Face-time sex offers long-distance couples a great opportunity to explore their sex lives and fantasies. You no longer have to wait weeks for your partner to return home to get that intimate moment with them. Keep it simple. 

Here are 10 tips and ways to have sex during face-time.

1. Lighting is Everything

Of course, you need a camera to have sex on video. And a camera needs all the lighting it can get. The quality and color of your lighting can go a long way to improve sex. 

For a more erotic experience, I recommend that you use either red or blue lighting. Red lighting has just the right frequency to calm you down a bit. 

Geraldine says the red light makes her feel weirdly horny. 

“When red lights come on, I am immediately reminded of clubs and bars.” 

If you are not a fan of colored lights, you can go on to use white lights. 

Just be sure the room is lit up adequately; that way, your partner will be able to see you. Insist that your partner brightens up their rooms as well. 

2. You Need a Stand

You aren’t just going to leave your phone hanging in the air. And even if you intend to wedge it at a corner, it is really not enough that it stays there. You are going to need a lot more angles. 

This means you will need a stand. 

Place the stand diagonal to wherever you will be striking your poses. 

There are many selfie rings that come with their own lighting source. I suggest you choose one of those if you have a stand that provides sort of an aerial view. 

Please note that during the course of the sex, you will have to change the position of the camera. 

3. Choose Your Comfortable Place

Where will the sex be happening? Will it be on the bed or on the couch, or in the kitchen? The third step in having phone sex is choosing where you would be having sex. 

I suggest you choose a place that is properly lit, where there is a lot of room for you to enter your favorite poses. 

This could be either in the sitting room or your bedroom. 

To make things even spicier, have the phone sex happen in the running room or kitchen. 

4. Dress Up Nicely

Undressing is a vital part of real-life sex and so has to be incorporated into phone sex. You don’t just get right to touching yourself naked. No, it doesn’t work that way. 

You dress up first, and then you undress, and the action starts. 

Choose the perfect dress for it. I usually suggest both couples play dress up. Dress-up or role-playing is when consenting partners assume roles during sex. 

It is a means to meet both your fantasies. 

For women, bikinis and fishnets are great. For men, the perfect shorts make the difference. 

5. Soft Music Can go a Long Way

If you are a lover of music, then you might want to put the music up and do your thing. There are a number of sensual songs that can make face-time sex feel better. 

One of my favorite sex songs is from Sabrina Claudio. It’s titled Naked. 

Another is from Zayn Malik, pillow Talk. 

Music can also have a calming effect. If you, for some reason, feel anxious, music can help you feel more relieved; more open to having the best phone sex you have ever had. 

6. Perform a Strip Tease

A strip tease is that part of phone sex you can’t take away. 

It doesn’t have to be an exotic or classic strip tease. It just has to be you doing your thing and loving it. 

Start by taking off the bigger clothes. You can sway your body to the rhythm of your music. See how music comes in handy, right? 

Then, go on to take off the smaller clothes. Oscillate between camera angles. That is, move closer and farther away from your camera so that your partner sees all of you. 

7. Put a Mirror In Front of You

This is going to help you get your poses right. Usually, on the video call screen, you appear small, whereas the person you are making the call with looks bigger. 

This makes it difficult for you to truly observe your moves when doing a strip tease or playing with yourself. 

A mirror eases this difficulty. 

The mirror makes it perfect for you and your partner both. Place the mirror behind your phone and get your moves right. 

Be sure, however, not to take the attention off your partner completely. Take your eyes away from the mirror sometimes and look at your partner. 

8. Touch Yourself

This is for your own pleasure and for your partner’s too. 

Touch yourself in creative ways. You can begin by rubbing your inner thighs, moving up to touch your genital area. 

Face-time sex is a lot better with sex toys. 

So, get some sex toys to help you. 

Dildos are a great choice. Anal plugs do a pretty good job too. 

Maintain eye contact whilst touching yourself. It makes things a lot more intense and intimate. 

9. Talk

What is sex without some talking? Of course, talk to your partner while on face-time.

Ask them if they love what they see. Show them how much you are into it by moaning. 

Moaning, like talking, is a great way to communicate your pleasure during sex. 

10. Allow Your Partner to be Themselves

Phone sex is a two-way street. It will only feel great when you both are into it. So, allow your partner get in the mood. 

Praise them. Tease them. Tell them how much you love their body and how you love what it feels like when they stroke it just right.

Tip: visualize as much as you can. Imagery is what makes phone sex so special. 

To have the best phone sex ever, visualize and feel. That’s all it takes.