Who hasn’t ever wondered if they would get back together with their ex? You may be surprised to learn that almost half of all couples who break up give themselves another chance

Perhaps you find yourself deliberating in your head whether you should get back together with your old partner or not. In reality, the sensible thing to do is to stay away from that old flame after it’s over. But maybe you have some valid arguments for getting back together.

Below you can read the 12 most important reasons why a person gets back together with their ex. Maybe this can help you to clear your mind and make a decision.

What are the reasons why half of the people go back to their ex?

1) To have sex

The main reason is so they can get intimate. When a guy doesn’t get his fix, he starts to get sexually frustrated

He knows he was meeting that need with you no problem, and now he wants to go back for it.

But you should be careful to assume that he’s back because he’s not having sex with another girl.

There is a possibility that his new relationship is not as good. Maybe he doesn’t know what he likes best, like you do.

Generally, most guys can’t end a relationship for good

They have become too used to being with someone, especially if they have been together for a long time

Now to go in search of a relationship and to be able to reconnect with someone, it becomes very complicated for them.

Because of this, it is very likely that you have not succeeded. That’s why he’s come back to you.

2) Because he really misses you

The truth is, the vast majority of men who are single, secretly wish they were in a relationship

At the same time, another number of men who are in a relationship would like to be single again.

As soon as the relationship ends, your ex will be sad, but then he will realize that he is single again

As a result, he will freely go out with his friends, flirt with other women and party, without feeling guilty about being in a relationship.

But then, everything will go downhill. He will begin to miss the little details of being in a relationship

This will certainly happen, unless his ex-girlfriend was a complete bitch. Then, he will most likely continue to party with his friends.

Additionally, due to the fact that he hasn’t been single for very long, he may find it much more difficult than he had imagined, at first

The last time you were single, you were probably younger and in the throes of conquest.

Now singleness may be totally different from what he remembered

As soon as he gets frustrated and bored with the single life, he’ll come running back to you.

3) Out of jealousy

When guys see an ex-girlfriend with another man, it really gets their blood boiling. She may not show it at first glance, but internally she’d like to punch that new man in your life in the face.

What annoys men the most, is when you directly show them the reality that you are no longer together

So, he’ll either make sure you’re not happy with this new guy or he’ll be hell-bent on getting you back.

4) He has really changed

Men can transform themselves, if they really want to.

Keep in mind that you as a woman can’t change a guy. But you can open his eyes to a certain reality, which he may not like, like living without you.

If he really wants to get back together with you, he will reveal to you that he has changed certain habits that he knows you don’t like.

He will want to show you those changes not only out of pride, but also, because he wants the chance to be “your man” again

When he makes any positive modifications, no matter how small, he will immediately want to show them to you

Men can sometimes be like children.

5) He regrets that they broke up

On certain occasions, when a guy dumps a girl, he regrets his decision as time goes by.

What happens is that he has started to look back and realized that he only focused on the things he didn’t like about you, instead of all the things he did like.

As soon as he becomes aware of all the qualities you possess, he will start hitting the wall

This can happen especially if he has met girls who are not as good for him as you are

He will then want to get back in touch with you as soon as possible, in the hope that you will excuse him.

If you think it’s worth it, just give him another chance.

It’s common for guys to forget how much they should appreciate you

Usually, a guy gets irritated pretty quickly and starts taking everything for granted

As time goes on, they realize that the strengths and unique qualities that attracted him to you in the beginning can’t be replicated as easily.

6) Out of comfort

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be hard at times

Some people may think it’s easier to stay with someone you already know.

“Better the devil you know, than the good you don’t know” goes the saying

It can be common to fall back into a previous relationship because it is more comfortable

Many times we may find it difficult to build trust again with another partner

It takes time and work and you may think “Do I have to start all over again and put all this effort into it? Will I make it? Is it worth trying again?

And this makes you think about going back to what you had with your previous partner.

Going through the whole getting-to-know-you stage with another woman again can be a hassle

At first, maybe it can be a lot of fun for your ex, but after a while, it can turn into a “been there, done that” situation.

