Sure, we’ve all heard the age-old saying that “age is just a number”, and it’s true — love knows no bounds. 

But love can be complicated, especially when there’s such a stark difference in age. 

Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as it seems to make an older woman’s heart go pitter-patter for a younger man. 

Keep reading! Here are 16 ways for an older woman to make a younger man fall in love with her.

Dress trendy, but not too young for you

It’s important to be comfortable with your body. When you look great and feel good, you’re more likely to exude confidence — it’ll make a young man want you even more.

Still, that doesn’t mean you should try to dress like a teenager.

Simply look trendy, but not too young for you. Wear small, stylish clothing — this will make you look more sophisticated and more flattering to your figure.

Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors or unique prints, but try to keep it toned down a little. You don’t want to come off as trying too hard! 

Also, keep in mind: 

Don’t wear anything too tight or revealing either! You don’t want to flaunt your body and make yourself look like a teeny-bopper.

Have a youthful outlook on life (don’t focus on anything negative) 

Younger men are more spontaneous, positive, and fun-loving — older women can learn a thing or two from them.

Focusing on the negative aspects of life can be tiring. 

Don’t get caught up in things like your job, your relationship, your health, or anything else that has even a little bit of negativity attached to it. 

A young man will want to date someone who’s energetic and positive, who can make him happy without relying on him to do the same.

You may not be able to completely eliminate negativity from your life, but try to steer clear of it as much as possible. 

Acknowledge his success as well as yours 

Younger men are often very proud of their achievements and accomplishments — this is a huge turn-on for most women. 

So don’t be afraid to praise your man when he succeeds. Praise him for his hard work and dedication, his genuine efforts, and the results he’s achieved. 

Want to know the best part? 

When you do this, it will make him want to work even harder for your relationship — and this will put him on a positive spiral of success. 

The more he succeeds, the more he’ll feel like he should be doing even more for you. And this is fine by you. 

Show him that you see him as a man, not just a boy

Here’s an interesting fact: 

The male brain is literally wired for masculine energy. In fact, it’s so strongly wired for masculinity that it can’t be changed or altered. 

And if you want him to fall in love with you, you must show him he’s a man and not a boy. 

Men are attracted to women who offer them masculine energy — they want someone who’ll tell them what they need, who’ll help them achieve their goals, and who can take care of them without complaining. 

So, here are some tips to help you show him that he’s a man:

  • Don’t treat him like a baby.
  • Don’t nag him — instead, give him feedback in a positive manner.
  • Work on your body language and tone of voice. You want to be assertive, not submissive.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to him in a way that makes him feel like he’s the most important man in the world.
  • Encourage him to take risks and pursue his dreams, especially if they go against what’s expected of him.

Strike a balance between what he wants and what you want

It’s important that you and your man find a balance between what he wants and what you want.

The main reason older women struggle to keep a younger man is because they aren’t willing to compromise on certain issues. 


It can be frustrating, but it’s important that you work through these issues before they get out of hand. 

For example, younger men tend to be quite over-protective. So, if you’re looking for independence, you may have to put your foot down in the beginning. 

However, this can be a very positive thing — it’ll make him even more emotionally invested in your relationship. 

Embrace your feminine energy and allure

One of the main reasons why younger men are drawn to older women is their innate feminine energy. 

A young man is instantly attracted to an older woman’s sexuality and allure, which comes from her inherent femininity. 

In fact, in our society, we instinctively know that a woman who embodies her femininity will have greater sexual appeal — and this is a very strong attraction for most men. 

Trust me, it’s important to embrace your femininity! 

So, if you want to keep a younger man, find ways to express your feminine energy throughout your day. 

For example, take an interest in things like interior design and fashion. And even better? 

Develop a deeper understanding of sexuality and seduction. 

Don’t be his mother

Imagine what it would be like: 

A woman constantly trying to feed you, rushing home to make you dinner, and spending the majority of her day looking after your needs. 

It would feel suffocating, right? 

Can you see how this could potentially drive a young man away from his girlfriend? 

The key is this: 

Young men need a woman who offers them a sense of freedom — they want someone who allows them to be themselves, who allows them to pursue their dreams, and who makes them feel like men. 

So, if you want to keep your younger man happy and engaged in your relationship, stop treating him like a child. 

Be nurturing and supportive when you need to be, but don’t do it all the time or he’ll feel smothered. 

Show that you’re a little bit of an adrenaline junkie

Younger men are often drawn to women who have a wild streak — this is one of the main reasons why women in their 30s are so desirable to males in their 20s. 

Men in their 20s love to live life on the edge and they’re attracted to women who share that same thrill-seeking energy. 

But wait, there’s more! 

Along with your wild streak, it’s important that you show him you’re grounded in reality. 

This is the perfect balance for a younger man. 

