There’s an irresistible allure to pool sex, making it one of the most popular sexual fantasies, alongside threesome and bondage play. The subtle drips of water from your partner’s chest, the hypnotic splashing sounds as you get on the edge, and the thrilling feeling of potentially getting caught— are some of the things that make this sensual activity so intriguing and desirable.

Underwater sex is also mostly featured in erotic films and shows. For instance, if you’re a Netflix Junkie like us, you’ve probably seen the current most-viewed show on the platform, Sex/Life. One of their most popular sex scenes is the penthouse pool scene, wherein the main characters started doing the deed in the pool, matched up with electrifying thunder in the sky. Yeah, pool sex during a thunderstorm may sound unrealistic, it’s a show after all, but you gotta admit— that scene brings pure hotness.

So if you’re interested in trying out this act, don’t worry, as we’re here to help you out. We’ve covered the basics of underwater sex— from tips to pool sex essentials. We’re also going to answer some of your frequently asked questions about this activity, so make sure to stay tuned ’till the end. But before we get to the tips and tricks, let’s talk about the pros and cons of underwater play first.

Pros of Hot Tub or Pool Sex

Thinking of making a sultry splash with your boo? Here are some of the reasons why you should go for it!

1. It’s incredibly hot and thrilling!

Pool sex is a fun and exciting way to escape the sexual routine that you have with your partner. Let’s be real, bedroom sexcapades are great, but sometimes you have to spice it up. There’s also that thrilling feeling of potentially getting caught in the act, which makes it even hotter than ever.

2. Your body is lighter in water.

Aside from the extra hotness and thrill that it brings, underwater sex is also a great time to experiment with different sex positions, specifically the standing types. How so? Well, it’s because your body is somewhat lighter when immersed in water. As per the Archimedes principle, the water exerts a buoyant or upward force on our body. So we feel that floating feel when getting into the water— it’s all because of the buoyant force.

So if you want to try standing sex positions, you may find it easier to do underwater than in other places. You don’t have to exert more effort in pulling yourself, and your partner doesn’t have to put more effort in lifting you up; the water is already helping you with that as it pushes you upwards.

Now, if you want to do standing or lift sex positions easily but aren’t interested in pool sex, you can opt for sex swings. No need for you or your partner to do the lifting, just install the swing, have yourself or your partner ride it up, and you’re good to go.

3. Having sex in a hot tub can increase your chances of orgasm.

Wanna increase the chances of you and your partner reaching the big O? Try doing it in a hot tub! There’s a study conducted in 2005 by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, reported that couples orgasm more easily when they have socks on than not having one at all. It implies that doing the deed in warm temperatures can make a person comfier, making them reach the climax with ease.

However, this study has only been conducted with 13 heterosexual-identifying couples between 19 and 49 years old. It’s also considered a theory rather than a fact, as there’s no solid proof that wearing socks is the sole reason why the couples orgasmed more easily. So right now, until there’s another study, just take this study with a grain of salt. But come on, there’s no harm in trying, right? So just try doing it in the hot tub or jacuzzi and see it for yourself.

4. You’ll have more space!

Even if you’re doing it in a king-sized bed, there’s still more space in a swimming pool. So if you’ve just rented a private pool for some private fun, make sure to make the most out of the space. Swim around, make out, eat out, try new sex positions— go for whatever you and your partner desire!

5. It helps you fulfill certain sexual fantasies.

Want to feel like college students, just sneaking around on the class pool to fuck around? Do you find mermaids or other water fantasy creatures extremely hot? Are you interested in roleplaying two deserted people on an island and are now having underwater sex to fulfill their carnal desires? If you have specific kinks and sexual fantasies that involve water in them, having pool sex will definitely help you get immersed in those scenarios.

6. It can help ease mobility issues or joint pain.

If you or your partner has joint pain or mobility issues and is having a hard time doing certain sex positions, doing it in the water can help. Since the water makes the body feel weightless and supports the body through its buoyant force, it’ll help you or your partner overcome painful movement in the joints and muscles.

