Have you ever wondered why some people are so invested in feet pictures? Especially from older men, whose wallets are thick with cash, ready to spend hundreds to thousands for the content of your toes. Well, that’s one way to show they have a foot fetish.

Foot fetish is beyond sending feet pictures, so keep reading this article to learn more about it.

What is a Foot Fetish? 

Foot fetish is the sexual fixation or attraction toward feet or any part connected to them. Toes, ankles, or the whole thing, you call the shots. Sometimes, arousal from feet can either be from looking at them or a necessary need to reach an orgasm. We’ll talk about this more later on. It’s also called podophilia.

Among the numerous fetishes out there, this is one of the most common. Based on this study from The Journal of Sexual Medicine, approximately 10% of the participants admitted to having a foot fetish. Men were the majority over women with this fetish. 

The Science Behind the Foot Fetish

Although there isn’t a specific reason as to why and how people’s minds generate arousal from feet, there are a couple of theories we can refer to.

Starting with Sigmund Freud, he theorized that the general origins of fetishes stemmed from when a male child was shocked after discovering his mother didn’t have a penis. That marks the beginning of the fixation for penis substitutes. In context to feet, they resemble penises. This theory may be one of the first of its kind, but later on, it got debunked by more modern theories.

Psychologist Justin Lehmiller coined that “fetishes are learned behaviors.” Wherein if you tried it and liked it, then boom! The growth of a fetish rises from there. In his book Tell Me What You Want, he states how 14% of his participants fantasized about feet. Getting turned and all that just. So not entirely gaining a foot fetish. But if so, it’s just a smaller percentage. Regardless, it’s a start.

As for neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran, Foot fetishes exist due to the position of the brain responsible for arousal being next door to the part responsible for the sensations of the feet.

Examples of Foot Fetish

There are a few ways to determine your intrigue for feet. Here are some prominent examples that we observed and gathered.

1. Visual Admirer

Merely looking at feet, yours or someone else’s, near or far, it’s enough to generate arousal and pleasure in you. Nothing more, nothing less. Spectating as it is enough for you.

2. Smell-Addicted

Smelly or clean, the smell of someone’s feet drives your senses wild. Maybe add some sweat, and you can go bonkers!

3. Size Matters

Yes, this doesn’t only apply to dicks! Taking one’s feet size into consideration, whether smaller or bigger than yours, gives you a thrill. What more when they penetrate you with them?

4. Accessories Galore

Perhaps you fancy feet with special adornments that sparkle and glimmer under the light! Accessories can range from rings to anklets. Colored nails or pedicures also count as eye-catching adornments alongside any kind of shoes. 

5. Touch Me

You’re very hands-on, needing to knead someone’s feet to get off or ignite arousal. Your mouth can also act as suction, especially on the toes, or your tongue can take the lead. As long as there’s skin-to-skin contact between you and your partner, you can reach overall satisfaction.

Ways To Explore The Foot Fetish

Now that you know how people may be interested in the foot fetish, we’re just starting the fun. We’ve listed some suggestions that may bring more spice to your sexual lifestyle if this fetish piques your interest.

1. Take feet pictures.

They say to take a picture; it’ll last longer. If you and your partner tend to be far from each other, whether because of work or whatnot, snapping a picture now and then makes a great tease of what’s to come. Or if you’re together, taking foot pictures allows you to appreciate your body and makes a permanent memory. And everyone likes making new memories, right?

2. Have a foot massage.

If your love language is physical touch, this is a major activity you won’t want to resist. After a long day, you or your partner may bring up this relaxation method. Because if you think about it, it’s a win-win situation. You gain relief while your partner lets them loose and goes free. And vice versa.

Another addition to making this more special is to learn simple massages through social media or a specialist. That way, your fingers work the proper massage needed to alleviate foot pain.

3. Get a pedicure.

Self-care made sexual care. And yes, this goes for both men and women! You can never go wrong with a fresh pedicure from neon to nude shades. If you want it to last for a while, opt for gel polish from the pedicurist. It’s a little pricey, but it can last up to 3 weeks.

4. Give or receive a footjob.

Instead of the typical handjob when you and your partner were still starting, challenge yourselves by giving each other footjobs. For those with male partners, wrap your feet around their penises and penetrate them up and down until the climax. For female partners, stroke their folds with your toes as agonizingly slow or fast as you wish before slowly entering inside. Footjob counts as foreplay, so make it count!

5. Suck on their toes.

Lollipops and ice cream be damned when you swirl and suction on your partner’s toes. As Freud once said, feet are penis substitutes. Except you don’t have to either spit or swallow anything. Oh, and breathe through your nose and use lube for extra flavor.

6. Wash their feet.

Ah, yes. Modern Jesus and his disciples, but make it a fetish. Soaking your feet in warm or cold water (depending on the day) and then having someone clean it lets pleasure in on both partners. For the giver, they get to grasp the receiver’s toes repeatedly. Meanwhile, the receiver enjoys all the feel-good sensations. Don’t miss out on incorporating bubbles if soap is involved!

