You’re probably asking yourself, does he want to kiss me? Well, the truth is that guys aren’t always obvious about it, especially if they’re shy.

It’s a little awkward to assume, and your beau isn’t always going to be upfront or ask if he can give you a smooch before he goes for the evening. The dating world would be so much easier to manage if you could tell!

Man makes it difficult to read them, usually because kissing to them often means they care about you, or at least like you a lot.

He probably won’t come straight out and ask you, so you need to look for the signs he’s throwing your way. He may linger around, invade your personal space to try to get as close to you as possible, pay close attention to your lips while you speak, or even initiate physical touch in any way possible.

Fortunately for you, there are several signs a guy wants to kiss you, and many of them are through his body language. It’s hard to know exactly what to look out for it you’re not already aware of the signs, but there are a few sure ways to tell that he’s looking to give you a kiss.

Does A Kiss Mean Anything To A Guy?

Yes, a kiss on the lips means something to a guy if he has feelings for you. It means that he likes you, cares about you, and loves you.

If you’ve just started dating, your kisses will become more intense as your relationship progresses. When a man gives you a kiss in public, he wants everyone to know that you are his girl and how much he values your love.

If you ask me, there are two types of kisses: The ones you mean and the ones you don’t mean. If a guy kisses you like he means it, then it will mean something to him.

If he gives kisses for the sake of giving them (for no apparent reason), then it will not mean much to him. Also, this depends on your relationship with a guy, his type of personality, and other things.

Will A Guy Kiss You If He’s Not Interested?

Some guys will kiss you even if they are not interested, while others won’t. This depends on the kind of guy he is.

The reason why a guy would kiss you even when he’s not interested is self-explanatory. He’s not interested in anything serious at the moment or perhaps he’s testing waters. That kiss may have a deeper meaning to you but to him won’t.

You might still hear from him but you can’t be 100% sure about it. If you don’t hear from him even after a few weeks, then it’s time to get over it and find someone with whom kissing will be equally meaningful.

One of my female friends experienced this a few weeks ago. A guy he really liked for some time finally kissed her and she thought that this is the beginning of something big and meaningful.

Sadly, they weren’t on the same page. He didn’t kiss her because he was genuinely interested in her. He kissed her because he felt like kissing and told her a few days later that the kiss didn’t mean anything to him.

From now on, she’s careful who she’s kissing and whom she’s letting kiss her. When you’re crazy about someone, it’s natural that the kiss will mean more to you than to someone who doesn’t have feelings for you.

15 Signs a Guy Wants to Kiss You

A man finds it very difficult to estimate whether you like him or not, in addition, we are very afraid of being rejected(especially when we really like you). So it may very well be that he wants to kiss you, but he doesn’t dare.

One man needs an hour to cross this threshold, but there are also men who need 3 years for this (yup, I’m not making it up).

To prevent you from not realizing how nice it is to kiss him in 3 years, I have written down the 17 clear signs that tell you if a gut wants to kiss you.

Some of the signs are similar to the signs that a man likes you, but there are some subtle differences.

So here are the 17 obvious signs he wants to kiss you:

1. The Eternal Delay

Suppose you went on a date with a man and at the end of the date you are about to say goodbye.

At such a moment 2 things can happen:

  1. He gives you a kiss on the cheek and walks away.
  2. He stands obediently in front of you and looks at you hopefully.

In the first case, a man (at that time) has no interest in kissing you.

But when he stops in front of you and actually waits for something to happen, that is a clear sign that he wants to kiss you.

That’s when a man waits for you to signal that it’s okay to kiss you.

The tricky part is that men are bad at picking up these kinds of signs

For example, you may be giving him one sign after another, but he just doesn’t see it.

(or he’s so nervous he just doesn’t dare)

Either way, when a guy lingers forever it’s a very clear sign that he wants to kiss you.

2. He’s Flirting With You

You talk to friends, brothers, sisters and so on.

But flirting?

You only flirt with people you are attracted to.

Maybe you have ever tried to flirt with someone who didn’t want that?

If so, you’ve figured out the hard way that flirting has to come from both sides.

When a man tries to flirt with you, he is actually saying:

“I think she’s a nice woman, let me see if she likes me too.”

So if he flirts with you and recognizes some other signs, then you can (with confidence) assume that he wants to kiss you.

3. The Interruptions Are Full Of Sexual Tension

Almost every conversation has (short) interruptions.

So even when you are talking to each other there will be silences…

There is only a HUGE difference between:

A.) Awkward silences.


B.) Silences full of sexual tension.

But when your silences are full of sexual tension… bingo!

The latter means that something clicks anyway, and he often drops those silences on purpose because he wants to kiss you.

Of course, you cannot kiss and talk at the same time.

In short, suppose the short interruptions (which he may drop on purpose) are full of sexual tension, then he wants to kiss you.

4. He Touches You

“Keep your hands off, you bastard.”

Every man’s terror, since the rise of feminism, many men are literally scared to touch a woman.

They are far too worried that they will be labeled as sexist.

The consequence?

Men Think Twice Before Touching A Woman

(And in the meantime some women complain that there are no ‘real men’ anymore, but that aside)

When he touches you, it’s a sure sign that he wants more from you than being friends.

