We always fantasize that the man we are attracted to misses us.

The problem is how to tell if it really is.

Especially when the man we are interested in is a Scorpio.

You know very well what I mean, a mysterious and enigmatic man like no other.

But, do not despair! 

Here I will share 5 clues for you to find out if he is thinking of you from a distance.

Why do I call it clues? Because a Scorpio does not enjoy being discovered.

He tries to stay in his veil of mystery, it is part of his essence.

So, like a detective, you will have to pay attention to all the details. 

Read on to find out if your Scorpio guy really misses you. 

What is a Scorpio like to miss you

1) He won’t tell you 

Evident! Truth? If you know your Scorpio well, you will know that he will not tell you clearly.

This zodiac sign does not enjoy sharing its vulnerability.

I’m not exaggerating. 

According to research, Scorpios are often reputed to keep secrets.

Or never to reveal the totality of your thoughts or feelings.

It is very likely that he does not want to tell you because, by doing so, he will give you power over him.

Something that Scorpio hates. 

So, you know. If he misses you, you won’t know it from his mouth. 

2) Love social media

Your Scorpio man knows:

The best way to generate contact with someone and go unnoticed is on social networks.

That’s right, if Scorpio misses you, social networks will be your allies.

He will not be able to stay strong at all times and places, he will have weaknesses.

Whether it’s a fit of nostalgia for you during the night.

Or maybe after a binge with friends or a moment of sadness in solitude.

Sooner or later, he will stalkerate you on social networks or write to you on Whatsapp.

Surely I sent you a distracted emoji or like

But it will leave you small signs that it is following you, pay attention to it. 

3) He has become obsessed with you

If a Scorpio misses you too much, they may obsess over you.

That means it will follow you on social media intensely.

You’ll see all your photos and posts, each of them.

He will enjoy knowing everything about you, and that you know nothing about him. 

Although, surely leave clues for you to discover that it is there.

So you know that he is a spectator of your life on the other side. 

That is, he wants you to understand that, he misses you a little. In its own way, of course.

The reality may be that he misses you madly, and that he thinks of you day and night.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it were, since Scorpio is, was, and will be intense in what it does or feels.

But, most likely, I don’t want you to know the truth of how he misses you.

He prefers that, if you discover it, you believe that he has thought of you spontaneously and nothing more.

And that you have doubt if he looks for you because he misses you or just because he has remembered you.

You might think he acts like this out of pride. But, the truth is that it is usually self-protection.

If he told you or you found out how much he misses you, he would be at your mercy and you would know everything about him.

And that does not go with a Scorpio.

4) Show interest

If you have noticed traces that a Scorpio is behind you, you must act.

Scorpios are extremely passionate people in what they do.

And they tend to be fully committed to anything.

But, to do so, they need to feel involved and be motivated.

If he gives you indications that he is interested, you must show him that you feel the same way too.

Otherwise, the time will come when, if you do not put anything on your part, everything will end.

How to let a Scorpio know you’re interested in

Follow the game on social networks

That’s right, as simple as that. Just as he follows you with subtlety, do it yourself.

Leave small clues so that he understands that you like it, but do not exaggerate.

You must leave a little mystery in the situation so that it is motivated and goes for more.

When conversing

If he talks to you on networks or WhatsApp, answer him from time to time. NOT always.

Show him that you’re interested in talking to him, but not too much.

Being together

Be confident when speaking and approach him if he hasn’t already.

But try not to be invasive or insistent. 

Scorpio likes women with self-confidence, but you shouldn’t take away their power in the situation. 

Otherwise, you will feel vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Show the most interesting thing in your life, while still being yourself

Your social media content should be engaging.

But you should not expose everything 100% and, much less, lie about it.

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In this way, you will generate intrigue and will want to know more about you.

Do you like horseback riding? Upload images of riding horses, but don’t clarify where you are.

Or show yourself doing a hobby as routine. 

This way she will know that you are passionate about what you like.

The idea is that he wants to meet you, but to do so, he has no choice but to talk to you.

Encourage him to write to you or ask him out.

5) You’ve been blocked

If your Scorpio has not understood that he also interests you, he has surely disappeared.

He has probably blocked you on social networks or made the famous ghosting with you.

When a Scorpio becomes romantically obsessed with someone and is not reciprocated, it changes.

It usually recomposes itself right away, much sooner than you think.

And he will be firm and determined not to be dragged by anyone. 

And, believe me, he will fulfill this, even if it costs him his life.

His obsession then transforms into nothingness itself. 

And, most likely, you will never know or understand what made him change his mind.

Since is so reserved, he will never tell you or give you clues to discover it.

However, there is a beacon of hope.

Because if he has blocked you or disappeared from one day to the next, it is a sign that he is interested.

How to recover a Scorpio

You should be cautious in how to approach him again, as he has decided to forget you.

And he must have his reasons for having done so.

So, he tries to enter his social circle again, but accidentally.

You must give him time to resume contact with him. Don’t harass him. 

When talking to him, don’t throw anything in his face or scold. 

Don’t be too emotional or jealous.

What’s more, be prepared to take blame and accept their new behavior.

You must wait and gain their trust again.

Once he trusts you, he will come back. Be patient. 

Scorpio personality characteristics

Jacqueline Dautaj, Lic. and astrologer by the National Council for Geocosmic Research, shares these characteristics of Scorpio. 

Its natural element is water, but do not be confused, because they can lead to boiling.

Since they are the most intense and with the worst character of the horoscope.

This sign is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto.

That is, the planet of action and transformation. 

Undoubtedly, the regency of these planets makes them difficult to deal with. 

When they get angry they show their great temperamental character.

But when they fall in love, they become obsessed and show loyalty. 

They are known to be the most complicated, although it is not always true.

It is usually a screen, since inside they have a sensitive heart that avoids being damaged.

That is why they usually have an intense temperament, such as self-protection. 

Thanks to the planet Mars, Scorpio is a great lover in bed.

Since it is passionate and even funny. Enjoy taking the initiative when it comes to sex.

Although they are the most spiteful lovers in relationships, due to their delivery in love.

And it can get back to you every mistake you make in the relationship. 

His passion for life makes Scorpio one of the most attractive men in the zodiac.

How to make a Scorpio look for you

Do not stop provoking it

Scorpio is very attracted to beautiful and strong women.

He loves that his wife stands out from the rest and is determined. 

Show your attitude and get noticed.

Treat him like he’s the only one for you

If you are at a social event surrounded by people or friends, you should notice that your interest is focused on it.

For example, greet everyone and have brief conversations if necessary. 

But do not stop paying attention to him during the night or seducing him with your eyes.

If they are talking and you are interrupted by another person, talk to the interrupter. 

But immediately return to your Scorpio man. 

He will understand perfectly that he is your priority.

Don’t make him jealous

Scorpio is a very intense man when it comes to love.

It usually does so in an almost obsessive way, once it is delivered, of course.

So, if you already have a bond with him or are starting to date. Don’t lose focus.

Your Scorpio man must be clear that you are alone for him and no one else.

Don’t take control away

Scorpios is usually in control of situations and hate teamwork.

Remember that he enjoys taking the initiative. 

So, be confident, but make room for her to deploy her seduction tools as well. 

This game will keep you motivated to continue getting to know yourself.


If it is Scorpio, be cautious but firm in what you do.

Every hint he shows will be proof that he is thinking of you.

But don’t stop paying attention to his gestures and traces because you might lose him.

You already know! Fight for him and show him that you care.