Your ex has left you and you still do not understand how that man who caressed your cheeks and looked into your eyes with deep love, has fallen out of love with you. Surely, you find yourself devastated and confused, especially if he is already in a relationship with another woman.

But it is better not to get ahead of yourself, since your ex may still love you, even if he has a girlfriend. Find out by reading the 15 telltale signs below.

1) Keeps in touch with you

One of the most obvious signs that your ex still loves you is that he hasn’t cut off communication with you after separating.

For example, he may text you out of thin air or communicate with you for really weird and flimsy reasons.

Men do not usually crave the constant attention of an ex-girlfriend if they have completely fallen out of love with her.

If he keeps showing up in your life for no good reason, it’s a sign that he still loves you.

2) Keep explaining your breakup

Do you feel the need to keep repeating the reasons why you decided to break up?

Does he text you or email you about the reasons he left?

Has your ex apologized many times for the breakup?

This is all part of a “closure” your ex is trying to get from you. This means that you are still resolving the breakup by yourself.

The fact that your ex feels the need to keep talking about the breakup shows that you are still on his mind and that he might have doubts.

3) He wants you to remain friends and makes time for you

Usually, when an ex wants you to remain friends, they’re not really ready to cope with the loss.

Instead of disappearing completely, he wants to stay in touch, because it seems safer than making a total break.

Since he hasn’t lived a life without you, the unknown scares him.

Also, it wants to keep you close as a “plan B.” Especially, if he left you for someone else, he wanted a “break” or because he got carried away and is afraid of regretting it.

It’s possible that your ex really meant that he wanted to remain friends, at the time he said it.

However, in practice, this can become painful as it keeps reopening the wound, that you are trying to heal. This may not help you move forward with your life.

The real sign that your ex still loves you is if he constantly tries to spend time with you, after saying he wants them to remain friends.

You know your ex better than anyone. If your ex is just trying to keep you close by being friends, to feed his ego, it’s best to avoid this kind of situation. In this way, nothing will stand in your way, to direct you towards new horizons.

4) Your ex is constantly making you notice his achievements and self-improvement

Does your ex mention how well he’s doing at the gym?

Did he finally take action and get a job?

Does he mention how all those things that bothered you while you were together have changed?

These are all potential signs that your ex still loves you and wants your approval. He wants you to notice his changes and make you proud of him.

Remember that men don’t brag to people they don’t care about.

5) He lengthens the time to conclude the earrings he has with you

Do you still have many of your ex’s belongings?

Does your ex delay finishing any business they share?

Maybe there is a very special book left for you in your ex’s apartment. They may share a bank account.

You’ve called him a thousand times to retrieve your book or to close the account. But he constantly makes excuses for not resolving this issue with you.

He knows how important these things are to you and that you will call him tirelessly until they fix it.

This way he manages to keep your attention on him, since he still has feelings for you and does not want you to leave his life.

6) Your ex’s friends or family try to convince you to talk to him

If they have mutual friends, they may give you comments or make you see that he misses you.

They may even become unsubtle about how he still has feelings for you.

When your ex still loves you and wants you back, you can ask friends and family for help in gently trying to reach out to you.

A while ago, I was abruptly abandoned by a man who still loved me.

After a while, his best friend started communicating with me through Facebook.

She was completely confused. This boy, who he barely knew, was doing his best to strike up a conversation with me.

Then when we started talking more deeply, he started asking me about my ex and how I was doing after the breakup. Then I started thinking that maybe my ex wasn’t ready to talk to me yet and had sent reinforcements to find out what situation I was in.

Months later we got back together and I proved my suspicion that he still loved me.

7) Your ex is constantly present on your social networks

Does your ex-boyfriend check your social media and “like” your posts?

Are you still commenting and sharing things you post?

These are all indications that your ex may not have forgotten you.

If they didn’t care about you anymore, they wouldn’t be monitoring your social media content, as if it were breaking news.

On the other hand, your ex might also be posting a lot more than usual about how incredibly happy and perfect his life is now.

Research suggests that people who keep in touch with their exes on social media are more likely to damage their new relationships. This is something they know, but continue to do, because they feel something for the person in their previous relationship.