Chances are he’s figuring out how physical he can be with you.

For example, he will “accidentally” tap your hand before trying to hold your hand.

So if a man touches you frequently (not subtly anymore), chances are he wants to kiss you, but first of all, he wants to make sure you don’t reject him when he does.

5. The Puppy’s Head

This is a typical body language thing that both men and women do when we want to kiss someone.

If you’re talking to a guy and he wants to kiss you, what he automatically does is tilt his head slightly.

(just like a puppy does when you are waving a dog biscuit in front of him)

It is an unconscious thing we all do when we want to kiss someone.

In short, another clear sign that a man wants to kiss you.

6. He Can’t Help Complimenting You

For men, communication is a way of exchanging information.

For women, communication is a way to strengthen a mutual connection and forge new bonds, and sometimes it is just nice to tell about what you have experienced.

(that’s why women normally have less trouble flirting)

When a guy compliments you from scratch, that’s his way of saying:

“Hey, I’m trying to pick up on you.”

And believe it or not, a man doesn’t benefit from picking up a woman he doesn’t like at all.

So when he compliments you in between talks, he is doing it because he is trying to pick you up.

He tries to see how you respond to his positive attention and when he feels it is “safe” to kiss you, he will take his chance.

7. The Perfume Trick

He can do this in two ways:

  1. He leans in, smells you and then whispers in your ear that you smell good (often when going out).
  2. He tells you that smells good and he then uses that as an excuse to get closer to be able to smell extra good (often during dates).

I can already tell you that a man will not do this to a woman he finds unattractive.

It is a trick – as old as the road to Rome – with which he tries to become more intimate (read: he wants to kiss).

8. He Laughs And Makes Penetrating Eye Contact

If you notice that he makes (and continues to hold) a lot of eye contact with you, he is in doubt.

If he also looks at your lips in between and then looks at you again, that is a one hundred percent guarantee sign that he wants to kiss you.

But he is still waiting for the right time.

… Or he waits to build up the tension a bit.

So when you see him making a lot of eye contact with you – and for longer than usual – it’s crystal clear that he wants more than just being friends.

9. The Penguin

Many men subtly rock their torso back and forth when someone is in front of them they like.

Kind of like a penguin does.

When you see him turn from a man to a little kid who can’t help rocking his upper body, that’s a very good sign.

So if you recognize this – and a number of other – signs in him, then he is ready for the kiss dance.

10. He Wets His Lips

Suppose you have an intermission where the sexual tension is clearly noticeable (sign # 3), that is enough reason to assume that he wants to kiss you.

But if he also wets his lips at such a moment…

… then only one thought haunts his man’s brain:

“I want to kiss her now.”

If you recognize this sign, it is no longer a question of whether he wants to kiss you, but when.

And I can already tell you that the answer to that question is “fast”.

11. He Removes A (Non-Existent) Dirt From Your Face

Men are so subtle sometimes… but not really;)

When you are flirting and then suddenly he removes a (non-existent) filth from your face, it is because he wants to interrupt your conversation.

“You can’t kiss and talk at the same time,” he thinks.

When he does this while maintaining eye contact with you, it is obvious that he wants to kiss you.

12. He Touches You In A Kind Of Fleeting Way

What I mean by this is that he touches you, but in a way like you’re red-hot. So hot it looks like he burns his fingers on you when he touches you for more than five seconds.

Of course he doesn’t really do this because you’re hot.

But he is doing this because he is testing how physical he can be with you.

Because if a guy doesn’t know if you like him (and if he can get physical with you), then he’s trying to figure this out one way.

And men are not as subtle with these things as women are, which is why he will touch you a lot in a fleeting way.

He’s actually trying to see if you like him with those short and fleeting touches.

And when he has collected enough ‘evidence’ of this, only then will he try to kiss you.

13. The Whisperer

There are men who will whisper something in your ear on purpose, these can even be very trivial things.

Why a man does this?

A man can very easily build up sexual tension this way, I mean…

  • It’s mysterious.
  • He leans in with his whole body.
  • He can place his hand subtly on your neck.

… and much more.

Basically, it’s a handy trick for a man to get closer.

And if he also slowly pulls his head back when he has whispered something in your ear, then there is no doubt:

“He wants to kiss you.”

14. He Looks (Subtly) At Your Lips

Unless you’re wearing bright yellow lipstick or – somehow – have off-pitted lips, a man isn’t going to look at your lips.

15. He Runs His Hands Through Your Hair

We already talked about sign # 12 that a man will test how physical he can be with you.

This way he will keep touching one step further before he will try to kiss you.

When he strokes your hair with his hand, this is another step.

But this is not just a step, no, this is often the LAST step.

In short, when a man does this, you can safely assume that he wants to kiss you.


Of all the signs he wants to kiss you, intense eye contact is the biggest sign of his deep affection and his desire to kiss you. A guy can tell you anything you want but if you don’t see it in his eyes, words will lose their meaning.

The same thing applies to a kiss. If a man kisses you like he really means it, then you will certainly feel it. If his kisses tell you more than his words, then you know he’s kissing you for all the right reasons.

“One day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without, and find that breath is of little consequence.” – Karen Marie Moning