When a man is really considerate of a woman, there are many things he can do to prove it. From protecting her in public, to covering yourself from the sun, guys love to act like big, tough men.

In certain circumstances, they see us as fragile beings, but they also have to understand that we are very strong when the situation requires it.

Below, we reveal 16 secrets of protective actions that children do to show that they like you very much.

15 remarkable actions men do to show they like you

1. Wants to be around you more often

When a man really likes a woman, he wants to spend as much time as possible with her.

This is mainly so, because he longs for his company that makes him happy.

But you also want to take care of her and protect her at all times.

Of course, you can’t be with you 24 hours a day, besides not being healthy for a relationship.

But he will always try to be close, when you need it or have to take care of any person or situation.

Likewise, if it’s too much of their attempt to take care of you, you should let them know.

In some relationships, the woman may feel overwhelmed with so much attention.

In addition, if you are an independent woman, you must make her understand that you also know how to take care of yourself.

2. He communicates with you

He calls or texts to make sure you’re okay and often asks how you did in the day.

This shows that he pays attention to everything you do and need from him.

You want to make sure you’re making progress at work. Trust that you are handling things well at home or with a friend and family member. But he wants to be there for you when you need support.

He wants to keep up with your life, so he can know what he can do to improve it and make you happy in it with him.

3. Anticipates your needs

When a guy likes you, he will often pick up on small cues and make an effort to meet your needs in advance.

His protective instinct wants you to always feel good and not lack anything.

This can include doing things like packing a snack before you go to the movies or choosing your favorite ice cream flavor for dessert.

Also, wear a coat in case the weather changes and you can get cold.

They’re going to have a date, and he’s the one who plans everything to make it go as well as possible.

For example, you may have purchased tickets, searched for parking in advance, and checked out the best route to get to your destination.

4. He takes care of you

He makes sure you are not in danger at any time and will even carry your bag or escort you to your car.

If you don’t have a car, they will call a taxi you trust to pick you up and take you safely home.

It will always make you feel protected so that you can function calmly in life.

He will really care about your well-being.

When he gives you his full attention, whether it’s taking you a cup of coffee, taking you to work, or helping you install your new TV, he’s really showing you how much he cares about you.

He will never make you feel compelled to do anything for you.

So, it’s a great idea to show your appreciation by helping him in whatever he needs and supporting him in the most difficult times.

5. He will put his arm around your shoulder in a protective way

Another classic sign of interest is when someone puts their arm around your shoulder in a protective way.

Usually, this is only done after a lot of trusts has been established.

If you’re not in a romantic relationship yet, this may be a sign that you want to be more than just your friend. He is interested in more than just Platonic affection.

In addition, men tend to be more physically active than women.

A guy’s attempts to touch you, when it’s not necessary, are a good indicator that he has his heart set on you.

Accidentally touching your hand or touching your knee are often small clues that show you how he really feels about his situation.

6. He defends you

If you disagree with your friends, he will take your side. It will defend your right to be heard and to have your opinion respected.

It won’t stop until you feel comfortable and happy with whatever decision has been made.

He will become your trusted person, after being there repeatedly and being on your side, even when no one was.

And without a doubt, it will stand between you and a stranger who is bothering you. He really cares about you.

It will defend you when others make negative comments about your appearance or personality.

In addition, he will do all this, without you asking him.

It will also not allow nasty comments or jokes from a friend of his about you. It will ensure that you are respected as you deserve. You are the most important thing to him.

It will even try to change the topic of conversation, if it seems that someone is going too far. He also doesn’t want to fight, if you know that makes you uncomfortable.

7. He always has you in his radius of vision

Of course, we all enjoy social gatherings with our partner. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be next to each other all the time.

Each one walks away and takes his space to chat with his friends. It is not the same to talk to your friend, than with your boyfriend and for this you need privacy.

But he will always have you under his gaze, in case you need his presence. His protective instinct will make you know that he is close, even though physically he may be far away.

Even if he maintains eye contact with the people he talks to, it’s another story if he catches him looking at you from across the room.

He is really watching you and is attentive to any call of yours. And when you look at him, he will give you his smile.

It’s because you have a fan!

8. Never mentions other women

The reason he doesn’t talk about other women is because he honestly doesn’t care about them.

On the one hand, it’s hard for her to pay attention to other girls, especially when you’re around. On the other, she doesn’t want to bother you by making you jealous.

Plus, it probably means that other women aren’t found as impressive as you are.

He loves you and if there is another girl around him, he will not hesitate to ignore her and head to your side.

The last thing he wants is for you to have the impression that he is interested in someone other than you.

If you start mentioning other girls in your conversations, chances are you’re just trying to be nice. Maybe he wants to disguise that he is so interested in you.

Sometimes guys mention another girl, but before jumping to conclusions, analyze the reasons why you mention them. Surely, it is an innocent motive.

9. He will always strive in your conversations

He may make an effort to include you in every group conversation, so you don’t feel alone. Always keep in mind that it doesn’t put you in a situation you don’t want to be in.

Also, when you start talking, he will stand next to you and look at you with all his attention.

He will sincerely seek out your opinions and value everything you have to say.