He wants someone who can provide him with exhilaration and excitement, but also make sure he doesn’t take reckless risks (e.g., mountain climbing or bungee jumping) that could be detrimental to his health or well-being. 

Now it’s your turn: 

If you want to keep a younger man, don’t be afraid to do things that will make him feel like he’s not the only one out there. 

Be vulnerable in conversation and show your subtle vulnerabilities 

Here’s a fun fact: 

Most younger men aren’t interested in dating a woman who’s too strong and independent. This is why many seem to go for women in their 30s or 40s. 

This has to do with this fascinating concept earlier: the hero instinct. When a man’s inner hero is triggered, he’s more likely to take risks, get out of his comfort zone, and help others.

Just by knowing the right things to say to him, you’ll open a part of him that no woman has ever reached before.

Point out all the ways he’s better than other men

The best way to keep a younger man is to make him feel like he’s the best man you’ve ever met.


Because this is the only way to get him to double down even more on his emotional connection with you. 

If he feels like he’s better than other men, then he’ll feel like a king and treat you as one — not just another girl.

It’s important that you point out the ways he’s better than other men. 

For example, give him a compliment about his intelligence, his drive to live a great life, or his ability to communicate. 

This will get him excited and keep him wanting to spend more time with you. 

Don’t pretend to be something you’re not

Younger men tend to be quite superficial — they like a woman who’s feisty and passionate, as well as one who’s fun and exciting. 

If you want to make a younger man fall head over heels for you, don’t pretend to be somebody you aren’t. 

Younger men are attracted to women with a strong sense of self — this is the key to their emotional connection. 

So, when you’re with him, act like the “real” you. 

This doesn’t mean he has to like the way you look or the way you talk. 

Instead, it means that he should see you for exactly who you are — even your flaws. The more authentic you are, the sooner he’ll be able to see how special you really are. 

Relinquish control to keep him wanting more 

Can you imagine what it would be like to date a woman who’s always in control? 

If you’re like most women, it’d be pretty boring. 

That’s because control is something that comes naturally to most women — after all, we’re the ones who give birth and take care of our children. 

But this doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to always be in control when you’re with a younger man. 

In fact, letting him control the flow of conversation and even small decisions will make him feel good — and even more important, it’ll keep him engaged in your relationship. 

You can start off by asking him for advice about buying a new pair of shoes or your favorite movie. 

This is a great way to relinquish control and let him feel more like an adult.

Be his mentor

Let’s take a closer look: 

Younger men often have a lot of questions. 

They want to know what to do, what they should be doing, and how they can become a better man. 

And it’s your job as a woman to assist him in answering these questions — and show him the way. 

It’s a subtle way of showing your interest in him and letting him know that he’s special. 

In fact, it’s something that will keep him interested in your relationship and make him ready to commit. 

For example, if he’s trying to deal with a problem at work, you could ask him what he’s doing and give him feedback. 

This shows that you genuinely care about his life and that you’re willing to lend a hand when he needs it. 

Help him create something meaningful in the world

Here’s something that’ll take him by surprise: 

Women are attracted to men who have a vision. 

They love guys who know what they want in life and can take control of their future. 

Younger men, on the other hand, are often hesitant when it comes to their futures. 

This is one of the reasons why younger men often look for women in their 30s or 40s: because many of these women have already achieved great things and know how to make it happen. 

So, the only way to keep a younger man interested is to help him develop his vision. 

You can do this by asking questions that will lead him to discover what he wants in life. 

Also, find out what his passions are and help him build up the confidence he needs to achieve them. 

When you’re with a younger man, make sure you’re making him feel important — otherwise, he’ll leave you in the dust and move on with someone who’ll do so.

Don’t bother comparing yourself to other girls his age or women in general

It’s a common misconception that younger men always want someone who’s younger than them. 

Younger men, in fact, aren’t always interested in dating a woman who’s their age or younger. 

This is because younger men often want a woman who’s more mature and independent — someone who can show them the way. 

They want women who are strong, self-assured, and capable of making mature decisions. 

So, if you’re dating a younger man, don’t be afraid to point out your age differences. 

Just make sure you let him know that it’s not an issue for you — or else he’ll think he needs to be with someone his age or younger. 

Show interest in his past relationships

One of the reasons younger men are so drawn to more mature women is that they’ve already been through the dating wars and are now ready for a serious relationship. 

They want stability and want to know what their romantic partner is all about. 

This is why you shouldn’t shy away from asking your younger boyfriend questions about his past relationships with other women. 

This will help him open up and show you who he is better than even what kind of woman he’s dating. 

For example, if you ask him about the women he dated in high school or college, he’ll tell you all about their personalities and what kind of person they are. 

It’ll only come as a surprise to him that the woman he’s chatting up with now is someone so different from them or someone who’s more like them than he thought. 

Final thoughts

If you’re out there and on the hunt for a younger man, these tips will help you get the relationship you want.