The decision to disconnect from your ex on social media is a very individual decision.

An intermediate option some people take is to stop following him, but continue to be “friends.” It’s a convenient middle ground, if you finally want to get back with your ex. Thus, while that moment comes, you will not suffer too much.

8) Your ex asks if you’re dating someone new

It’s completely natural to wonder if your former partner has moved on, after their breakup. Whether you still love him or not.

Many times people are simply curious.

The signal that gives away your ex that he still loves you is, if he acts competitively with your new love. You can also make awkward comments or speak ill of it.

If you feel like your ex is acting strange, due to the fact that you’re dating someone new, it’s probably because he wants to get back with you.

9) Your ex keeps in touch with your friends and family

Guys who feel nothing more about their exes, cut ties and move on.

If your ex is still in touch with your friends and family, after their breakup, they may do so to find out about your life.

That’s not normal behavior unless you want a chance to date you.

Otherwise, talking to the people you love would be too painful or useless for your ex to bother.

10) Your ex has been going out and drinking a lot

People with broken hearts often try to drown out their grief with certain actions, in an attempt to forget about their ex.

Going out a lot is not necessarily the behavior of a person totally ready to positively navigate towards their future.

Chances are, your ex is trying to drink and have fun in an effort to forget about you.

That brings me to the next point, which is what your ex does after all those nights out.

Marking and texting drunk, after a breakup, definitely shows that your ex is thinking about you.

Regardless of how you feel about your ex or how your ex feels about you, don’t answer or answer the phone after 11 p.m. Otherwise, you will be incentivizing this harmful behavior for him.

If your ex really wants to express something important to you, he will eventually tell you sober.

11) Your ex is still there for you

Does he offer to fix things for you?

Do you feel confident that you can ask him for help with emotional, physical or financial issues if you really need it?

It could simply be because your ex is a good person, who still cares about you. Or it could also be a sign that he still loves you, misses you, and wants to recover.

In particular, men’s affection manifests itself in their actions, more than in any other way.

12) His current girlfriend hates you with her whole being

Bounce relationships usually include a lot of emotional discharge. This is because the person who just broke up hasn’t had enough time to process the breakup, before meeting someone new and moving on.

As a result, your ex’s new girlfriend has probably heard too much about you.

Surely he supports him, but because he can’t stop talking about you, he doesn’t like to hear your name in the slightest.

Of course, this is totally natural.

She realizes that, if your ex had really forgotten you, she wouldn’t be thinking about you and talking about you all the time.

When his new girlfriend really hates you, it’s because he’s probably trying to earn her place.

13) Your ex has very strong emotions about his breakup

The more extreme your ex’s emotional reaction to your breakup, the more likely he is to continue to have feelings for you.

Research from the University of Birmingham suggests that women experience more emotional and physical pain after a breakup. But men don’t recover from pain completely.

It takes men longer to grieve a loss.

While women tend to cry and actually move on sooner, often men never do.

Many people say their ex was ridiculously angry with them after their breakup. They later admitted, they were still in love.

Anger is a deceptive emotion after a breakup, as it usually masks sadness and grief.

If your ex is very, very angry with you, that doesn’t necessarily mean he hates you or doesn’t love you anymore.


After reading these signs, have you concluded that your ex still has feelings for you, even if he is in another relationship?

So if you feel something for him you ask yourself: what should I do now?

This is a delicate situation, but always the best tool you can have for it is communication.

If he still keeps in touch with you, tell him to meet and tell him that you still have feelings for him. Be sincere and open, so that he can be too. Create the space for you to understand what you truly feel and want.

If he really wants to be with you again, then you must agree, after he cuts off his current relationship. Otherwise, your new beginning will not be entirely true.

Plus, it could bring you future insecurities with it.

However, before you make any move, you should honestly ask yourself, why your relationship ended in the first place. Take your time to decide if you should really be together, and it’s the person who needs to be in your life.

If you conclude that you don’t, you’ll go on your way to finding the right person for you. You will realize then, that there was a real reason for you to break up with your ex.

If you decide you do have to be together, go for it! Do what you have to do on your part, with respect always, to build the relationship you always dreamed of having with him.