Sometimes kids don’t quite know what to add in a conversation. But his listening skills and tone of voice will show you that he’s interested.

He or she will also ask you questions about what you say. This shows their full affection for you.

He understands what you need and values your relationship with him.

It also indicates that he reflects on your opinions and plans to continue listening to you, to continue to participate in your thoughts.

10. He is looking out for you

When there are a lot of people around, he is looking out for you.

He might be trying not to lose sight of you, because he’s alert taking care of you.

He has made sure to notice when you pass by him, and you want to talk to him for whatever reason.

As soon as you tell a joke and everyone laughs, start looking for you in the crowd to see if it joins in the fun.

He doesn’t care so much if everyone laughs at your jokes. He just wants to be present, when you’re happy.

He always laughs at your jokes or when you laugh. This is a sign that he cares about you and has a deep connection with you.

During parties or events, he is continuously on the lookout to make sure you feel comfortable and that no one is going to bother you.

He will stop doing anything he is doing, to go straight to meet you, if you need to be saved from some annoying man.

If he knows it will be a while before he sees you again, he may postpone any other matter, however important, to spend as much time as possible with you.

Also, if, for example, a date doesn’t go as you expected, he will make the necessary adjustments so that the two of you can be together equally.

11. Respond quickly to your calls or texts

If a guy always replies to your text messages quickly, it’s a clear indication that he cares about you and a lot.

He won’t make you wait for a long period of time.

He wouldn’t do anything that could make you lose interest, or make you think you’re unimportant to him.

Guys don’t usually respond to text messages right away, unless they really like you.

Plus, he’ll smile after every text message you send and ask you how long it’s until you’re going to send him another one.

He will also try to keep the conversation going for as long as possible, so he can spend more time with you.

12. Seems to become jealous or protective when dating other men

You may find this fun. When a guy likes you, he can get jealous of the smallest details.

Maybe he’s worried that you might leave him or that they might be competing with him for your attention.

He will be ready to act if he constantly gets jealous of a guy who has already seen too close to you and has begun to flirt with you.

He is protective of you, wants to keep you by his side and will do everything in his power to achieve it.

13. He is happy to be your moral support

Whether it’s the loss of a job or regret for a bad decision. He is always there hugging you, while you cry tell him everything.

He doesn’t want you to feel hurt, abandoned, or unaided. So, it gives you all the moral support it can offer you, in an effort to protect you.

It could be that he gives you constructive advice, brainstorms with you for your future, or advises you on how to improve your career.

Of course, it’s not to end your autonomy or tell you you can’t do it yourself. But he cares about you and your well-being. This is their way of offering you support.

14. Protects you, even from family and friends

You will realize that you are the most important thing for a man when he defends you in some social gathering of friends and family.

Life is not a rosy world and we are not all the same. It is normal that you do not agree with any opinion or action of a friend of your partner.

You may even disagree with something your boyfriend’s dad said at the lunch they shared on Sunday.

He won’t care if he’s his best friend or his mom, you’re now the person who shares all his days and is by his side. This means that they are a team against anyone else in this world, and he will defend you from them, if necessary.

This is not to say that they always completely agree. But if an argument gets heated with whoever it is and he sees that you start to dislike you, he will jump to your side to support you.

He’ll probably try to calm things down, or maybe say a couple of firm words, to put whoever it is in his place.

All he wants is for you not to feel bad. Otherwise, your protective instinct will immediately come to light.

15. Gets angry when you’re reckless

This is a great sign that a guy is protecting you.

Obviously, he can’t control you, or your actions. But don’t blame him if he gets upset about them.


Because he cares about you and wants to protect you.

When you are reckless, you endanger your safety. It also jeopardizes the relationship. If something happened, I would be devastated.

It is clear that he cares a lot about you and losing you would be terrible.

If he gets angry because you’re reckless, don’t argue. Just remember that he is protecting you because he wants to take care of you.

16. He calms you down when you’re afraid

Fear is one of the inherent characteristics of human being. You will always feel it and it is important to learn how to handle it throughout your life.

But no one likes to feel scared and alone, with no one to turn to in the worst of times.

If a guy protects you, the last thing he wants is for you to be afraid and have no one to talk to about it. So when you express your fears to him, he will surely try to help you.

He will listen to you carefully and do everything in his power to reassure you.

It will try to boost your confidence and make you recover so that you no longer feel that fear. This is a definite sign that a man is supportive and protective.

Additionally, when support is mutual, this is a sign of a deeper spiritual connection.

So, does he like you?

If you ever have doubts about whether a man feels anything for you, pay close attention to all the subtle clues he gives you.

You don’t need to be an expert to decipher a message if you know what to observe.

However, not all signs will apply to your situation.

You should also consider other factors such as the way they act around you, their attitude, and the way they look at you.

It can even happen that sometimes, there are no concrete signs. After all, it’s a feeling, and fortunately, women have the intuition to be able to perceive these kinds of subtleties.

Develop this intuition and don’t ignore it. Sometimes we may downplay it because it’s something you can’t see or touch.

But your soul, can it be seen or touched?

However, I’m sure you believe in it.

Be true to yourself and enjoy this protective and loving man you have encountered on this path called life.