7. Kiss their feet.

Take body worship, but centered on feet. Bare or not, give your partner some affection by getting on your knees and leaving pecks on their feet. Per toe or each side of the ankle, it’s up to you. It’s a physical way to show praise, although don’t hold back in saying verbal praise words to amplify the situation.

8. Incorporate shoes in the session.

For more slow burn in the foreplay, consider removal or keeping your shoes on. For the former, take your time to appreciate the shoe that holds the beloved feet of your partner. Kiss it, lick it, your call. Keep intense eye contact with them before taking them off. With the latter, don’t even bother kicking them off as you’d usually do before doing it. Let them be a supporting toy that penetrates both you and your partner.

9. Step on them.

Have you ever said this to any celebrity you adore when they look extra fine? Well, we’re gonna take it literally with the foot fetish. While you or your partner lay on a flat, safe surface (a floor, preferably), carefully take one foot at a time. Start from the lower region until the chest, but make sure not to trample on their private parts. You can try this with bare feet or shoes, although the former sounds a lot saucier if you ask. Claim your dominance!

10. Gift them foot or ankle accessories.

Something on the milder side, everyone likes a little bit of razzle-dazzle every once in a while. For those with a foot fetish, dangling adornments along one’s feet not only make them look more beautiful. But it adds more flair in the bedroom, especially when the friction of their feet matches the friction of the accessory while you’re both getting steamy. 

Or maybe outside the bedroom again, wherein it’s a way to tell people that your partner is yours. Possession, but lowkey and respectful.

Tips on Performing the Foot Fetish

We’ve given you the ideas to unleash your foot fetish, but wait! There are a few more pointers to note beforehand, and we’ve broken them down into 5 easy tips to keep track of.

1. Be transparent with each other.

Accept that having a foot fetish may still have stigma towards others. Since our external environment affects how others view certain things, set expectations from the get-go. But at the same time, don’t be afraid to share your kinks and fetishes with your partner. It’s better to be an open book that keeps everything closed, making it hard for your partner to communicate with you. Let them also express their own kinks and fetishes, and see where you’re both aligned. Again, sex should be honest, so it’s authentic and fun.

2. Don’t rush.

So either you or your partner admitted to having a foot fetish, and there are mixed emotions. Allow each other some time to think this through; weigh out the pros and cons if you must. When you or they decide to push through with this fetish, go at your own varied paces. Stay small, then ease through it. Or at least give it a try, then debrief each other afterward. Good things take time, after all.

3. Find the right time to try.

Timing is crucial in everything you do. Nothing good comes from a lack of preparation, so read the room properly. If your partner is free and in a good mood, go right ahead in asking them. If they’re stressed out, you might as well give them some space first. Since foot fetish has several ways to be ventured (as we showed earlier), you’ll need some time to go through each one.

4. Watch porn.

Doubting your skills because you’re either a complete newbie or challenged to try a new trick? Rely on pornographic media to guide you along the way. Typing foot fetish as the main keyword in porn sites gives you access to numerous content since it’s common. Amateur-made or produced by high-end companies, your sources are unlimited. Knowledge is power in improving your foot fetish game.

5. Make sure that there are no open injuries beforehand.

Double-check that your or your partner’s toes are clean, safe, and healthy from cuts and scratches. Not only for hygienic reasons, but it can prevent you from getting infections. Even if there’s pain in pleasure, don’t take it too literally. Get your physical self intact before inserting or touching anything in your mouth or private parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

We may have tackled everything you need to know about the foot fetish, but questions about it can still come up. Here are some of them, with answers that’ll provide more light on it.

1. What’s the difference between foot fetish and shoe fetish?

Although shoes amplify the foot fetish more when you’re getting down and dirty, the foot fetish mainly centers around bare feet. But the shoe fetish, also known as retifism, merely focuses on getting arousal from the item, whether based on the type (sandals, sneakers, etc.) or using it in the bedroom.

2. Can I get sexually transmitted infections through the foot fetish?

Yes, it’s possible. Through skin-to-skin contact, herpes (genital and oral), human papillomavirus (HPV), and syphilis can be contracted. Be careful!

3. I brought this up to my partner, who got weirded out. What should I do?

Fetishes are subjective, and perhaps the foot fetish is something your partner isn’t so accustomed to. For now, you can share this informative article and then give them some time to think about it. 

4. I gave the foot fetish a try, and I’m unsure if I want to try it again. Is there something wrong with me?

Nope! We shouldn’t be doing anything we aren’t comfortable with. Although if a part of you is still determined, try other ways of doing the foot fetish based on our suggestions above. Then again, don’t force yourself for self or other people’s validation.

5. When can the foot fetish be considered a problem?

If you start doing dangerous activities that hurt yourself and others, you should seek help from professionals to halt it. Fetishes are normal and should be fun to try, but going beyond your limits is not.


Foot Fetish isn’t as weird as you may think it is. The idea of seeking pleasure through the body may not make sense at the start. But with the theories backing it up, it gives us an avenue to analyze the perspectives of those who are into it. So rather than adding more stigma, we sit beside the idea. They introduce themselves to us like friends and then share things about them. 

The next time you shun a fetish, give it a chance first before letting them go. They may not be a source of sexual thrill for you, but it is for others.