protect their hearts from getting hurt. If you can prove yourself to be a partner worthy of his trust, you will have yourself a Capricorn man in love.