7. You or your partner wouldn’t get tired as usual.

Now, if you or your partner has a condition that makes them easily tired, such as underactive thyroid or chronic fatigue syndrome, having underwater sex can help them make the deed more enjoyable than usual. This is due to the buoyant force in the water, which lessens their effort in doing certain moves or positions.

8. You’ll get to experience new sensations!

Having sex underwater can bring new sensations for you and your boo. If you’re experimental and wanted to experience new ways to get pleasured down there, you should definitely take the shot and have pool sex at least once!

Cons of Hot Tub or Pool Sex

Along with the benefits, there are also disadvantages to engaging in underwater fun. So before you start skinny dipping in the hotel jacuzzi or your family’s house pool, make sure to consider the following cons.

1. Pools are unhygienic.

Swimming pools, even the privately-rented ones, are not as clean as you would think. Though chlorine and bromine are strong enough to kill parasites and dirty microbes, don’t expect the pool water to be 100% clean. The chemicals used to clean the pool can also disrupt your or your female partner’s natural pH balance, which then makes their intimate area susceptible to bacterial infection.

So if you really want to have pool sex, we recommend doing it in your own home pool (if you have one) and having it thoroughly cleaned a few days before the deed. You can also rent a hotel room with a jacuzzi in it. Now, if you’ve already rented a private pool, you can still do it there; just make sure to wash up as soon as possible.

2. Doing it in the pool is inconsiderate.

Just ask yourself, would you want to have sex in a pool that has been used for underwater sex? Are you comfortable with the idea that other people will be swimming in a pool with your ejaculation and other sexual fluids in it? We get that you want to be adventurous in sex and cross out certain things on your sexy bucket list, but keep in mind that fulfilling those desires shouldn’t be at the expense of other people’s health and comfort.

With that being said, never have pool sex in public swimming pools or resorts. Not only is the pool incredibly unsanitary, but it’s rude to other people too. One of our team members even had an experience with this, and here’s what she has to say:

“At first, they were just cuddling. I thought, yeah, cool, lovers just being loving to each other. But then, they slowly started acting weird, as if they were “humping” the water. I’m with my younger cousins at that time, and we had to leave the general pool early because of that. My cousins didn’t get it and were mad at me because I’ve transferred them to the kiddie pool, but I can’t just sit there and pretend that they’re not having sex. It’s rude and gross. So please, be considerate with other people too, especially in public spaces such as a resort.” – Jules

3. Water can wash off natural lubrication.

Contrary to popular belief, having sex doesn’t make you “wetter” down there. It actually gives an opposite effect; the water dries you up as it washes off your natural lubrication. It’s gonna be more friction-y than usual, so we highly suggest using silicone-based lubes when engaging in pool sex.

4. It increases the risk of vaginal infections.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, chlorine can disrupt your own or your female partner’s natural pH balance. Not only that, but the extra friction from the penetrative underwater sex can cause micro-tears or macro tears. With the disrupted pH balance and possible tears in the vaginal lining, you or your female partner is more susceptible to vaginal infection, irritation, and pain.

5. Condoms and dental dams may not be as effective in water.

Do you usually use condoms or dental dams as protection during sex? You might want to get back up protection and don’t rely on those contraceptives when engaging to pool sex. Contraceptive barriers aren’t as effective when used underwater. They can easily slip since the water loosens them up. Also, these types of contraceptives can easily deteriorate during a hot tub sesh, as the temperature (and chlorine) can ruin the product’s surface.

6. Unexpected mishaps can occur, such as slipping.

Remember, swimming pools are hella slippery. One wrong move and you may end up scrambling to hold on to the pool handrail. So when engaging to pool sex, make sure to be very careful and just do it near the edge or emergency handrail as much as possible.

7. You can’t use water-based lubes.

One of the advantages of water-based lubes is how easy it is to wash them off. However, this common benefit can be a disadvantage in pool sex since you need a lubricant that cannot wash off with water. So if you’ve only had water-based lubricant in your pleasure stash, tough luck, pal. Just get silicone or hybrid-based lubes instead.