Men are inclined to go back to their comfort zone with their ex-partner before starting all over again. Since starting over can have its risks.

7) He wanted to check if you really cared about him

What I mean here, is that he wanted to see if you miss him, as much as he missed you

So, after separating for a short time, he will send you a message along the lines of, “Hi, how are you?”, as if you were just getting to know each other.

He wants to see if your feelings are still intact

After checking this, he will want to get back with you immediately.

Otherwise, he will go crazy, if he feels for a moment that you are no longer interested in him.

Despite what he says or how he acts, the reality is that this kind of ex possesses a big ego, which constantly needs to be fed. Keep this in mind, if you want to get back together with him.

8) For nostalgia

People have the ability to remember more of the good things that happened to us, than the bad ones. We even forget the latter completely.

I mean, when we remember the past, we tend to idealize it

Men constantly remember the good times. This causes him to want to have more of those memories with you.

Your ex-partner will come back with the goal of creating new happy memories with you, instead of the bad ones, because of which you drifted apart.

This is how, social media will become your ally. Many men won’t admit it, but the reality is that every time they see a picture of you, they go crazy.

Guys are “visual creatures”. As soon as he sees a picture of you, flashes start popping up in his mind, of the best times you spent together in the past.

The pictures, mainly, will make him sad and make him start missing you

Then, every single thing that happens to him will bring back memories of you. These will constantly assault him and he will want to start over with you.

9) One of his parents talked him into it

Sometimes his father or mother keeps reminding him of his ex. One of the ways this can happen is by telling him he’s an idiot for letting her go.

In general, any guy who has had a serious connection with a woman also has some sort of committed relationship with his parents.

A mother knows when her son is not at his best and understands the cause of it. So, your ex boyfriend will start listening to his mother, when she constantly tells him how good he was, when they were dating.

The chances that his parents or even a good friend will try to talk some sense into him are really high

He will start to listen to what the people who love him tell him, and their influence and that of his family will change his mind.

10) He realizes what he has lost

When the relationship is severed, it sets a standard in a man’s imagination to find another partner. In other words, now your ex-boyfriend knows what he likes and dislikes.

At the same time he is dating a new girl, he will start comparing her to you

Because of the standards that were built up with his previous relationship, he will perhaps start to get irritated with the girl he is dating now.

Soon his cute exterior will “fade” and he will realize that she is incapable of meeting his needs

If he thinks these standards are not being met, he will come back to you, feeling that you are the only woman who can meet his needs.

There are many different aspects to consider, when it comes to intimacy in a relationship. The odds that a new girl will not meet all the standards he possesses are really high. These odds are in your favor.

11) Because he can’t be alone

How it hurts to think about being alone, doesn’t it?

Many people can’t stand the thought of loneliness, and need to stay with someone in their life, even if they don’t even really want it

You may not even be good for that relationship. But you don’t want to separate, just for the sake of not feeling that loneliness.

12) Because of the security you feel when you are in a relationship

This security can be sentimental, economic or physical.

If your relationship was very deep and lasted a long time, this factor is stronger and stronger

That is, we are attached to a person in many ways, because he gave us confidence and security

Losing all this can be very difficult. In addition, we are afraid that we will not be able to find someone equal.

Final thoughts

Time and love happen and, sometimes, it is proven that life is circular and that love can arise again.

how many times have we heard that a couple got back together?

It could even have been years, and by the coincidences of life they met again. This was enough for their love to be reborn.

That’s why, if you are wanting to get back together with your ex, you have a 50% chance of this happening.

Or, maybe you’re already back together and you want to know if what’s happening to you is real

Well, if you wanted to, getting back together is a good start. Then, time will tell, if you will stay together.

The reality is that many couples may go back several times until they fully realize that they need to separate

Others come back once and what they needed was to take the next step, such as getting married, or simply maturing to share a lifetime together.

In conclusion, if you really think it’s worth trying again, do it!

Otherwise, you’ll be left wondering forever and it may upset you or leave you wondering what would have happened, for the rest of your life.

Maybe, he really is the one to share your path and, if not, at least you will have tried