Let me guess—this guy is a bit odd, but there is something special about him. He has a few weird hobbies or interests but a heart made of gold. He might not be the best texter, but he has an incredibly endearing side. You like him, and you are pretty sure that he likes you too, but then he does or says something that leads you to think differently. Does any of this sound familiar? If so—congratulations. You are dealing with a textbook Aquarius man. He might be a bit of a mystery, but the question is “are Aquarius loyal?” That’s where I come in.

Welcome to the decoding of Aquarius men!

What makes Aquarius special?

There is an ongoing joke in the astrology community about how astrologers (and even people who don’t believe in astrology) can spot an Aquarius from a mile away. To you, Aquarius might seem like a walking and talking question mark. To me, Aquarius is the definition of the word “special” due to his unique inhibitions and eccentric tendencies. They know this about themselves, and they love it.

Lesson number one is that there are no rules. Aquarius is one of the most unpredictable signs out of all of the zodiac. Symbolized by the water bearer, he is one of the rare zodiac signs that is represented by a human depiction. People tend to think that because of its symbolism or because it has “aqua” in the zodiac sign name, Aquarius is a water sign. Wrong! The Aquarius is actually a fixed air sign. They are characterized by their tender hearts, thirst for information and knowledge, humanitarian approach, and big dreams or prominent life philosophies. Their fixed nature makes it very hard to change the mind of an Aquarius, so it would be best if you did not even try. Or at least, be very prepared because a good debate can really get an Aquarius man going. Extra points to you if you manage to debate with an Aquarius man and stay sane.

Aquarius zodiac sign men are independent. He is likely to have a particular interest in technology and everything related to technology. Aquarius is usually confident and well-spoken. He is not afraid of having big, grand goals, and he has the dedication that it takes to achieve those goals. An Aquarius man is the person that you want to turn to if you want quality advice or an interesting story that will keep your mind away from your current problems. He is unpredictable, but he is not unreliable. Due to his philanthropic nature, he strives to help everybody that he can help. This might not always be possible, but Aquarius men love feeling useful. He loves people who are not afraid to be themselves and to live life boldly.

Are Aquarius faithful during the dating phase?

The initial stage with an Aquarius man can be tricky. He may prefer to date a lot of people because Aquarians like to be continuously stimulated with new, engaging information and personalities. However, this doesn’t mean that he always has women in rotation. He is the type to go on a bunch of Tinder dates that never go past the first or second date. Like his fixed astrological counterparts (Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio), he tends to stick to someone he likes. Nonetheless, it can be tricky to read an Aquarius man and work out if he has feelings for you, due to his inner detachment.

An easy way to see how the Aquarius man feels about you is to pay extra attention to how he looks at you when you speak. His astrological make-up adds to his inability to fully focus on what is being said to him. If one of my friends has a crush on an Aquarius man, I always tell her to pay attention to the number of times that he interrupts her or how long she is able to keep up a conversation. If he likes you, he will be more present and less careless in the conversation. Aquarius men are slightly aloof but incredibly intelligent. Some may say that their deep awareness of the world around them and the state that it is in is what keeps their heads up in the clouds. Accept this about him.

Love is important in Aquarius’ life, but it is not the most essential thing in the way it would be for a Libra sign, for example. At first, you may even feel like he is not fully “in” the relationship. Try not to take this personally. Unlocking his love, sensuality, and romantic potential often comes with time. He can be faithful during the dating phase, but only if he sees you as his primary interest, and you show him that you feel the same way about him.

Are Aquarius loyal sexual partners?

Aquarius can be a loyal sexual partner. My personal and astrological experience has shown me that Aquarius men can be faithful to their partners. I would like to point out that there is an astounding difference between introverted and extroverted Aquarius signs. The timid Aquarius man tends to be more interested in monogamous sex. In contrast, extroverted signs tend to love cruising through dating apps. More often than not, the Aquarius man will be loyal to their sexual partner but quickly move on once he gets bored.

An Aquarius man is the first one to say, “I’ll try anything once.” He may have a large sexual appetite, which can sometimes be too much to handle. This is why more free-spirited Aquarius signs have several lovers in the rotation if they are set to fulfill their sexual desires and fantasies. He may find you to be the answer to all of his erotic dreams. In this case, the Aquarius man won’t need to turn to someone else, and his loyalty is not something that you should be concerned with.