8. It’s not as comfortable as you would expect.

Same with other non-bedroom sexcapades such as outdoor or car fun, pool sex isn’t going to be as comfortable as you would expect, especially for the first time. Don’t believe in shows and films that depict underwater sex in a romanticized and glamorized fashion. They’re just designed to be hot and heavy instead of being realistic. Pool sex is gonna be cold and awkward at times; you’ll need to have a few sessions with your boo before you get the hang of it.

Pool Sex Tips

Now that you’ve learned the different pros and cons of pool sex, you’ve probably decided if you should go for it or if you want to skip it. For those who decided to skip this activity, it’s alright! There are tons of sexcapades that you can try, such as public play, bondage play, impact play, or car fun; it’s still as thrilling as having sex in water. As for couples who are gonna do some underwater fun, here are some tips to guide you in this sultry play.

1. Don’t do it if you can’t swim.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, pool sex is risky as you might end up slipping during the deed. Now, if you, your partner, or both of you don’t know how to swim, just stick to a bathtub or jacuzzi until you’ve both learned basic swimming skills. We don’t want a sensual act to cause any major accident, so just have sex in a safer spot first.

2. Prioritize non-penetrative acts.

If you’re uncomfortable with penetration underwater, don’t force yourself or your partner and just opt for non-penetrative acts, such as kissing, grinding, fingering, handjobs, and oral sex. You’ll still feel the same pleasurable thrill to it, just without the complicated process of penetrating your partner/getting penetrated in water.

We also recommend making your sexy pool session a pre-game instead. This means you’re gonna get hot and heavy in the pool or hot tub, then once you and your partner are ready for penetration, you can head back to the bedroom to finish the deed.

3. Don’t forget the silicone-based lube!

As we’ve mentioned earlier, water easily washes off natural lubrication and water-based lube. That’s why you need to get a different type of lube for this play. Go for silicone-based ones; they are thicker, longer-lasting, and don’t wash off easily in water. The only downside to this is if you plan on using a silicone toy, such as a vibrator or dildo, you can’t apply this type of lube on the device, as the lubricant can deteriorate the toy’s surface.

4. Use love toys and sexy costumes.

Pool sex isn’t something that you can do regularly, so make sure to make the most out of it! Use waterproof love toys such as mini vibrators, dildos, anal beads, or butt plugs. You can also fulfill your kinky fantasies and wear sexy costumes while doing it.

5. Get creative with the sex positions!

Since you and your partner don’t exert that much effort when having pool sex, we highly recommend trying sex positions that you can’t easily do in the bedroom, such as the stand and carry. And as we’ve mentioned in the previous point, underwater fun isn’t something you can do regularly, so make the most out of it; unleash that wild side by trying unique sex positions!

Underwater Sex Positions

Speaking of positions, here are some recommended water sex positions for you and your boo. These recommendations can help you and your partner get comfy in the water and prevent mishaps during the deed. Just apply some lube, follow the instructions, and enjoy!

1. Joyride

It’s like a cowgirl position, but underwater. For the joyride position, the giver should sit on the pool’s stairs and lean over the wall (if their back can reach it). The receiver will get in a squatting position, their vagina or anus just right above their partner’s penis/strap-on. Once everything is positioned, the receiver can start thrusting in and out of their partner’s penis/strap-on.

2. Oral by the Pool

If you’re looking for pool sex positions that are solely designed for oral play, you should definitely check this one out. To do this position, just ask the receiver to lie on the edge of the pool, preferably right on the stairs. The giver will then move to the pool’s stairs, kneel or squat and give their partner a steamy blowjob or cunnilingus. If you’ve watched Netflix’s Sex/Life series, you’ve probably seen this position on the first and second episodes of the show.

3. Submarine

This is one of the trickiest pool sex positions on the list, so make sure to discuss things beforehand and have a swimming float ready. To do this position, the giver must sit on the pool’s stairs, preferably on the shallowest level. The receiver will then sit down on the giver, facing them, but instead of doing the deed ala cowgirl, the receiver will lie down and float as the giver thrusts in and out of their vagina/anus.

4. On the Edge

If you’re looking for a position that doesn’t require sitting and enables you to get submerged in the pool, you may want to try this one. For this position, the couple will need to get onto the water. The receiver should be next to the pool wall, cross their arms, and rest them on the side of the pool. The receiver will then push their bottom back until their body makes a right angle. Once you’re positioned, the giver will then start penetrating you from the back.

