Have you met that Leo, who has made you want to dance in the rain and sing about the love you only see in the movies? Leos can do that to you. Whether it is their bright, sunny personality or their stunning good looks, Leos have this breathtaking ability to charm your pants off you. But are Leos loyal?

I am sure that you know at least one Leo who was a player and made you run for the hills. Dishonest and unfaithful Leos exist, but let’s face it; there is a mean version of every zodiac sign. It is undeniable that there is something attractive about the Leo personality, whether you love them or hate them. Leo has a way to keep things exciting, and he usually tends to live like he is given only one chance.

If you are attracted to Leo, keep reading because I am here to demystify a few things about this zodiac sign. What are Leos all about? Are they equally as good in relationships as they are when it comes to flirting? What do Leos love? Let’s find out!

What makes Leo special?

Firstly, we need to get a bit more familiar with why Leos are the way they are. They are ruled by the Sun, which governs over personality, the conscious mind, ego, and energy. Leo’s personality is quite literally the embodiment of the shining Sun. The vivacious astrological Leo is a fixed fire sign. That means that he is passionate, amorous, fun-loving, and always the life of the party! It also means that Leo rarely changes his mind. This sign tends to have some stubborn traits, and they have a strong sense of pride. Leo men usually have a confident demeanor, and they have a special admiration for other confident and creative people.

This zodiac sign adores attention, but there is a common misconception about Leos and attention. The stereotype is that Leos need to be the center of every social event, that they need to be dressed in a way that will catch everyone’s eyes. Don’t get me wrong, the regular good old Leo will thrive in a space where he receives all kinds of attention. The idea of being the glistening Sun with everybody revolving around the Leo is always very appealing to him. However, deep down that is not the kind of attention Leo craves.

The Leo zodiac sign is an exceptional sign. Like a Lion, he carries an astounding amount of strength in his heart, and he does what he needs to do to make sure that his loved ones are well and safe. Leo loves romance and everything to do with it. In his ideal world, he wants someone he can spoil as much as he can, and the other person will return the favor by giving Leo the attention he needs. He wants his partner to feel loved and cared for. Due to their adventurous and charismatic nature, Leos often make amazing friends and life companions.

Are Leos loyal during the dating phase?

Leos are generally loyal in the dating phase, with some exceptions. For example, if you are dating casually, Leo may not necessarily be faithful to you. Why? In this situation, the Leo man is not dating for it to end in a relationship. He is looking for a situationship or a friend with benefits – if you will. Unless it is something that you openly discussed, do not expect the Leo man to be faithful.

Here is a tip for dating a Leo man: always ask the questions you want to ask, and do not hesitate to speak about what you need or how you feel. Being vocal around this zodiac sign is going to save you from a lot of headaches. Leos also love being direct in communication, and they like to be communicated directly to.

If Leo is interested in romantic dating and he likes you, he will stay loyal to you. That is the thing with Leo men. Once they find someone they deem worthy, they do not see any point in wasting their time and energy on someone who does not appreciate them. Make sure that occasional compliments and random bursts of affection and attention become regular, both during the dating phase and in the relationship (if it transforms into a relationship).

Leos love to give love and to feel loved. Their love language tends to be generous and packed with a lot of care. They will shower their partner with gifts and treat them to fancy dinners, but they’d appreciate something in return. Even a small gift to the Leo man every now and again will get you a long way.

I can’t stress this enough; Leos despise feeling neglected and ignored. When you feel like messing around with a Leo, ignore whatever they say and watch the whole world go down in flames.

Are Leos loyal sexual partners?

Leo’s sexual loyalty depends on what “phase” he is in, and on his definition of loyalty. Some Leos like being single while sleeping with multiple partners. Other Leos tend to prefer to stick to a casual relationship with one person. If you want my honest opinion, I would say the latter is more common amongst Leos.