This might sound like a paradox, but if your relationship with an Aquarius man starts off sexually charged, often his real loyalty comes with time. The more an Aquarius man gets to know you, your body, your passions, and your mysteries, the more he will be devoted to you and only you. Once you get to know him on a deeper level, it’s highly likely that the nature of your relationship will not be centered around sex anymore. At this point, for him, it’s starting to be about love and partnership. As a sexual partner, you can definitely trust this sign. He has a deep benevolence for all that is physical, which is very obvious in his romantic and sexual relationships.

Are Aquarius loyal in relationships?

An Aquarius man is the type of man that loves to go all-in. Let me get one thing clear: he will not enter a relationship with you if he does not see the potential. To become the girlfriend of an Aquarius man, you need to be his friend first. This is the most important rule for dating or being in a relationship with an Aquarius. Find out his interests, what he likes to read, what he prefers to watch, and learn about his unusual hobbies. Release yourself from any restrictions, especially in conversation with the Aquarius man. Once you are someone that the Aquarius can deem trustworthy, that is when you know that you can trust him too.

More often than not, Aquarius men have a tendency to stay single for long periods. Some astrologers may say that this is due to their detached nature. I would say that it’s because they need to keep things light and flowing—common air sign antics, basically. Some might say that getting an Aquarius man to commit equates to wholeheartedly believing in a fairytale. I would beg to differ. They are highly intelligent, and they can express themselves with ease. They have their way with emotions and words. It is not hard for an Aquarius to commit, but it can be hard to get them ready for that phase. Be warned because it may require some patience and some strong nerves.

Honesty, freedom, and stimulation are essential to Aquarius. If you want him to fall in love with you, these need to be things that are important to you too. To be with an Aquarius, you need to be the cool girl. You know, the type that doesn’t get mad or jealous about stupid things and is slightly fearless. To an Aquarius, all emotional and internal work that does not have a rational basis is simply exhausting. He will quickly lose interest in the relationship if you keep testing his faithfulness or trust.

An Aquarius man’s wildest dream is to find someone one day who will find all of his quirks and interests fascinating. Someone who will understand his need to browse through seemingly endless Wikipedia pages about the most random things (how do you think that he knows so many fun facts about giraffes, artists, and weird movies?). Someone who will not mind their shaky concentration levels. Someone who finds their eccentricity charming and delightful. Someone who will love their often erratic way of speaking. This would be his ideal partner. If this sounds like something that you can do, the Aquarius man will be yours and yours forever—never even dreaming about someone else.

Are Aquarius trustworthy?

One of the best Aquarius man traits is that your secrets are safe with him, and you won’t be judged. Scratch that, an Aquarius man has probably done crazier things than you could ever share with him. He understands and is there to take in information and not put you down for an experience you have had. He will not snitch on you to gain any kind of social recognition or clout, but he might boast about knowing you and hype you up in front of other people. He is just that type of guy—the trustworthy hype man that has your back. Trust is crucially important to him, as is friendship. This is why Aquarians are known to be some of the most loyal friends you can have.

An Aquarius man is worthy of your trust even though he might not always seem like it. I say this because they sometimes have flakey personalities or flakey personality traits (although most air signs can be described in this way). People often turn to this sign when they need a reality check. He is not afraid to tell you how things are, and you can expect his words to be the truth and nothing but the truth. Aquarius tends to lie when he feels threatened or endangered. Lying by omission isn’t the M.O. of this zodiac sign. At times, he might even forget the big secret that you told him, which simply guarantees that he will not be able to break your trust. No secret to remember, no secret to tell.

Contrary to popular belief, the Aquarius sign is extremely sensitive. He takes betrayal to heart, and once an Aquarius cuts you off—you are cut off for life. No apology will ever be good enough for him to forgive you. If you lie to an Aquarius, you can bet that he will figure out that you’ve lied to him in no time. He has a jarring relationship with lies. Know that lies and dishonesty are likely to be near the top of his list of reasons to break up with someone.

So, are Aquarius men loyal? From the astrological side, the most honest answer would be; yes, mostly. The unhinged, insensitive Aquarius man does happen occasionally. However, an evolved, self-aware Aquarius man is not the type of man that will cheat on you. This sign tends to view his significant other as his life partner. If you enter his life and show him the things that make you tick, a fearless lust for life and information, real kindness, and love; it’s highly likely that you will end up with a ring on your finger (or some kind of civil partnership, because Aquarius signs are progressive like that!).