5. Stand & Carry

Get hot and heavy with the Stand & Carry! If you’ve always been curious about doing this popular position but are hesitant about lifting your partner up, this is the best time to do this position, as you’ll both feel lighter in water. To do this position, the couple must go to the water and go to the side of the pool. The receiver will then press their body against the wall while the giver lifts the receiver’s legs and wraps it around their waist. The giver will then start thrusting in and out of the receiver’s vagina/anus.

6. A Refreshing Feast

Here’s another pool sex position for our oral-loving folks. For this position, the receiver will sit down on the poolside or on the shallowest level of the pool stairs. The receiver will then open their legs wide as the giver kneels down to perform oral sex on them.

7. Waves of Pleasure

If you have a pool floater, you might want to consider this sultry position. To do this, the receiver must be lying down on their stomach in a floater. The giver must then hold the floater and position themselves at the back of the receiver.

Once everything is positioned, the receiver must open their legs, and the giver should pull the floater into them until their penis or strap-on is inside their partner’s vagina or anus. Keep on making the pull-in and push-out motion until climax or once you’re ready to move on to other positions/activities.

8. Superman

If you want to try the Waves of Pleasure position but don’t have a pool floater, you can still do just that with the Superman position. It’s more tricky, though, as you need to lift your partner throughout the deed.

To do this position, the couple should be on the water, preferably near the side of the pool. They should be facing the same direction, which is on the edge of the pool. The receiver should hold on the side of the pool as they open and lift their legs up. The giver will then slightly bend their knees between the receiver’s legs.

After that, the receiver will take the receiver by the waist and lift their upper body. The receiver will remain in a horizontal position. The giver will then start thrusting in and out of their receiver’s vagina or anus, using the edge of the pool for additional support.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you’ve learned the ins and outs of pool sex, we can sense your excitement about trying this sensual activity. But if you still have doubts about this act, don’t worry as we’re here to clear some things out; we’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions about sex in water plays. Read on!

1. Does having sex in water safe?

Quite frankly, doing the deed underwater is risky business. Condoms aren’t effective during pool sex. Vaginal tears may happen while getting penetrated. There’s also the potential to get caught by snooping neighbors or hotel staff. Accidents are most likely to happen due to the slippery nature of the pool.

However, as long as you’re careful enough, you can prevent pool sex mishaps. Just make sure to discuss everything with your partner and prep with the right products before taking the plunge.

2. What does penetrative sex feel like underwater?

Though most say that it’s “rougher” compared to regular bedroom sex, the sensations matter per individual. Some online forums also suggest that the woman’s vagina feels more “rubbery” in water.

3. Am I going to be pregnant if my partner ejaculates in the water?

Nope! Sperm are strong swimmers, but they can’t survive unless they’re inside the vagina. So if you’re afraid that you’ll get yourself and others pregnant because of your partner’s semen, you may relax now. Pregnancy can only happen if the man cums inside the vagina.

4. Why can’t I use the pool water as a lubricant?

Lubes are formulated to emulate natural female lubrication. If you haven’t noticed yet, the discharge that a cisgender woman or a transman puts out isn’t watery at all; they’re somewhat slimy than water. Due to the difference in composition, you can’t use water as lube; just stick to silicone-based lubes when having pool sex.

5. Can chlorine or bromine in the pool water kill sexually transmitted infections?

Nope! If your partner has a sexually transmitted infection, you can still get infected if you have unprotected sex with them. No amount of chlorine or bromine can kill an STI. So please, keep yourself safe and use condoms, female condoms, dental dams, and PrEP when having underwater fun.


Is pool sex worth it? Well, it depends on you and your partner’s desire to do it. If you’re both so into trying this sexual activity that you’re ready to face its risks, then go for it! If you’re both hesitant about trying this out due to the infection risks and possible discomfort, maybe you can try with a bathtub first and see if you’ll want to level it up. One thing’s for sure: You’re gonna have thrilling fun with this activity!