Let’s say you are in a “situationship” with a Leo man. For some reason, your schedules keep clashing, and you simply can not see him. It is the third time that he called asking you to come over. Here, you can kind of already guess that he is going to call someone else. He wants the attention that you cannot give him at the time. The nature of your relationship allows him to get the attention coming from another source. Leo won’t be a faithful sexual partner if you won’t give him the attention when he needs it. I honestly don’t think that this is a specific Leo thing. Faithfulness in no strings attached relationships is a bit hard to find if we are being completely realistic and honest.

The good thing is that because of the talkative, energetic nature, Leo will most likely tell you or at least disclose with you what the nature of your relationship is.

Are Leos faithful in relationships?

Generally speaking, Leos are not known to be big cheaters. This zodiac sign *believes* in love and in the idea of being and loving one person for the rest of their life. Usually, Leos prefer to make a graceful (or slightly dramatic) exit out of the relationship if they are not feeling happy rather than cheating on you. Why? Well, the Leo man is an immensely emotional being. You have likely experienced seeing a Leo with a bruised ego (or with self-esteem issues, which is quite common), and they know how much cheating hurts. A Leo man will not cheat because he understands how much it would hurt his partner’s feelings or self-esteem. If the Leo man is evolved, he would instead go through painful and uncomfortable situations than disrespect you like that.

Secondly, ruled by the Sun, Leos are very see-through. To me, they are the definition of an open book due to their expressive nature. I noticed that Leos do not have the energy or the capacity to keep up with a lie. Once you pick up their “leoisms” while lying, it’s very easy to spot a dishonest Lion. I always know when a Leo man is lying to me because I can read it from their face. (Pay attention to their facial expression, hands, and eyes when you feel a Leo is lying. Thank me later.) Thirdly, if a Leo man is in love, he does not see anybody else. Rose-tinted sunglasses are almost permanently glued to his head. Getting your love and affection are the only things that are on his mind.

Another vital thing to add regarding Leo’s loyalty is that the reason he cheats is different from why a Libra or Sagittarius would cheat. For example, Leo cheats when they feel like their love and affection is no longer appreciated. It is interesting to note that a cheating Leo man always cheats once rather than having an elaborate affair. When Leo cheats, it is more of a confirmation that the relationship is over to them.

I also noticed that when the Lion gets cheated on, expect him to cheat back. He might forgive, but he will not forget, and he wants you to hurt, just like you hurt him.

Are Leos trustworthy?

Their playful and energetic personality makes them delightful friends that will not let you down. He will be there for you, and he will cheer you up. Leo will show up for you and take care of you. You likely won’t come across a more trustworthy friend than a Leo.

When it comes to love, give them attention, compliments, and love, and the answer will always be: yes. The Leo only cheats after a prolonged period of emotional or romantical neglect, along with harboring feelings of self-doubt or low self-confidence. Nothing stings a Leo more than merely receiving no attention. It launches Leo into a vortex of insecurities and doubt, which causes him to seek attention elsewhere. As an astrologer, I have often come across Leo men partners who feel like they can’t keep up with their partners and their need for attention.

Another vital thing to add regarding Leo’s loyalty is that the reason he cheats is a bit different from why a or Sagittarius would cheat, for example. A Leo cheats when they feel like their love and affection is no longer appreciated. To me, as an astrologer, it was also interesting to note that a cheating Leo sign man always cheats once rather than having an elaborate cheating adventure. When a Leo cheats, it is more so a confirmation that the relationship is over to them.

The big thing to remember about this specific zodiac sign is that they adore being in love and the whole shebang that comes with it. Attention? Compliments? Yes, to all of that. When? Always. It is never a bad time to compliment a Leo.

I know that I might have made it seem like to be with a Leo man, you need to be the Earth that spins around the Sun (or in this case – the Lion). You do not need to bombard him with compliments and texts all of the time for them to feel the love and care that you have to offer. Even a little attention and affection will get you a long way with a Leo man. Try to be consistent with it and try to switch up the compliments every now and then so that he will not get bored hearing the same things repeatedly.

Now, you know the little tips and tricks when it comes to flirting with a Leo. Who is the Leo man who was on your mind while you were reading this? Do you have his number or his socials? Great. Send him something that will get his attention. And most importantly: “A compliment per day keeps the Leo at bay.”